Father's Day tribute by soprano Zhang Linxiao

Father's Day tribute by soprano Zhang Linxiao

Jaguar Shanghai Symphony Hall - Chamber Hall
1380 Fuxing Zhong Lu Xuhui Shanghai
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Father's Day tribute by soprano Zhang Linxiao

Father's Day tribute by soprano Zhang Linxiao

Jaguar Shanghai Symphony Hall - Chamber Hall
1380 Fuxing Zhong Lu Xuhui Shanghai
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My Dear Father
Soprano Zhang Linxiao's Father's Day Tribute

If, "Music is the science of the soul" - Yo-Yo Ma
Then, vocal music should be the most direct way to perform music to the soul. The reason for this is that the unique human voice is like music with wings that can fly high. The main character of this concert, young soprano Zhang Linxiao, will bring us "Father's Day Carol", which will let you and me experience what is "straight to the heart" and "wonderful human voice". The "beautiful human voice" will be amazing.
"Youth is the hope of the nation" - Unknown
We look forward to your encouragement and support for her live concert!


Soprano - Zhang Linxiao:

Zhang Linxiao
Lyric soprano
She graduated from Sichuan Conservatory of Music and the National Conservatory of Music in Fermo, Italy, with a Master's degree in vocal music.
Her mentors are Prof. ZHANG Yi & Prof. MAURIZIO TORELLI respectively.

The 3rd "Francesco Paolo Tosti International Music Competition Vocal Competition", Italy, 1st prize.
The 13th "American Classical Artists International Vocal Competition", Young Artist Category, 1st place.
The first "Abbado International Music Competition Vocal Competition", Italy, the fourth place.
The 11th "China Music Golden Bell Award", Anhui Region, 2nd place, and the national semi-finals.

She was invited to perform at the Expo 2015 in Milan, Italy, the "National Day Music Festival" of the City of Fermo, the New Year's Concert of the City of Ortona, and the 150th anniversary concert of the Coast Guard of Port St. George.
Invited lecturer to perform at the International Music Master Class and Festival in Austria.
Invited to record the theme song "We are the Red Army" and the ending song "People say" for the CCTV TV series "The Yellow Flower of War".
Performed in the large-scale musical "The Burning Snowfield", playing the role of the female No.1, Yan Xiaobei. The play won the "Best Play Award" of the Asian Theatre Festival and toured nationwide.
At the invitation of Anhui Grand Theatre, she appeared in the original folk opera "The Snowy Dabie Mountain", which is a national art fund project and a major cultural art project of Anhui Province, playing the role of Wu Hongying, the first female character.
Invited to perform in the concert "Commemorating the 120th anniversary of Zhao Yuanren's birth" with the famous tenor singer Fan Jingma.
Performed in solo concerts in Shanghai, Wuhan and Beijing with the Amber Quartet of the Central Conservatory of Music and tenor singer Fan Jingma.
In addition to stage performance, as a vocal instructor, he has joined the "National Style Elegant Song" project established by tenor singer Mr. Fan Jingma, and is employed by the National Style Elegant Song Art Center of the Conservatory of Music of Huazhong Normal University in Wuhan, dedicated to vocal teaching and "National Style Elegant Song" singing demonstration and promotion. During this period, Fan Jingma, along with the famous baritone singer Li Ao and the famous young pianist Wang Chao, held a special concert of Chinese art songs in Wuxi.


Guest singer - Wu Chunkan:

Wu Chunkan
Wu Chunkan is a European lyric baritone singer and vocal instructor. He graduated from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music and the Geneva Conservatory of Music, where he studied with Prof. Chen Minzhuang and Prof. Maria Diaconu. While working at the School of Music and Dance at Beijing Geely University, he completed his EMBA at China Europe International Business School.
He is an active baritone singer with a very magnetic voice and has been called "the jewel of China" by the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

Special Prize for singing in the Czech Song Contest of the Czech Music Competition in Geneva.
Special prize for singing art songs in the International Music Competition of the German National Public Television.

Performing Arts.
She has worked in Zhejiang Opera House, Lausanne Opera House, Beijing Jili University School of Music and Dance, and Shanghai Light Music Ensemble. She has given solo concerts in China and Europe, for example, she was invited to give her first solo concert at the famous Bach Week in Ansbach, Germany, where she lives. He was invited to lead Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, Xian Xinghai's Yellow River, Handel's Messiah and Mozart's German adaptation of the Messiah, Bach's Festive Oratorio, and the Christmas music of the famous Swiss composer Ornegger. During his stay in Europe and since his return to China, he has participated in the rehearsals of many operas, including Monteverdi's Orfeo, Bizet's Carmen, Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro, and Ouyang Qianshu and Zhang Jing'an's Honghu Red Guard. He has performed with other musical groups and musicians in many cities in Central Europe, including: Nuremberg, Rodenburg, Ansbach, Munich, Geneva, Lausanne, Weil, Montreux, Caen, Barcelona, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Xi'an, etc. He has also recorded music for fashion brand Chanel in Switzerland and has been invited to judge various vocal competitions at all levels.
She has recorded in Nuremberg, Germany, and released her solo album "Chinese and Foreign Romantic Art Songs" through the China Record Corporation.

Pianist - Wen Jing:

Wen Jing
Collaborative pianist, Master of Arts in Piano Performance from Wuhan Conservatory of Music.

Best Accompanist Award of Verdi International Vocal Competition China Audition.
Best accompanist of the Asian Young Singers Competition.
Best accompanist of the Rome Music Festival.
Best Accompanist Award of Verdi International Opera Competition.
Best Accompanist Award in the Chinese Preliminary Competition of the Taipei World Chinese Vocal Competition.
Best Accompanist Award in Wuhan Region of the 3rd National Higher Art Colleges Folk Vocal Competition.

Duan Yuanyuan's collection of Chinese classic art songs, etc.

Track list:
First half (Chinese works)
1. Flowers
2. Waiting for the Boy
3. Embroidered Lotus Bag
4. You wonderful singer of the lark
5. Guan Ju
6. The Song of the Yue People
7. Red bean words
8. The Mountain
9.The Bridge
10. I love this land

Second half (foreign works)
11.En Prière
13.Vergebliches Ständchen
14.Die Forelle
15.Auf dem Wasser zu singen
16.Der Erlkönig
17.Parlami d'amore Mariu
18.Musica Proibita
19.O Mio Babbino Caro

(*Performance is subject to live repertoire


Date:2022.06.18 @19:15

Address:Jaguar Shanghai Symphony Hall-Chamber Hall

Price:¥989 / 389 / 289 / 189 / 89

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Father's Day tribute by soprano Zhang Linxiao

Jaguar Shanghai Symphony Hall - Chamber Hall
1380 Fuxing Zhong Lu Xuhui Shanghai
This ticket is only available as a paper ticket
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