Become a Ticket Sales Partner

Join our long list of sales partners, get access to our huge database of events to add to your website, APP or system, and receive a profit share of all tickets sold.

Why become a ticket partner?

  • New revenue stream with no staffing costs
  • Your own ticketing system for your own events
  • Keep visitors on your website/APP for longer
  • No need to link other sites for ticket information
  • New dimension to your marketing content
  • Turn users into buyers
  • Added value service giving you a competitive advantage

Who will take the payments?
We will take all payments, so you don’t need to worry about accounting and admin. Our sophisticated CRM means that you can list as many of our events on your system as you like, in any way you like. The customer does everything on your website and pays using our payment widget embedded on your system.

So how do we know how many tickets you have sold?
We will give you live access to your sales and send you a monthly report.

Will our visitors know they’re not buying tickets from us?
We can make this service as unique to your product as you like. Depending on the package you want to take, we can provide branded envelopes for ticket deliveries, a unique phone line for customer service, dedicated customer service email addresses with your company name+tickets and more.