Weekend Leisure Trip: Taihu Lake Source 5-Star Villa Homestay

Weekend Leisure Trip: Taihu Lake Source 5-Star Villa Homestay

12/8/2023 - 12/27/2024

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Weekend Leisure Trip: Taihu Lake Source 5-Star Villa Homestay

Weekend Leisure Trip: Taihu Lake Source 5-Star Villa Homestay

12/8/2023 - 12/27/2024
880 - 1280

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Let's choose a weekend to spend in the five-star Vila in Lin'an, listen to the wave singing, observe the rhythm of time, and feel the voice of your heart; Go to zhinan Village to explore the tranquility and find the encounter under the thousand year old Ginkgo biloba; Then to the source of the Taihu Lake, start a romantic journey with the small water sprays.
Lin'an 5-Star Villa
Lin'an Tingtao Health Town Villa integrates guest rooms, dining, meetings, and leisure entertainments. Surrounded by green mountains and flowing river, the scenery is breathtaking, allow you to instantly leave the noise and return to nature.
The rich nature allows you to regain a slow pace.
Winter is approaching, and the temperature is gradually decreasing. This is a harvest season and also a golden period for health preservation.
Villa Lobby
You can brew tea and chat, savor life slowly.
Room Layout
The room is spacious, equipped with air conditioning, TV, bathroom, and hot water.
Karaoke/GYM/Card Room
Creating a comprehensive integrated leisure and vacation model, enjoying the fun of secluded valleys without leaving hotel.
Outdoor Heat Pool
The warm water in the pool, help you eliminate coldness, make you feel comfortable, and physically and mentally relaxed in the cold season.
Villa Cuisine
If there were no delicious food in the world, the pleasure would be reduced by half.
Villa Nightview
At night, you can watch the mountains in the darkness, listen to the sound of flowing water in the small river, relax and enjoy this moment.
Zhinan Village
Zhinan Village is an ancient village surrounded by hundreds of ancient trees: ginkgo biloba, red maple, and money trees
each tell the years they've passed through, as well as the mysterious stories among
The steaming mist in the mountains easily permeates the hills, and the winter mist clears the sky and earth. And the slightest hint of coolness is the whispering of the Season to you
Taihuyuan Scenic Area
The Taihuyuan Scenic Area is famous for its cool climate. The source of the Taihu Lake comes from here. It is known as the "Little Jiuzhaigou Valley" because of the emerald peaks, steep cliffs, clear streams and bright waterfalls.
Taihuyuan is also a paradise for wild animals, including clouded leopards, black muntjacs, macaques and other national key protected animals.
It is also a place where Buddhist temples stand tall and quietly. When winter comes, the scenery changes dramaticly
Qianren Cliff and Drunken Flower Waterfall form a natural garden, with mountain springs rushing down and falling into the Immortal Valley, with an endless stream singing and running to Taihu Lake.
The source of the Taihu Lake, which nurtures thousands of people in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, is here. It is not only a place to rest, but also the destination of the soul.
  • Friday
Departing from Shanghai in the afternoon, take the high-speed rail to Anji, Zhejiang (recommended high-speed rail train number G7635<18:13 Shanghai Hongqiao 20:23 Anji>)
Arrive at Anji Station and take a shuttle bus to the hotel. After about 1.5 hours, arrive at the hotel and stay at the local five-star villa: Lin'an Tingtao Health Town Villa
  • Saturday
In the morning, you can wake up naturally, enjoy a local buffet breakfast+western breakfast , have a walk in the mountains or along the river near the hotel, or go to the scenic spot near the hotel (free shuttle bus from the scenic spot to the hotel, free travel time, or Sunday travel can be arranged): 
1. Zhinan Village, Millennium Ginkgo Tree, Ancient Well and other scenic spots.
2. Taihu Lake Source scenic spot, visit the scenery of mountains, rivers and waterfalls, Animal parks, alpacas, elk, ostriches, etc High altitude glass bridge (self funded 60 yuan). 
Dining: B/L/D in the hotel
Accommodation: Lin'an Tingtao Health Town Villa 
enjoy the outdoor swimming pool, karaoke, and fitness gym in the hotel
  • Sunday
Enjoy a local buffet breakfast+Western style breakfast. 
After breakfast, you can take a leisurely stroll in the mountains or by the river near the hotel, enjoy a leisurely time. 
After lunch, take a shuttle bus to Anji Station, and then take the high-speed train back to Shanghai (recommended high-speed train G1893 to G7336< Anji15:54-Shanghai Hongqiao17:51 >), ending a pleasant journey


Date: Friday - Sunday (valid throughout the year)
  • One Person ¥1280
  • Two People ¥980/per
  • Eight People ¥880/per
  • Price for a group of more than eight people can be negotiated
*The above activity fees are only valid on weekends, excluding national holidays (an additional 300 yuan per person is required)
Ticket includes:
  • Transportation: shuttle from Anji Station to the hotel, and from the hotel to Zhinan Village/Taihu Lake Source Scenic Spot
  • Accommodation: 5-star Villa (including swimming pool, gym, KTV)
  • Meal: 2 Breakfasts and 3 main meals (Western breakfast: milk, coffee, bread, bacon)
  • Insurance: Travel accident insurance.
  • Groups with 8 or more people will receive red wine, campfire party, beer, potato chips, etc
Ticket excludes:
  • Shanghai to Anji high-speed rail ticket
  • Tickets for the Taihu Lake Source Scenic Resort
  • Invoice tax
  • Personal consumption

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Weekend Leisure Trip: Taihu Lake Source 5-Star Villa Homestay

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