Shalanaya Open Air Festival 2018

Shalanaya Open Air Festival 2018

Si Ji Bai Guo Yuan
369 Ye Dang Cun, Zhu Jia Jiao (朱家角镇盛家埭叶荡村369号) Qingpu Shanghai
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Shalanaya Open Air Festival 2018

Shalanaya Open Air Festival 2018

Si Ji Bai Guo Yuan
369 Ye Dang Cun, Zhu Jia Jiao (朱家角镇盛家埭叶荡村369号) Qingpu Shanghai
300 - 580

Event details

Shalanaya is finally back for its sixth edition! We welcome you to our adventure of music, art, outdoor, and good vibes all around. On the days of Middle Autumn Festival, from 21 to 24 of September, we will gather once more to celebrate life, nature and community.
For its sixth edition, Shalanaya is returning back home to its original venue Bai Guo Yuan (百果园) on the outskirts of water town Zhu Jia Jiao (朱家角). The venue is surrounded by lakes, grassy fields and trees, detached and remote, yet easily accessible from downtown Shanghai.
What to expect
Shalanaya brings both local and international line-up on two stages: The Main Stage will blast your ears with days and night of psytrance, techno and tech-house, and our famous Chillout Stage lets you relax with ambient, psybient, tribal and world music. Expect abundance of workshops, flow fire performances, live bands, art installations, creative market, drum circle, lots of jamming, the dome...

Music is non-stop, starting at 2 PM on Friday 21st September, till noon on Monday the 24th. The festival closes at 6 PM.
With the new metro line to Zhu Jia Jiao (朱家角) open and running, it is very easy to get to the fesival cheap and fast both from Shanghai downtown and Hongqiao station/airport.

Didi/Uber from Shanghai downtown to the venue costs between 150-200 RMB.

The venue includes camping grounds (access included in ticket price), toilets and an outdoor shower, bars and quality food options.

Don't have camping gear? We got you covered with on-site tent rental (sleeping bags and mats available too). Reservation in advance is mandatory, number of rental tents is limited, and rental without prior reservation is not possible.

To reserve your camping gear, write us an e-mail to", including your phone number and WeChat ID (if you have WeChat).

Shalanaya is a volunteer-run event.



Date: 21st Sep (Fri) - 24th Sep (Mon)
  • 4-Day Pass
Pre-sale 480 RMB (Until 20th Sep 12 AM)
At Door 580 RMB
  • 1-Day Pass (Can enter from 23rd Sep 10:00)
Pre-sale 300 RMB (Until 20th Sep 12 AM)
Children 12 years and under can attend Shalanaya for free. Any participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
It is a non-profit volunteer-run event.

Before setting out to a 4 days outdoor festival, planning and preparing are required. What necessities to bring, what’s the best way to get to the venue, and what to expect once there, our thorough survival guide has you covered.

Bring Along

The venue includes camping grounds, washing facilities, showers, a restaurant and charging points. Here is a list of the essentials all campers should have:

warm clothes (nights might be chilly)

comfortable shoes

toothbrush and toothpaste


rain gear (you never know)

phone charger

mosquito repellent (important!)

flash light

tent and sleeping bag (tents and sleeping bags can also be rented on site, scroll down for details)

sleeping mat

toilet paper

cup and plate (leave no trace!)

a screenshot of your ticket


cash (we also accept Alipay and Wechat pay)

Don’t Bring

liquor and drinks (we have a bar on site with friendly prices, please support us)

food (we have a restaurant cooking homely food on site)

weapons or illegal substances

Ways of Arrival

Shalanaya is easily accessible from Shanghai city center. And with the new metro line to Zhujiajiao (朱家角) completed, getting to the festival is more convenient than ever before.

Option One: metro and shuttle bus. Take metro line number 17 from Hongqiao Railway Station to Zhujiajiao Station (朱家角). Exit the station and take a shuttle bus to the venue. Another option is taking a taxi\ Didi from Zhujiajiao station to the venue (10min, 15RMB). Venue address: Shanghai Si Ji Bai Guo Yuan, 369 ye dang cun (上海四季百果园,叶荡村369号).

Option Two: Didi. Take Didi from Shanghai downtown to the festival site directly (about one hour, 150-200RMB). Venue address: Shanghai SiJi Bai Guo Yuan, 369 ye dang cun, Zhujiajia, qingpu district, Shanghai (上海四季百果园,叶荡村369号, 朱家角镇盛家, 青浦区,上海市). To find the address on Didi just type in english: “Shanghai Siji Baiguoyuan”.

Getting Back

Take a shuttle bus to Zhujiajiao metro station (朱家角). You can also use Didi to get to Zhujiajiao metro station or to go directly to Shanghai downtown.

Shuttle Bus Timetable

During the festival days, a shuttle bus will be running round trips from Zhujiajiao metro station to the venue every hour.


friday 21st: 14:00-22:30

saturday 22nd: 12:00-22:30

sunday 23rd: 12:00-22:30

monday 24th: 10:00- 14:00

To help cover shuttle bus costs, participants are encouraged to donate 5RMB to the donation box on the bus or at the cashpoint.

At the Gate

Please have a screenshot of your ticket.

As part of the regulations in the venue, participants must sign a disclaimer before entering the site. Please have your ID, passport or a picture of them to show when signing the disclaimer. Thank you for your understanding.


Camping: the site includes camping grounds with washing facilities. You can bring your own tent and sleeping bag or rent it on site (2 people tent 30¥ per day, sleeping bag 10¥ per day). Please pay deposit (tent- 200¥, sleeping bag- 50¥) beforehand to Weila (Wechat ID: OMSHIVAYA). You can then collect your rentals at the Yogaspace Goa vendor on site.


Plenty of hotels can be found in Zhujiajiao (朱家角) town which is a short 10 min driving to the site. Here are a few suggestions:

Hotel Name\

Distance from Venue\


Tel \ 

Shanghai Dian Hu Holiday Hotel

by car- 10 min

by bus (19)- 30 min

No. 8 Xinxi Road, Zhujiajiao.

Mr. Shu 177-01769258

Yan Shan Hu Hotel

by car- 10-15 min

by bus (19)- 30 min

No. 2 Lane 73 M ei Zhou Road, Zhujiajiao.

Mrs. Jin 136-81673450

Four Seasons Fruit Garden Jinglu Holiday Hotel

5 min walking

No. 369 Sheng Jia Dai Road, Zhujiajiao


Festival Hours

Festival gates will open on the 21 of September at 12:00 PM and will operate every day from 10:00 AM to 06:00 AM.

At the Festival

The bracelet you will receive upon entering should be worn throughout the whole festival. It is our indication and your proof for legally entering festival grounds. People with no bracelet will be asked to leave.

Don’t burden yourself in bringing food to the festival.

We will have homely cooked food together with various food vendors. All food and drinks will be sold at a minimum price to make staying in the festival affordable for everyone! Please support us. Food brought from outside will not be allowed in festival grounds.

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Shalanaya Open Air Festival 2018

Si Ji Bai Guo Yuan
369 Ye Dang Cun, Zhu Jia Jiao (朱家角镇盛家埭叶荡村369号) Qingpu Shanghai
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