Sober Animals

Sober Animals

4F, L+ Mall
899 Pudong Nan Lu Pudong Shanghai
12/23/2018 - 3/24/2019
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Sober Animals

Sober Animals

12/23/2018 - 3/24/2019
4F, L+ Mall
899 Pudong Nan Lu Pudong Shanghai
65 - 180

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900㎡+ immersive themed exhibition - Sober Animals is now in Shanghai.

The must-go for all art-lovers, animal-lovers, fashionistas, cyber stars, and hipsters in Shanghai!


Exhibition Date

December 23, 2018 - March 24, 2019

10:30 - 22:00


4F, Shanghai Lujiazui Center L+Mall 

Hundreds of fantastic “animals” will make their debut in 30+ interactive scenes
in collaboration with animal protection NGO and much-loved hip brands, let alone the fun-fact-test about animals in the exhibition!
Sober Animals will provide you with a refreshing perspective on animals
On entering Sober Animals, you will see a narrow cage-like passage
For someone who is used to “observing” animals in the zoo, with the reversed perspective in The Cage, your journey of human-animal role switching officially starts from here
What exactly does your pet see?
The designers magnified the room by 3.5 times, giving the visitors a fun switch of pet-perspective.
The sound effects of humans walking, knocking and typing are added to simulate the earshot of pets …hmmm in which case you become the pet.
Are you aware that polar bears’ fur looks exactly like transparent straws under a microscope?
In Sober Animals, apart from offering you cool visuals to flex on WeChat Moment, we have also designed tons of installations that are infused with animal-related trivia.
Every year in the USA alone, millions of animals are killed and maimed in the labs or in the fur business
We encourage you to join our campaign to stop animal cruelty
After learning the animals’ situations, it’s about time for us to start a party
Welcome to Party with Homies

Cozy Black Bears calling out for your participation in a mahjong game

The alpha Siberian Tiger takes you on a ride on his new SUV

and join Red-Crowned Crane in her shop-till-you-drop Sunday funtivity
Here you are at our most popular Elephant Slide
You are about to travel through time to the land of Co-Existence
The magical Giraffe Swing
The humongous Gorilla Statue
The ridable Cactus …
more fun awaits you!
As we approach the finale
all the Fantastic Beasts have risen above ground to meet you in person
30+ scenes portraying a storyline that begins with a “sober perspective” on the status quo of animals’ living condition,
but ends with a utopian world of co-existence between humans and animals.
It’s up to the audience to relate the two to his/her own exploration.
In the last scene Mark Your Zone, we encourage you to leave your promises to create a harmonious world with animals.
100+㎡ Animal Shop houses good animal designs from all over the world.
The Sober Animals merchandise along with all other sinfully cute animal-themed items will melt your heart away!


Date: December 23, 2018 - March 24, 2019
Time: 10:30 - 22:30 (Last admission @ 21:00)
10:30 - 17:00 (Last admission @ 16:00) on 4th February and 5th February
Address: 4F, L+Mall, 899 Pudong Nan Lu, Pudong, Shanghai
  • 65 RMB Child Ticket (1m - 1.4m)
  • 100 RMB Adult Ticket 
  • 180 RMB Couple Ticket 
  • 160 RMB VIP Ticket 
  • 85 RMB Student Ticket (please present your valid student ID card at the venue)

Free for one child under 1m when accompanied by an adult with a ticket.


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Sober Animals

4F, L+ Mall
899 Pudong Nan Lu Pudong Shanghai
12/23/2018 - 3/24/2019
This ticket is only available as an e-ticket