Billy the Kid Musical

Billy the Kid Musical

Shanghai Oriental Art Center - Opera Hall
425 Dingxiang Road Pudong Shanghai
2/11/2023 - 2/12/2023
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Billy the Kid Musical

Billy the Kid Musical

2/11/2023 - 2/12/2023
Shanghai Oriental Art Center - Opera Hall
425 Dingxiang Road Pudong Shanghai
180 - 380
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RICHARD HOUGH, Book and Lyrics


Language: English (with Chinese Surtitles)

Running Time: 135 minutes with one interval



Small in stature and not good at sports, William was an easy target for bullying at school. The only way for him to escape is to enter the dream world, go back to the Westworld a hundred years ago in history class, and become a legendary cowboy character-Billy the Kid.

The choice of right and wrong, good and evil fell in front of Billy. What is the real hero on horseback, the cowboy everyone admires? After he strayed into the gang of villains, was slandered and went to prison and a series of experiences, the bell of freedom and the help of his friends allowed him to determine the answer about justice in his heart. When the light came into reality, William returned to the classroom...

Billy the Musical takes place in the world of cowboys and bandits, where tree-high cacti and jockeys abound in color and magic. This is a musical suitable for the whole family. Smart kids will understand the "wisdom in a hurry" in this adventure, and adults will also laugh at the nonsensical plot. Follow us as we saddle up and travel through time, bringing our bravest heroes just a step away.


"The NYMT is the best youth music theater in the world" - Andrew Lloyd Webber


NYMT British National Youth Musical Theater (authorized)

Founded in 1976, National Youth Musical Theater (NYMT) is a British arts organization that provides young people with pre-professional education and stage experience in musical theater. NYMT was founded in 1976 by director and playwright Jeremy James Taylor. Since its inception, it has produced over 50 productions at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, debuted 30 new musical theater productions, toured outside the UK, and performed in the West End and Broadway. Among the many alumni of the National Youth Musical Theater are Jude Law (one of the patrons), Jonny Lee Miller, Sheridan Smith, Connie Fisher, Idris Elba and Matt Lucas. Alumni also include directors such as Jo Davies and songwriters such as Tara McDonald.

For over forty years it has enabled young people across the UK to realize their creative and personal potential, leading Andrew Lloyd Webber to call it 'the finest youth musical theater in the world'.

NYMT's main activity is the education of young people in theater production and performance. It produces and commissions musical theater productions, where young people aged 11 to 23 perform, perform and stage technically under the direction of theater professionals. The company has toured the UK and abroad with shows such as Sweeney Todd and Oklahoma! ” and new works specially created for young people.


Composer Ben Morales Frost

Ben is a composer, orchestrator and arranger with extensive work in film and theater.

Recent on-screen composing credits include Blue (feature film, in post-production); Let's Talk About George (short film), The Lost City of Aztlan City of Aztlan" (short film), "Face2Face" (feature film), "Back To School" (Save the Children International), "A Beast In All But Name" (short film), "After Post Carbon Society" (fashion/dance short film), "Potguins March" (short film), "Arrival" (short film) and "Let Them Stand" (short film). Ben orchestrates all of his own work.

Musical theater composition projects include Graham Greene's The Correspondent of Havana (Watermill Theatre) and the new musical The Sorcerer's Apprentice (Southwark Playhouse, James Seabright Productions), both directed by Richard Written by Richard Hough. Other Frost & Hough shows include Billy The Kid (NYMT) and A Christmas Carol (Wellingborough). Billy Cowboy's cast album hit No. 2 on the iTunes Soundtrack chart.

Other compositions include: Boeing-Boeing (UK tour 2019); Let's Celebrate Christmas and A Perfect Child (Welsh Millennium Center); Fantasia on Nursery Rhymes (Lowestoft); The Valley of Unrest (student film).

Orchestration and arrangement works include: The Sound of Music (international tour - orchestral reduction); Starlight Express (Bochum, Germany and UK tour); Now and Forever - The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber (Marriot Theatre, Chicago); Superstar (Really Good Company Stadium Tour – additional arrangement); The Wizard of Oz (Palladium, London – additional arrangement and orchestration); New South Bank Show Theme (Sky Arts – additional arrangement and Orchestration); Diary of a Chav (Workshop - Arrangement and Orchestration); Big Bruvva the Musical (Edinburgh Festival Theater and Upstair Theater at the Gatehouse - Arrangement and Orchestration); Dating Speed Dating" (Jermin Street Theater - adapted and arranged).

Other credits include: Tell Me On A Sunday (St James' Theatre - Music Preparation and Supervision); The Phantom of the Opera 25th Anniversary (Royal Albert Hall and DVD - Music Preparation); True Love Love Never Dies" (West End, DVD and concept album recording at Abbey - music assistant, arrangement and additional orchestration); "Theme Song by Stephen Ward" (single by Milos Karadaglic - arrangement); – Queen's 60th Anniversary Celebration Single" (Gary Barlow & Andrew Lloyd Webber - Musical Preparation and Change).

Ben also composed a definitive score for the entire oeuvre of Andrew Lloyd Webber and was co-founder of The Warehouse, a collective of British composers.


Writer/Lyricist Richard Hough

Richard Hough was a playwright who began his career as a comedian, which meant that even his most serious plays weren't always serious.

He is currently working on an adaptation of Thomas Mann's Death in Venice for producer Vicky Graham. Richard also recently collaborated with composer Ben Frost on the stage musical adaptation of Graham Green's film The Correspondent in Havana (Waterwheel Theatre, directed by Amy Draper directed).

Richard has written scripts and lyrics for a number of new musicals including: the comic book adaptation of Dickens' A Christmas Carol (Luke Shepard, Wellingborough Castle Theatre); Billy The Kid (for NYMT, Leicester Curve Theatre, directed by Kate Golledge

and a new fantasy adventure musical, The Sorcerer's Apprentice (inspired by a poem by Goethe), premiering at the Southwark Playhouse and streaming online in early 2021.

As a comedy writer, Richard has contributed jokes and skits to several BBC TV and radio programs (his credits include Revolver, The Now Show, Loose Ends, What's The Story? and "The News Quiz"). He co-produced a sitcom "Mad About The Boy" and his own dark comedy show "The Chiller Cabinet" for Radio 4 with producer Ben Walker. In the early 2000s he created Dumber & Dumber (on Channel 5), a show about human folly for Ealing Studios.


Art Director Ding Meiting

Graduated from the Acting Department of Shanghai Theater Academy, and received a Master of Fine Arts degree in MFA from Shanghai Theater Academy. National first-class actor, producer, member of Shanghai Dramatists Association.

He once served as an expert judge of the "16th Shanghai University Student Drama Festival" and an examiner of performances and broadcasting hosts in previous colleges and universities. The queen heroine of Jia Bing's team. Drama productions such as "Doubt", "God of Killing", "A Good Man Has No One", "Confused Troupe" and "Small Acting", and the original children's musical "Dula Dula's Dula Dula", etc.

Get reward:

The 4th "Academy Award" for Chinese Drama Performance Best Leading Actor Award; the 14th Zuolin Drama Art Award for Best Supporting Actress; the 16th Zuolin Drama Art Award for Best Actress; the 21st Zuolin Drama Art Award for Best Actress; 27th Shanghai Magnolia Drama Performance Award Supporting Actor Nomination Award.


Director Xie Shuai

Graduated from the Directing Department of the Central Academy of Drama, and directed at the Drama Art Center. Actor, national second-level director.

Theatrical performances, directed works: "The Deer and Ding Tale", "21 Carats", "The Coquettish Queen", "33 Days of Broken Love", "Handsome and Beautiful", "Review of the Murder Case", "Happy Valentine's Day", "Bastard Raiders", "The Missing Person", "No Survival" "Modern Warrior Record", "Capital Theory", "Spider Web", "Jiashen Ji", "I'm Not Afraid", "Shang Yang", "Crazy Crazy", "Romeo and Zhu Yingtai", "When Adam Met Eve", "Every Wonderful Thing" little things

Drama revival works: "Doubt", "Skylight", "", "Like a Dog"

Film and television works: "Ladies and Boys", "The Second Time Is Beautiful", "The Best Taste in the World is Joy", "Across the Ocean to See You", "Ten Deadly Sins", "Luck Comes", "Mr. Li Who Met Love" "Across the Ocean to See You", Chief Director of Zuolin Awards Gala

Works of film and television directors: "The Big Thing Is Wonderful", "My Lord Chitose", "Dear Mr. Hermit"


"Play Seriously" Musical

"Play Seriously" is an international first-class musical theater brand created by Xinqing Culture Media Co., Ltd. and the British National Youth Musical Theater (NYMT). "Play Seriously" musical theater is a musical theater comprehensive institution integrating curriculum research and development, curriculum output, teacher output, original musical repertoire, domestic and international camps, and various youth art competitions. With the powerful resource integration of Xinqing and NYMT, in China and Asia launched a comprehensive musical theater system service. "Play Seriously" Troupe has settled in Shanghai Oriental Art Center, Nanjing Jiangsu Grand Theater, Chongqing Grand Theater and other national-level professional theaters.

"Play Seriously" troupe has selected thousands of teenagers in Shanghai, Chongqing and Nanjing, and established the troupe "Howling Wolves". It premiered in February 2021, and then performed 16 times in Shanghai, Chongqing, and Nanjing, and received rave reviews. In October 2021, the "Serious Play" troupe and NYMT will cooperate again to establish the "Cowboy Billy" troupe.


Time: 2023.02.11-2023.02.12

Venue: Shanghai Oriental Art Center 

Tickets: 180 / 280 / 380

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Billy the Kid Musical

Shanghai Oriental Art Center - Opera Hall
425 Dingxiang Road Pudong Shanghai
2/11/2023 - 2/12/2023
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