Sell Your Tickets

Got an event coming up that you want to sell tickets for?
247tickets can sell tickets to ANY event, tour, experience, show, conference, class… you name it; we can do it!

Just contact us and your own dedicated account manager will call for all the details and work out the best plan for you, upload your event onto our site and provide you with the link, QR code and live sales tracker. All you need to do is concentrate on putting on the best event possible.

Want a private event page that only people you invite can see?
That’s fine!

Want to ask your customers lots of questions?
Anything you want to ask, we can add!

Want your customers to upload documents (such as business card/passport page)
Of course!

Want extra promotion?
We can help you by using our own promotional channels or put you in touch with our sales partners marketing teams!

Want to print your own tickets?
We can do that for you!

Want e-tickets?
We can do that too!

Want your customers to have access to fantastic customer service?
You’re in luck, we have the best customer service team in China; they’re bi-lingual and available over live chat, email, phone and WeChat! They have an average of 98% customer satisfaction rate and are trained by Western customer service experts, so yeah, they’re pretty amazing.

Don’t want to only sell your tickets on our site?
No problem. We have numerous ticket sales partners including city listing sites, music websites and hotel concierge systems. We can give all or none of them access to your event, it’s up to you! We also don’t ask you to sign exclusive agreements (unless you want to).

Have a great event lined up but not sure where, how or why?
We know a lot about putting on events and can provide you with event consultancy, venue sourcing and more. Contact us today if you would like to know more.

Here’s what we can offer you:

  • Dedicated, muliti-lingual customer support team
  • Dedicated account manager available to you on WeChat, phone or email
  • Your event sold on our sales partners platforms
  • Low promoter fees
  • State of the art ticketing system
  • Sophisticated delivery network
  • Advanced and secure payment system
  • Advertising and promotion network
  • Venue sourcing, ticket pricing and event consultancy
  • Ticket printing
  • Promoter back end access - see your sales live and instantly

Contact us today if you would like to know more.

Add us on WeChat to speak to our friendly customer service team! ID: Tickets247Tickets