Universal Studios Beijing

Universal Studios Beijing

Universal Studios Beijing
Universal Resort Station Tongzhou Beijing
6/18/2023 - 11/27/2023

Universal Studios Beijing

Universal Studios Beijing

6/18/2023 - 11/27/2023
Universal Studios Beijing
Universal Resort Station Tongzhou Beijing
271.70 - 736

Event details

⚠ Please book at least 1 working day in advance
⚠ Confirmation within 24 hours
⚠ Non-refundable
⚠ All guests must reserve an entry time using the official Universal Studios Beijing app and can only enter the park at their selected time

Universal Beijing Resort has announced its official grand opening to be on September 20, 2021. With the grand opening, Universal Studios Beijing theme park, two resort hotels, and Universal CityWalk Beijing will be opened to guests officially. After the opening, guests will enter Universal Studios Beijing theme park with tickets while Universal CityWalk Beijing is accessible without an admission ticket, but capacity will be monitored and controlled in accordance with the pandemic prevention requirement.

The Universal Beijing Resort opening will include the Universal Studios Beijing theme park, Universal CityWalk Beijing, and two extraordinary hotels, The Universal Studios Grand Hotel and the NUO Resort Hotel. Guests can enjoy blockbuster fun with immersive experiences in the largest Universal Studios at its opening, exploring 37 rides and attractions in the seven immersive themed lands of the park, as well as 24 shows and performances in the resort all day long. 


How to Book


Universal Studios Beijing one-day dated ticket


All personal expenses and expenses not mentioned in the inclusions

How to Use It:

All times are given in local time.
247Tickets.com will confirm your booking within 1 working day and send your e-voucher to your email.
All guests must reserve an entry time using the official Universal Studios Beijing app and can only enter the park at their selected time.
Tickets are not transferable and no changes can be made after booking. Once used or expired, tickets cannot be refunded. Tickets may be used once only during the validity period.
To enter the park, guests may use either of the following methods:
(1) swipe your passport at the entrance;
(2) face scanning at the entrance; or
(3) manual ID verification by staff Guests must have valid tickets for entry into Universal Studios Beijing and are requested to provide valid physical government ID cards for verification. Such ID cards include but are not limited to: Identity card for Chinese citizens; Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macau Residents for residents of Hong Kong, China and Macau, China; Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents for residents of Taiwan, China; passport for foreign citizens

Traveler Info:

Senior: Age 65+
Adult: Age 12 to 64
Child: Age 3 to 11
Guests under 16 years old must be accompanied by guests aged 16 years old or above. Infants under the age of 3 (on the day of purchase of the tickets for accompanying tourists) can enter Universal Studios Beijing free of charge.

Validity Period:

Valid on the selected use date

Ticketing Information:

    • By using this ticket, you agree to the terms and conditions associated with this ticket as well as the Rules and Regulations of Universal Beijing Resort and Universal Studios Beijing which are set out on our official website
    • This ticket is valid only on the selected date
    • This ticket may not be falsified, copied, transferred, or resold. This ticket is only valid for the person whose valid ID is associated with this ticket
    • In consideration of extreme or severe weather or air quality that may impact our operations (e.g. snow, rain, hail, lightning, sandstorm, air pollution, etc.), park capacity, health and safety, special events, and other necessary circumstances, all or parts of the park are subject to change or closure from time to time without notice and without liability to Universal Beijing Resort
    • Universal Beijing Resort offers a variety of fresh and delicious food options for our guests to enjoy at restaurants and concession stands throughout our resort. However, we understand and respect that guests may need to bring some outside food and drinks for self-consumption. To ensure a safe and pleasant experience for all guests, please note that for safety reasons and to avoid impact on other guests, the following food and drink will not be allowed into the resort (except for medical, infant, or special dietary needs): alcoholic beverages (such as beer, spirits, etc.); foods that need to be heated or cooked (such as instant noodles, cold foods, instant hot pots, etc); food and beverages in glassware (such as soda in glass bottles, etc.); food and beverages with strong odors (such as durian, etc.)
    • For park hours, please visit the official site. Please note that individual guest itineraries may be affected by ride operation times and waiting times on the day, as well as safety restrictions for certain rides (eg. height restrictions)
    • When waiting in line, please respect other guests and line with your accompanying guests
    • When guests enter Universal Beijing Resort, all bags, backpacks, or boxes will be checked in accordance with applicable laws, and security gates and X-ray machines will be used during security checks
    • No bags or containers that exceed 56 cm in length x 36 cm in width x 23 cm in height are not allowed. Please follow the guidance of the security team of Universal Beijing Resort
    • The staff of the park may refuse any guest to enter or ask any guest to leave due to improper behavior or for safety reasons
    • For more precautions, please refer to the Park Rules and Regulations for Universal Beijing Resort and Universal Studios Beijing

Prohibitions & Restrictions:

  • It is forbidden to bring dangerous items such as wine bottles, firecrackers, lasers, etc. that may interfere with or cause inconvenience to other guests
  • Smoking and drinking are prohibited. If discovered, guests will immediately ask to leave the venue

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Universal Studios Beijing

Universal Studios Beijing
Universal Resort Station Tongzhou Beijing
6/18/2023 - 11/27/2023

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