Shanghai Oriental Art Center - Oriental Concert Hall
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Shanghai Oriental Art Center - Oriental Concert Hall
425 Dingxiang Road Pudong Shanghai
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——Indian Musician Alexandro's World Tour

The atmospheric majesty of the music played by the bleak hit the heart, the ethereal sound, swirling people intoxicated, disoriented !

Enter the world of Alejandro's music and experience a different kind of Indian culture, where a world-class master meets you up close and personal.


Indian Musician Alexandro Querevalu, a Quechua from the Peruvian Andes, has an innate ability to recognize and memorize tunes. He has captured the hearts of countless Chinese audiences with his Gayna flute and Antara, not only because of the heartfelt emotions of his music, but also because of his distinctive blend of traditional North and South American Native American Indian music styles, which makes his performances unique. He uses music as a medium to call people together. An Indian artist street performs the original soundtrack of the movie "The Last of the Mohicans", which gives a sense of experiencing the world. It sounds distant and mysterious, atmospheric and bleak! Mind-blowing, cries from the depths of the soul, this is heavenly music!

It uses music to tell the story of a nation's soul a helpless cry seems to be crying in the begging of a song, say all the birth of a race, the rise, the demise of a very helpless, but can not break free from the shackles of fate!

The whole music seems to tell the story of the period when Europe carved up the North American colonies - the history of the fall of an indigenous people ......

The combination of superbly crafted Indian flutes, drums and electric effects, and the soulful, ethereal sound of the flute is mesmerizing. When I heard this piece, I felt inexplicably sad, once a worldly race, a native race in North America, invaded and slaughtered three hundred years ago, the population has shrunk and almost become extinct, once hunted for a living, but now reduced to the streets to sell their art. The last of the Mohicans stands forever on the high and dangerous peaks, playing his music to the very end. It's not just art, it's reverence in the heart that makes a melody so mysterious, soothing, cool and heroic. ......

Maybe you have heard of pop music, ethnic music, jazz, but classical music will give you an unprecedented feeling, so that your mind is sublimated, intoxicated, unable to extricate themselves, the hustle and bustle of the city will inevitably have a lot of noise, relax and feel different life!

Indian Musician Alexandro Querevalu was born in Lima, Peru to a thrifty family. Being the eldest son of the family, he dreamed of helping his family financially, and with this in mind, he immigrated to Poland at the age of 18. He plays a variety of wind instruments such as the Gainer flute, the Gainer flute, the Antara, the Barstow flute, the Maltese flute and many more. He has a large repertoire of reserved tunes, including The Last of the Mohicans, The Eagle Flies Away, and many other favorites. His live performances would be memorable in different Native American costumes. Alejandro still performs regularly in Poland and has been described by fans as a "true street artist".

He is an outstanding performer, using music to tell the Indian culture, with his face painted with oil, with an eagle feather crown headdress, and his arm wrapped in a symbolic totem binding, which brings people's thoughts back to the primitive state at once, with their eyes closed, quietly listening to his performance, as if they were back to the most peaceful time.

Indian characteristics of the flute xiao class wind instruments (Gainer flute, Antara, etc.) accompanied by natural materials shaker, the indigenous people of the interpretation of the traditional Indian songs, or the atmosphere of the majestic, or mournful simplicity, or joyful jumping, easily into the heart, and with distinctive national characteristics of the Indian dress, intertwined with an unforgettable picture.

Alexandro interprets sadness and joy in his music with deep emotion, which allows his music to touch the soul of the listener. As a result, the song "The Last of the Mohicans" has made countless people weep and has reached a strong resonance in the hearts of people of different races, countries, religions and cultural backgrounds.


I Sound of Nature

01 Intro 前奏(无歌词) 03:00
02 Amanecer 日出(无歌词)05:57
03 El Condor Pasa 老鹰之歌(无歌词) 03:05
04 The Songs for the Morning 清晨之歌(无歌词)04:16
05 Altiplano 高原(无歌词)04:14
06 White Buffalo 白水牛(无歌词)06:06
07 Nigth In Red Mountains 红山的夜晚(无歌词)05:39
08 Luciernagas 萤火虫(有歌词)03:48

Interval 15mins

II Sound of Heart

09 Linda Bella佳人(无歌词)05:42
10  Te Buscare 我要找到你(有歌词)03:36
11 Tayta Huamani 祖父胡阿玛尼(无歌词)04:09
12 Hijo de la Luna 月亮之子(无歌词)04:27
13 Purimuy 散步(无歌词)04:45
14 Earth Song地球之歌 (无歌词)05:08
15 The Last of the Mohicans 最后的莫西干人(无歌词)04:46
16 返场音乐(无歌词)



Fanchuang Culture is committed to building a leading brand of domestic cultural performance operation, focusing on the stage to lead the value, serve the audience to enhance the taste, with a devout heart to create each performance. We insist on using the pattern to win every continuous partner, using the value to gather every loyal audience, discovering the beauty above the stage and cultivating the wisdom below the stage.


Performance time:
2023.10.6 19:30

Venue: Oriental Art Center

Performance duration: about 60 minutes (with intermission)

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Shanghai Oriental Art Center - Oriental Concert Hall
425 Dingxiang Road Pudong Shanghai
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