Rabbids Universe Exhibition

Rabbids Universe Exhibition

Jinmao lifestyle center
88 Century Avenue, Lujiazui Pudong Shanghai
12/25/2022 - 5/28/2023
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Rabbids Universe Exhibition

Rabbids Universe Exhibition

12/25/2022 - 5/28/2023
Jinmao lifestyle center
88 Century Avenue, Lujiazui Pudong Shanghai
68 - 188

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👉 Free admission for Children under 1.2 meters (not inclusive), and must be accompanied by an adult to enter the venue. Free admission for only one child if multiple children under 1.2 meters are present

👉 Exhibition business hours for Chinese New Year:

01.21 - 01.24: 10:00 - 16:30 (Last admission at 16:00 pm)

01.25 - 01.27: 10:00 - 18:00 (Last admission at 17:30 pm)

01.28: 10:00 - 21:00 (Last admission at 20:30 pm)

They are well equipped (toilet plugs)! They take death as home (they can't kill them at all)! They are invincible (overwhelmed by numbers)! They will never give up until they conquer the earth and destroy human beings! They are - Crazy Rabbits!

"Crazy and silly"

They are the classic IP of Ubisoft. The image is characterized by protruding eyes and two big dies. When angry, the eyes will turn red and make a classic cry of "Bwaaah!"

Rabid Rabbits are mischievous, interdimensional explorers who travel the universe in search of adventure, and usually mess things up. Crazy, nonsensical, these bunnies love to cause chaos and play tricks.

Crazy face "old drama bone"

The sales of 20+ games exceeded 20 million, the theme comics read 25 million+, and the downloads of WeChat emoticons reached 250 million.

The Rabbids are coming to Shanghai!

"Crazy Rabbit Universe Museum" is an exhibition jointly curated by kuENJOY Kunji Culture and Ubisoft Ubisoft based on the Crazy Rabbit IP. The exhibition takes the "Universe Museum" as the starting point, follows the beautiful vision of "Exhibiting the Great Vision", and extends the exhibition theme of "Exhibiting the Great Rabbit" as the Chinese Year of the Rabbit is approaching. In the form of oil painting, installation, sound, new media, game interaction, etc., it integrates art, sports, film, love, and national trends, and explores the interesting journey with Crazy Rabbit in diversified artistic creations.

Super fun!

On-site exploration of the new interactive experience of Guochao, in-depth play of console games, and immersive 2.5D dynamic theater.

Beyond slices!

The production rate of the 5 major theme exhibition areas is extremely high, and the shutter is frantically pressed!

Giant installations are waiting for you to check in!

Super mean!

Rabbids are super spoof,

The video of the mad rabbit making trouble was released on the spot, which will definitely make you laugh out loud!

#Must visit highlights

Somatosensory interaction "Mad Rabbit Map of Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains"

This group of rabbits is so crazy that they even traveled back to a famous Chinese painting when they invaded the earth. They hid in Tibet in the Middle East of A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains, and kept making a mess of things.

This exhibition uses advanced synthesis technology to allow the Rabid Rabbit to wander freely in the map of thousands of miles of rivers and mountains. And the audience needs to be quick to catch the troublemaker when the Rabbit makes trouble.

When the crazy rabbit meets the map of thousands of miles of mountains and rivers, when the ancient oriental charm is combined with advanced somatosensory interactive devices, what kind of sparks will they collide with?

Console gaming experience

Rabbids: The Adventure Party

Crazy Rabbit: Adventure Party is a Journey to the West created by Ubisoft on SWITCH. It is an adventure game party.

In the Guochao area, Switch and large TV screens will be set up to allow the audience to share the happy party time with family and friends. Come to the exhibition and become a crazy rabbit, embark on a funny journey to the west, feel the wonderful fairy tales, and enjoy the social experience.

#Exhibition area

Sports Zone——Crazy

They never give up, they are indomitable, they are lively and interesting, they love competition, they get up where they fall, want to know how Rabid Rabbit dives? Want to watch them compete in gymnastics? Rabbid Rabbit is gearing up in the sports area, waiting to join you Teach the superior!

Movie Zone - Attracting "Rabbit" Wins

An area not to be missed by film buffs. Mad Rabbit loves to interpret the classic blockbuster. A theater is set up in the area, with 2.5D motion-sensing seats, giving you an immersive movie-watching experience. You will definitely be moved by the wonderful stories and moments in the camera. There is also a Mad Rabbit version of the Iron Throne, waiting for you to perform the song of ice and fire that belongs to you and the Rabbit.

Guochao District - "Rabbit" with golden eyes

The Rabid Rabbit who is good at cross-dressing finally came up with a new idea of ​​Journey to the West! This is a unique journey to the West. The Rabbit is combined with the classic Chinese mythology "Journey to the West". The audience can see the Rabbit who plays the role of Tang monk, master and apprentice, and various gods and monsters. In addition to the classic images of the four masters and apprentices, the Queen Mother, Princess Iron Fan, Erlang God and other characters we are super familiar with are all playing around in the Guochao District.

Let's play with the Rabbids all the way, retrace the journey to the west, and burst out with new vitality and vitality.


Exhibition time: 2022.12.25-2023.05.28

10:00-21:00, admission ends at 20:30 (For reference only, the actual time may differ)

Location: Shanghai | Jinmao Lifestyle Centre

Ticket Price:

Early Bird Single Adult Ticket: ¥68

Early Bird Parent-Child Ticket (1 Adults + 1 Child | 1.2-1.4m):¥118

Early bird single ticket + Jin Mao Tower Observation Deck 88F ticket: ¥120

Coupon ticket redemption rules: Coupon tickets can only be redeemed on December 25, 2022, after the exhibition starts.

The combined ticket needs to be exchanged for a paper ticket at the Crazy Rabbit Exhibition site (1 early bird single ticket for the Crazy Rabbit Exhibition + 1 adult single ticket for the sightseeing hall on the 88th floor of Jinmao Tower)

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Rabbids Universe Exhibition

Jinmao lifestyle center
88 Century Avenue, Lujiazui Pudong Shanghai
12/25/2022 - 5/28/2023
This ticket is only available as an e-ticket
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