Simply Green: Dental Kit

Simply Green: Dental Kit

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Simply Green: Dental Kit

Simply Green: Dental Kit

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By providing earth-friendly alternatives to everyday necessities, SimplyGreen wants to enable everyone to easily transition into a lifestyle with minimal impact on our beautiful mother earth.

Dental Kit

Small changes can have a big impact:Start your morning with love for the earth. Simply Green's new zero waste dental kit contains everything you need to get started with your new low impact morning routine. The dental kit contains 2 bamboo tooth brushes, one bottle of natural silk dental floss, one tin of charcoal tooth powder and a free stainless steel tongue scraper.

Two Bamboo Tooth Brushes

Did you know that every single tooth brush you ever used still exists in some landfill or may have been flushed into the ocean? Time to switch to a biodegradable bamboo toothbrush and to reduce your plastic imprint on the planet.

Tooth powder

Protect your dental health with our gently foaming tooth powder.
It’s  infused with activated charcoal to brighten up your teeth and formulated with mint for a fresh breath!

Eco Dental Floss

Made from 100% biodegradable natural silk and flavored with refreshing mint, the dental floss is smooth, strong and easy to use. It is a dental care essential to keep your oral hygiene in check. It comes in a cute, small glass jar free of any plastic. Refills available!

*Free* Tongue Scraper

Say goodbye to bad breath with just one little extra step added to your morning routine. Remove bacteria, food debris, and dead cells from the surface of your tongue with this smooth and durable stainless steel tongue scraper.

About Simply Green

Plastic rules our planet, that’s a fact – as sad as it is. During our travels we encountered plastic trash piling up in cities, being washed ashore on beaches and even hiding in remote forests across the planet.

This realization spurred our desire to make a change and get involved in promoting an alternative plastic-free lifestyle. For us Zero Waste would be an ideal way forward, but considering the prevalence of plastic use and disposable items in every aspect of our life, it seems unattainable for most people.

However, we believe in small but impactful lifestyle changes like replacing plastic products with earth-friendly alternatives. A lot of people doing Zero Waste imperfectly will have a bigger impact than a few people doing it perfectly. Or to say it in the words of the famous primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall: “All great changes in nature are a sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” Through SimplyClean we want to make this lifestyle change accessible and easy for everyone.

Therefore our mission is to Keep Our Earth Green and Our Oceans Clean.


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Simply Green: Dental Kit

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