Orienting Clouds & Flowing Water - Zhang Weiliang Di Xiao Xun Solo Concert

Orienting Clouds & Flowing Water - Zhang Weiliang Di Xiao Xun Solo Concert

Shanghai Oriental Art Center - Concert Hall
425 Dingxiang Road, near Century Avenue Pudong Shanghai
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Orienting Clouds & Flowing Water - Zhang Weiliang Di Xiao Xun Solo Concert

Orienting Clouds & Flowing Water - Zhang Weiliang Di Xiao Xun Solo Concert

Shanghai Oriental Art Center - Concert Hall
425 Dingxiang Road, near Century Avenue Pudong Shanghai
120 - 480
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"Holy Flute and Xiao" pays tribute to the classic Guangling School Guqin successor
A new compilation of diverse and integrated Chinese music, 
feel the rhythm of the thousand-year-old culture
For more than 50 years, Zhang Weiliang's thoughts and actions are to explore how tradition and modernity fit each other. 
In his eyes, there is no gap between modernity and tradition,
and there is a possibility of dialogue between Western music and Chinese folk music everywhere.

On June 12, 2022, this concert based on Zhang Weiliang's "Walking Clouds and Flowing Water" will lead the audience to
touch the depths of traditional Chinese music, feel the rhythm of the thousand-year-old culture,
and present a multi-integrated new compilation of Chinese music.
Let's hope that Zhang Weiliang, who is standing at a new starting point,
can bring a brand new artistic highlight to the audience in
"Flying Clouds and Flowing Water: Zhang Weiliang's Dixiao Xun Solo Concert".


Flute, Xiao, Xun|Zhang Weiliang
Guqin|Cheng Hongyu
Piano|Jin Yuejiao
Bamboo Flute|Li Zhihan
Guide|Li Chao



Xun Solo
Song of Chu|Ancient Song, adapted by Zhang Weiliang
Flute solo
Moving Clouds and Flowing Water|Zhang Weiliang and Gao Weijie
Spring Tide|Liu Xijin and Huo Dianxing
Fei Ge|Tang Jianping
Piano and flute ensemble
Plum Blossom Three Lanes|Ancient Song, according to Pu Xuezhai's score
Flute and piano
Sunset Flute and Drum|Ancient Song, Arranged by Li Yinghai, Arranged by Zhang Weiliang
Flute and piano
Encounter|Zhang Weiliang
Double flute and piano
Talk Back|Liang Peiyin, arranged by Zhang Weiliang
Encounter of Passion and Indifference|Li Bo Chan Song

*曲目以现场为准  Program is subject to change


Artist Profile


Zhang Weiliang|Flute, Xiao, Xun
Zhang Weiliang, a folk music master with the reputation of "the master of flute and flute", 
is not only the spokesperson of Chinese flute and flute music,
but also one of the iconic figures of cross-border music and cross-cultural communication.
For half a century, he has made great achievements in the fields of performance, teaching,
creation, theoretical research and art planning.
He not only has profound knowledge of traditional music,
but also is internationally recognized as an authoritative performer of modern flute and xiao xun music.
Zhang Weiliang's artistic achievements have made his career a successful model of national musicians and a
distinctive Chinese musical cultural symbol in the international music scene.
As early as 1986, Zhang Weiliang recorded China's first CD "The World of Xiao",
and since then he has recorded nearly 30 records under the China Record Corporation,
People's Music Publishing House, Hugo Records, Longyin Records and Fengchao Records.
In addition, Zhang Weiliang has cooperated with internationally renowned directors such as
Zhang Yimou and Chen Kaige for many times, and played the flute and flute in many
international award-winning films such as "Judou", "Raise the Red Lantern" and "Farewell My Concubine".
In 2005, Zhang Weiliang planned and composed all the musical works of the China Pavilion at the Aichi World Expo.
Later, at the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, he also served as the composer,
orchestrator and flute and flute performance of the large-scale group performance "Nature".


Cheng Hongyu|Guqin
Guqin master in Germany, Distinguished Professor at the School of Music of Southwest University. 
Graduated from Nanjing University of the Arts, majoring in guqin, under the tutelage of his father,
Professor Cheng Gongliang, a guqin master and composer of the Guangling School.
At the age of 7, she learned the piano with his father, inheriting Mr. Cheng Gongliang's method of
piano learning of "use the west for the Chinese, and share the beauty with the beauty".
After studying in Germany to study Western music, she gradually formed a diverse view of music.
In the communication with international musicians,
she focused on the exploration and integration of world music materials.
She is the inheritor and creator of Guqin art with a multicultural background.
At the same time, she has multiple roles as a Sino-European cultural exchange worker and a music producer for the
"Paranojazz-Record" record company.



Jin Yuejiao|Piano
Young teacher of the School of Music of Minzu University of China, 
master of piano performance, once received the national fund to study in the United States.
As a co-pianist active on the domestic and international stage, he has participated in the
"Opening the Door to Art" series of concerts in Beijing Concert Hall and Zhongshan Concert Hall for
many times; he has cooperated with the internationally renowned oboe master Omar Zoboli and
successfully performed in the Concert Hall of the Central Conservatory of Music.
Held a concert; was invited by the American Steinway & Sons to participate in the "Toast to the Maestro" piano concert;
performed Chopin's Second Piano Concerto with the Oklahoma Symphony Orchestra; was invited to participate
in a world-class concert in New York, USA Opera project of soprano Martina Arroyo, acting as piano art director,
rehearsing the opera "La Traviata"; successfully held the "Opera Night" concert with the singers of the Central Opera House ;
Cooperated with the famous American violinist Charles Wetherbee to hold violin and piano concerts, etc.



Li Zhihan|Bamboo Flute
She is currently studying in the Department of Chinese Music of the China Conservatory of Music, 
under the tutelage of Professor Zhang Weiliang, a famous Chinese flute and flute performer and doctoral tutor.
She is currently a member of the Chinese Bamboo Flute Orchestra and a
member of the Bamboo Flute Professional Committee of the Chinese National Orchestra Society.
She has won awards in major competitions at home and abroad for four consecutive times,
and has participated in the CD recording of many modern music works and the recording of CCTV programs,
all of which have been well received. The performances have spread all over
France, Italy, Japan, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Albania and other countries,
and have participated in many domestic art venues, including the National Grand Theater,
Xinghai Concert Hall, Zhongshan Concert Hall, etc., all of which have been successful.



Li Chao|Guide Listening
Master student of broadcasting and hosting arts, teacher of broadcasting and 
hosting arts of Sichuan Conservatory of Music School of Media,
member of China Television Artists Association,
member of China University Film and Television Society,
director of Broadcasting and Hosting Art Professional Committee of Sichuan Higher Education Association.
He has successively won the first prize of the Sichuan Science Popularization Explanation Contest,
the second prize of the First Campus Host Contest in Sichuan Province,
six outstanding instructors in national competitions, and more than 20 outstanding instructors in
provincial competitions. Since 2006, he has hosted more than 400 large-scale concerts and galas,
such as the concerts of the Original Music Development Alliance of China Higher Art Institutes and the
China Choral Arts Festival, and planned and directed 30 galas.


Time: 2022.10.16 Sunday 19:30
Venue: Shanghai | Oriental Art Center - Concert Hall
Tickets: 120/180/300/480

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Orienting Clouds & Flowing Water - Zhang Weiliang Di Xiao Xun Solo Concert

Shanghai Oriental Art Center - Concert Hall
425 Dingxiang Road, near Century Avenue Pudong Shanghai
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