Paradox Museum Shanghai

Paradox Museum Shanghai

3/30/2024 - 12/31/2024
Paradox Museum Shanghai
688 Middle Huaihai Road, Huashi Plaza Huangpu Shanghai
98 - 298

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👉 Each Adult Who Has Purchased A Ticket Can Bring One Child Under 1m Free of Charge
👉 Receive E-ticket via Email
👉 Gain Admission with E-ticket
👉 No Cancellation

Expect The Unexpected
Defy reality!
At the Paradox Museum, we tickle your mind for fun. In here nothing makes sense, and yet everything is totally real! Our museums are a space of ultimate creativity and questioning - we are a must-see, must-experience destination for all ages. Come visit us, feel the experience, and let us inspire you!
Meaning ‘contrary to expectation’ or ‘incredible’ in ancient Greek, the word paradox has come to mean opposite or contradictory to common sense. Essentially, real paradoxes are things that if true, are false, and if false, are true - they make you experience the impossible.
Reversed Room

Everything in here is upside down!
Just like magicians who float in the air unsupported, in the Paradox Reversed Room everything seems to defy gravity. Come, strike a pose and get ready to radically change your view of the world!
Paradox Tunnel

In here walking straight feels impossible!
Can you imagine a simple task like walking straight seeming impossible? Well, the Paradox Tunnel disrupts your perception of gravitational direction, making your world feel as if it’s twisting around you. It’s totally mind bending!
Paradox Sofa
Magic, reality or a glitch in the system?
The Paradox Sofa gives the impression that someone’s body has gone to pieces. Is it a real conspiracy or just a couple ‘partners in crime’ having some fun vegging out on the couch? You’ll have to come see it to believe it!


Opening Hours:
  • Sun. to Thur. 10:00-21:00 *Last Admission 20:20
  • Fri. to Sat. 10:00-22:00 *Last Admission 21:20
  • ¥158 Single Ticket
  • ¥258 Couple Ticket
  • ¥188 Evening Couple Ticket (Available after 17:00 only)
  • ¥268 Evening Three People Ticket (Available after 17:00 only)
  • ¥198 Family Package (1 Adult + 1 Child *1-1.4m)
  • ¥298 Family Package (2 Adults + 1 Child *1-1.4m) 
  • ¥98 Student Ticket (Student ID Required)
  • ¥98 Child Ticket (1-1.4m) 

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