Spirit of The Dance

Spirit of The Dance

Shangyin Opera House Opera Hall
6 Fenyang Road Xuhui Shanghai
8/4/2023 - 8/5/2023
Spirit of The Dance

Spirit of The Dance

8/4/2023 - 8/5/2023
Shangyin Opera House Opera Hall
6 Fenyang Road Xuhui Shanghai
280 - 880

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21 years of global success!
2023 is back in China!
One of the internationally successful dance shows
The Spirit of the Dance, an Irish tap dance drama
Return of the Classics - China Tour Shanghai

"Founded in 1997, Spirit of the Dance is one of the top three Irish tap dance companies, along with Riverdance and King of the Dance.
One of the top three Irish tap dance companies
21 years of continuous world touring
Seen by over 20 million people

Winner of the 9th Global Award for "Best Dance" and "Most Outstanding International Production";
First tour of China in September 2000, two shows in a fortnight at the Century Theatre in Beijing were sold out and the audience was very interactive and the show went on for several rounds of the China tour, with one week of performances in Beijing alone at the 2,700-seat Beijing Exhibition Hall Theatre;
In 2004, the dance "Tap Storm" was again performed at the CCTV Spring Festival Gala
The Spirit of Dance was the first of its kind in China, opening up and nurturing the tap dance market in the country, and later on, the continuous touring of the Great River Dance to China.

Originating in Ireland, tap is full of raw energy and has become one of the most exciting dance performances of all time.

Scottish, flamenco, Latin, salsa, street, hip hop, techno, conga and American tap have all been identified with the same dynamic rhythms as the thundering Irish dance, and the spectacular show will take you on a journey through the fascinating world of dance on a global scale. Spirit of the Dance is a show that takes dance performance to new heights by blending Irish tap with dance styles from around the world.

The exciting dancers in Spirit of the Dance seemed to be the express train, sending shivers down your spine with their spirited technique and military-like precision;
The performances were so neat and tidy that they had the audience screaming with excitement; the dazzling lighting, the stunning costumes and choreography, the spectacular effects of the show earned a standing ovation from the packed audience; "Spirit of the Dance" was a masterpiece in the history of dance.

A dance that can be listened to

Tap dancing is an Irish speciality and the national treasure of Ireland. It combines artistic choreography, elegant music, beautiful singing and the breath-taking rhythms and amazing skills of the dancers.

A great tap dancer is also a great musician. In the early days of tap competitions, the judges even sat down on the stage not to watch the dancers, but to listen to the rhythm of their strikes. For a good tap dancer, no matter how fast the rhythm, how complex the steps or how soft the sound, it is all clear and clean.

A great team of performers
With nearly 300 performers aged 18 to 25 years old, working in various Spirit of Dance companies around the world, the company dazzles with its exhilarating effects and explosive expressions, using Irish dance as its essence. It is a skillful blend of traditional Irish style with flamenco, classical ballet, jazz and salsa, and with a cast of over 200 performers, many of whom have won Irish dance competitions and received rigorous professional dance training in Dublin and London, you will be captivated when you see the vitality and exhilarating spirit of the performers on stage. When they stand on stage, they are already fully engaged in their roles.

Under the direction of the Spirit of Dance Theatre Headquarters in London, there are more than six Spirit of Dance companies performing simultaneously in different parts of the world on any given night.

Gold Producer
David King

A world-renowned gold medalist creator and producer, whose work and persona has had a superb impact on Broadway in the US and London's West End, his production team maintains the creative power to produce a new production every year, remaining at the forefront of the world's cultural entertainment scene.

His achievements include not only the miracle of Spirit of the Dance sustaining a world tour for 21 years and a live audience of over 20 million people, but also more than a dozen outstanding productions such as The Soul of Broadway, A Christmas Story and Dancing Queen, touring to over eighty countries and regions in Europe, America, the Middle East and Asia. David King's production team has visited China four times and was invited to participate in the Chinese New Year Gala in 2005, which was a huge hit.

David King's work is artistic, entertaining and enjoyable. The combination of passionate choreography, music that evokes the desire to dance to the rhythm and brilliant theatrical effects is what makes his work invincible. His works are not just for artistic appreciation, but also for the sensory impact of live performances that make people feel like they are in a carnival.

Media comments

Victory! Perfection! Spectacular audio-visual art and to... - Cliff Bonnis (New York Post) Bonnis (New York Post)

A frenzy of speed and rhythm that transforms mundane kegger steps into a godsend... - Anna Ziskoff (New York Times) Zisgow (New York Times)

A dazzling dance...stunning...-Ithman Brown (Daily Telegraph) Brown (Daily Telegraph)

The ultimate shock, a return to primal stirring...an artistic perfection... - Alisdair Macaulay (Financial Times) McAuley (Financial Times)

A masterpiece of sound and light... - Nadine Muster (The Times) Nadine Muster (The Times)

Mike Sommers (Stars and Stripes)

Spirits born
Blue trad 
Blue Danube
Carnival stomp
Aca 1
Aca 2
Ultimate Showdown

Punches orange 
Coming home
Run boy run 
Pink trad 
Tap battle 
Mega mix 
Bows (washer woman) 

The Spirit of Dance recently set a record for a month-long run in London and will launch a new world tour, with performances already planned for Egypt, the Middle East and Las Vegas.


Duration: approx. 120 minutes (including 15 minutes interval)

Performance time: 4 (Friday) and 5 (Saturday) August 2023, 19:30

Ticket prices: RMB 880, 680, 480, 280

Venue: Shang Yin Opera House - Opera Hall

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Spirit of The Dance

Shangyin Opera House Opera Hall
6 Fenyang Road Xuhui Shanghai
8/4/2023 - 8/5/2023
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