【International credit card pay】EDC China 2023

【International credit card pay】EDC China 2023

Yang Cheng Lake Resort Peninsula
Shuize Road Campground Suzhou Jiangsu
10/2/2023 - 10/3/2023
【International credit card pay】EDC China 2023

【International credit card pay】EDC China 2023

10/2/2023 - 10/3/2023
Yang Cheng Lake Resort Peninsula
Shuize Road Campground Suzhou Jiangsu
906 - 2657

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👉 Confirmation e-mail would be sent after sales officially open

👉 Please bring your valid ID to the show.

👉 No cancellation (Tickets are non-refundable/non-changeable once sold)

👉 No hard liquor will be sold on site, no alcohol or bottled beverages of any kind will be permitted, and visitors under the age of 18 are not permitted to enter.

not only is the theme of EDC China this year,
it also refers to a relaxing meditation therapy,
also an energy journey of inward exploration and awakening of awareness.

As Insomniac's founder, Pasquale Rotella, says in the introductory video, "In today's fast-paced world, it's easy to get distracted by outside influences and lack the time to care for our own health and nourish our souls. Any lifestyle that improves focus and helps balance the mind and body is what EDC advocates as ZEN."

We hope that every Headliner can focus on "living in the moment", focusing on the things they love and can experience with their heart, and being aware of the beauty that emerges in every moment. When you can slow down and better observe your own heart, you won't feel anxious or uneasy, and you no longer need to get peace from elsewhere; the best healing comes from your own certainty.

Letting the tired soul find a paradise to settle down is the theme of EDC this year, and it is also the ideal world that Insomniac has been committed to creating for each other. Ideal is like stars, hard to touch, but we can still be like explorers, borrowing the position of starlight and following the vibration of sound drums to move forward!

4 stages and 72 groups of artists

to create an annual electro music feast

Gathering 72 groups of top artists from home and abroad
World-class luxury original stage
Shocking audio-visual enjoyment!
Because of love we gather
We resonate with the same frequency
We are looking forward to going to this magnificent music journey together

4 stages
presenting a wide range of music genres

An unrivalled and unforgettable experience
for Headliners of all tastes.

You can always find your spiritual home
at EDC.

Focus on yourself
Enjoy the healing power of music

3 Stages

Single Day Lineup




[VIP Exclusive Rights and Benefits] 2023 EDC Electric Daisy Carnival is divided into general tickets and VIP tickets. VIP ticket enjoys 1 exclusive gift bag valued RMB 699 containing mini crossbody bag*1, printed bandana*1, VIP badge*1, VIP limited lanyard*1. The crossbody bag is made of partly wool and the pattern on the face of the bag is randomly generated according to the fabric. As well as the rights to fast entry, deposit box service, upgraded washroom facilities, free beauty shop, free Kandi hut, etc.

*Exclusive gift packs will be mailed free of charge two weeks prior to the show, so please be sure to contact customer service to complete the registration of information after placing your order. Please be sure to fill in the correct information to avoid affecting the delivery of the gift pack.

1、Tickets for securities, non-common goods, behind the cultural services carried with timeliness, scarcity and other characteristics, tickets once sold, no refund.
2、According to the requirements of the relevant regulations, the show adopts [real-name ticketing], each user is limited to 4 tickets for each performance, the strict implementation of the one-card-one-ticket, each ID card corresponds to a ticket, after the completion of the purchase of tickets to watch the performer's information can not be changed. Please enter your valid ID (ID card, Hong Kong and Macao Traveller's Permit, Taiwan Compatriot's Permit, passport, etc.) in advance so that you can purchase tickets quickly.
3、This show is limited to one ticket, please recognise the official ticketing platform, do not use the same ID information in more than one ticketing platform at the same time to buy tickets, this situation will have the risk of being refunded, so as not to bring inconvenience and unnecessary losses to your entrance.
4、Due to unsuccessful binding of identity document information, fill in the wrong identity document information, wrong point of the wrong purchase and other personal reasons that lead to the failure to purchase tickets or tickets can not be issued, please bear the responsibility of the ticket buyer, please understand.
5、The show adopts [real-name admission], requiring [the actual performer], [the performer's valid ID] and [the performer's information in the ticket order] to be consistent, there are ticket inspection gates on site, brush [valid ID] for verification, and you can enter only after passing. In order to ensure the smooth checking of tickets, please make sure to bring your valid ID to the show.
6、This project supports the transfer of e-tickets, the transfer function will be opened at 12:00 on 27th September 2023 and stopped at 12:00 on 30th September 2023, single tickets can only be transferred once, please make reasonable arrangements for the show and purchase carefully.
7、If you need to transfer the tickets in case of unexpected circumstances or changes in your schedule, please complete the ticket transfer according to the operation prompts from 12:00 on 27th September 2023 to 12:00 on 30th September 2023 in the Ticket Folder of DAMAC APP. Tickets will not be refunded once transferred, please be careful.
8、If the performance is postponed or cancelled due to force majeure, only the tickets will be refunded, and the audience will be responsible for any other expenses incurred as a result of the performance.
9、Ticket purchasers are deemed to have agreed to be filmed by the organisers on site and distributed with the video product.
10、In order to ensure that you get a pleasant and smooth experience of the show, before purchasing tickets, please be sure to carefully read the [Tickets], the specific needs of admission, please refer to the organisers in the performance before the release of the [show guide].
11、The audience is expected to have the ticket checked from 14:00, the official performance time is 16:00, subject to the site.
12、Any purchase or use of tickets for the audience are considered to have read and understood and accept the above terms, the violation of this notice, the site security and staff have the right to stop or ordered to leave the venue.

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【International credit card pay】EDC China 2023

Yang Cheng Lake Resort Peninsula
Shuize Road Campground Suzhou Jiangsu
10/2/2023 - 10/3/2023
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