Spanish Fantasia

Spanish Fantasia

Theatre YOUNG
NO.1155, Kongjiang Rd Yangpu Shanghai
8/16/2024 - 8/17/2024
Spanish Fantasia

Spanish Fantasia

8/16/2024 - 8/17/2024
Theatre YOUNG
NO.1155, Kongjiang Rd Yangpu Shanghai
100 - 464

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Spanish  Fantasia

Produced by SBL Studio and Mainiverse
Co-produced by Dadi Music

“If your world starts to fall apart
and the doors are closed.
Then you'll just have to find a way to
open them again.
That's what doors are for,
that's how they work.”

Highlights of the show 

Cross-over integration gives birth to a new stage of classical music performance

The show, groundbreaking to the traditional classical guitar performances, presents a strong Spanish exotic flavor in both sound and visual to interpret protagonist's state of mind when traveling through the three-dimensional space of time and space.

With the help of multimedia, stage theater, Spanish painting and other forms of art cross-border fusion, a team of international musicians and dancers give the work a rich visual effect and moving energy by utilizing classical guitar, flamenco dance, cajon drum, contemporary dance, poetry and other forms.

Music can portrait every moment of growth. Watching this performance, you can not only hear the melodious and touching music, but also feel the five-sense experience of elegance and custom. What’s more crucial, it is a spiritual journey that is ornamental, artistic and healing.

International lineup with world renowned artists

For the first time, Meng Su, as the Artistic Director of Spanish Fantasia, collaborates with a team of international artists to create world’s first ever classical guitar show.

Art Director: Meng Su
  • Professor of Guitar, San Francisco Conservatory of Music
  • Artist-in-residence, Baltimore Classical Guitar Society 
  • The first Asian guitar professor at a leading Western Conservatory.
  • The first Chinese to win a "Grand Slam" of top guitar competitions in Europe, Asia and the United States, at the age of 18
  • The only guitarist in the world to win both Young and Open divisions of the prestigious
  • Parkening International Guitar Competition

Artistic Advisor: Manuel Barrueco
  • Legendary Guitarist
  • Professor of Guitar, Johns Hopkins University
  • Latin Grammy Nominations
Director: Coco Zhou 
  • Renowned director and screenwriter
  • Professor at Shanghai Theater Academy
  • Founder of Shanghai Ke Center for Contemporary Arts
  • Works includes Stage play Prima Facie, the audio-visual drama The Man on the Core. among others.
Life unfurls like a succession of doors, ceaselessly swinging open and closed. These doors lead us from one chamber to the next, each revealing its unique tapestry of experiences. Within this performance, we embark upon a tale of maturation—an exploration of the choices made at the crossroads of growth.

In the realm of dreams, our protagonist finds herself transported to the first threshold of the temporal gateway—the Guitar Kingdom of Spain. Before her eyes, the vibrant tapestry of Spain unfolds in all its resplendent glory. Here, she forges bonds with musicians, dancers, barkeeps and etc., and immerses herself in the dreamscape of a foreign land, savoring every nuance of nourishment bestowed upon her by the guitar's ethereal muse.

Then, she encounters the second threshold: Lost. After acquiring mastery and knowledge, fatigue and ennui often creep in one’s mind, accompanied by doubts and contemplations of surrender. What on earth to do? Our protagonist commences a profound introspection, gazing deep into the depths of her own soul.

It is at this point that she comes to the third gate - Destiny. As if preordained by cosmic decree, she encounters a sage mentor who, through the prism of his wisdom, dispels the veils of uncertainty, elucidating the path ahead. In this moment, the protagonist discovers the true purpose that has been concealed within her all along.

The Team
Producer: SBL Studio & Maniverse Culture &Art Co. Ltd
Co-Producer: Dadi Music
Meng Su - guitar
Marco Antonio San Nicolás - guitar
Tobias Larsson - drum
Miguel Angel Serrano – Spanish Traditional/ Flamenco Dance
Alba Nicolás - Spanish Traditional/ Flamenco Dance
Wu Qian – Contemporary Dance

Creative Team
Producer / Art Director / Lead Actor: Meng Su 
Director: Coco Zhou 
Artist Advisor / Music Director: Manuel Barueco 
Producer / Supervisor / Chief Planner: Zhou Jie (Maggie MJ)
Tour Manager: Gu Chao
Executive Producer: Xu Zhen
Sound Director: Ai Bin 
Lighting Design: Zhang Chi
Stage Art Design: Liu Siyu
Visual Design: Wu Guangxin
Costume Design: Da Ke 
Makeup and Styling: Chen Li 

Barrios: La Catadral
Albeniz: Sevilla
Falla: Miller’s Dance
Bizet: Habanera from Carmen Suite
Albeniz: Asturias
Falla: La Vida Breve
Malats: Serenata Española
Tan Dun: Seven Desires
Schumann: Traumerie
Debussy: Clair de Lune   
Bach: Prelude in C major from Well-Tempered-Clavier
Bach: Chaconne

Piazzolla: Libertango
Abreu: Tico Tico

Program Notes
Fourteen harmonious notes accompany the protagonist as she traverses three thresholds, ushering the odyssey of life to its grand proscenium.

The modern classical guitar finds its genesis in the heartland of Spain, where maestros have inked immortal compositions for this instrument: "Recuerdos de la Alhambra" and "Romance d' Amour" are but two jewels in this crown. These melodies, not only melodious but profoundly evocative, serve as the crucible for Su Meng's inaugural foray into uncharted realms.

The entire production is divided into four segments: "Bud of Dream,": "Questing Fantasia," "Phantasmal Reverie," and "Soulful Reverie" melding fourteen timeless guitar compositions into its tapestry. Su Meng, the virtuoso, transcends the confines of her instrument, embodying not only herself but also the ardent seekers of music, art, and dreams. Through her guitar, she converses with fellow musicians and percussionists, forging spiritual bonds with dancers through her harmonies, weaving tales hidden within the melodies, and expressing concealed emotions through the artistry of poetry.

On the hallowed stage, three enigmatic realms shall unfurl before the enraptured audience, woven by the threads of "Inceptive Yearning," "Inner Sanctum," and "Eternal Quest."

In the realm of dreams, our protagonist was guided to the first threshold of the space-time portal—the Guitar Kingdom of Spain. Vivid scenes of Spain unfolded before her eyes, a living tapestry of vibrant colors. There, she forged friendships with musicians, dancers, and even bartenders, with her heart dancing to the rhythms of this foreign reverie, while absorbing every essence of the guitar's soul.

With a spirited rendition of Falla's "La Vida Breve," the entire ensemble gathered in a symphony of song and dance, their souls entwined with the vibrant tempo, elevating the atmosphere to its zenith.

The second threshold: Lost. After acquiring expertise and mastering a craft, people often find themselves wearied and jaded, beset by doubts and contemplations of abandonment. Where does the road to the future lead? The protagonist begins to confront her innermost self. In truth, this is a quandary that Su Meng herself once faced along her professional journey. When she pursued her musical education, driven by the relentless pursuit of excellence, she achieved every accolade within reach. While, as a professional performer, she toured the world, living a life that was rich yet monotonous. Time and again, she experienced the resplendence of fireworks and the subsequent melancholy of their fading embers, prompting her to ponder whether this was the life she truly desired.

As the prelude to Malats' Serenata Española resonates, the stage plunges into darkness. Accompanied by the mellifluous strains of the classical guitar and the rhythmic beats of the cajón drum, dancers gracefully take flight. The rich melodies of Spain inaugurate this chapter of introspection. Following closely, we are embraced by the evocative notes of Chinese composer Tan Dun's "Seven Desires," a composition inspired by the ancient "I Ching." With abstract intent, this piece vividly captures the inner turmoil of our souls. 

The third threshold: Destiny. As if ordained by the cosmos, the protagonist encounters a master luthier, and the resonant chords of Bach's "Prelude in C major from Well-Tempered-Clavier" fill the air. This encounter imparts the wisdom of the elder, gradually unraveling the enigmatic mysteries within her heart.

As Meng's closing performance, Bach’s Chaconne weaves its final notes, it melds the intricate twists and turns of the journey, the moments of uncertainty, and the sudden clarity into the strings. This sublime culmination elevates the overarching theme of the production, casting a new light on the path of self-discovery.

"Spanish Fantasia" Classical Guitar Appreciation Lecture by Meng Su (Exclusive to Audience with 580 Ticket Tier)

Language of the lecture: Chinese Mandarin
The classical guitar is an instrument with a rich history, renowned for its unique nylon strings and warm, gentle tones. Originating from Spain, it incorporates a diverse range of musical traditions and playing techniques. Not only suitable for solo performances, the classical guitar can also enrich chamber music with its nuanced emotions and complex harmonies. Its advantages include beautiful tones, strong expressiveness, and adaptability to various musical styles, making it a classic choice for both music enthusiasts and performers.

As one of the most prominent classical guitarists on the international music stage today, Meng Su possesses a deep understanding of music and remarkable mastery, combining technical prowess with emotional depth. This summer, Meng Su not only brings her cross-genre musical theater production "Spanish Fantasia" to the YOUNG Theater but also offers a live appreciation of the unique charm of classical guitar, leading the audience on a dreamy musical journey.

Date and Venue
August 17, 2024, 16:00-17:00
Theatre YOUNG, Main Stage

Audience members with 580-tier tickets for any showing of "Spanish Fantasia" can enter the event with their paper tickets on the same day.

Lecture Highlights
·Sharing and Analysis of Performance Experience
·Analysis of Musical Style and Playing Techniques
·Live Performance of Classic Pieces: 
·Audience Q&A Session


Date: Friday, 16th August - Saturday, 17th August @ 19:30
Price: 100/180/280/380/580
Duration: About 80 mins 
Ticket Collection Method
Please take your tickets at the Ticket Center of the YOUNG Theater (E2 gate of the theater) before the show, enter the ticket collection code on the self-service ticket machine with the 8-digit ticket collection code in the SMS which you received, and then enter the theater after exchanging the paper ticket.
working hours of ticket office: 10:00 - 20:00

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Spanish Fantasia

Theatre YOUNG
NO.1155, Kongjiang Rd Yangpu Shanghai
8/16/2024 - 8/17/2024
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