Michael Lives Forever Concert in Guangzhou

Michael Lives Forever Concert in Guangzhou

Guangzhou Gymnasium - Hall No.1
783 Bai Yun Da Dao Nan Baiyun Guangzhou Guangdong
Michael Lives Forever Concert in Guangzhou

Michael Lives Forever Concert in Guangzhou

Guangzhou Gymnasium - Hall No.1
783 Bai Yun Da Dao Nan Baiyun Guangzhou Guangdong
480 - 1280

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Three Highlights

Full live stage/ Splendid stage design with classic performance
Live singing and live dancing of the lead/ Famed inheritor around the globe
Together with the original team of Michael Jackson / Dedicated to the performance

If you can go back in time to see someone’s live stage performance, what’s your choice?

For people from 1970s to 1990s around the world, “Michael Jackson” is absolutely the most popular answer!

Who is He

He is a legend in the history of music, the pioneer of the modern music video. He broke the racial prejudice and segregation of black artists in the music industry at the time. He set many amazing world records. He was certified by the Guinness World Records as the Most Successful Entertainer of All Time. Supporting 39 charities and donating $500 million dollars, he was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for breaking the world record for the “Most Charities Supported by a Pop Star” and is recognized as a philanthropist. He won numerous awards in his life. As a lifelong idol and role model for many celebrity and artists, his dance steps have been imitated by countless people, his music has been passed down to this day and has inspired millions of people. He has fans all over the world... 

He is a superstar of superstars. Even though he passed away 15 years ago, he still has far-reaching impact on music, film and television, art, and fashion around the world. He is undoubtedly the King of Pop, Michael Jackson!

Missed Appointment in July

After decade of silence, Michael Jackson (referred to as MJ) announced a sensational news to the world in March 2009—— he would have his “This is It” comeback concert at the O2 Arena in London on July 13th that year. Under the dazzling lights of media and frenetic shouts of his fans, he left his last word to the world: “See you in July!”

As soon as the news broke, 750,000 tickets were snapped up within four hours, and 2 million people tried to book tickets within 18 hours, causing the booking site to crash within minutes of going live. So many people were longing for his comeback, so many people were looking forward to the return of the King of Pop. But on June 25th, 2009, he suddenly passed away, missing the appointment with his fans in July... The world was plunged into great sorrow, and the Internet was paralyzed for a time because of him... 

It is an eternal regret for many people that they could not see MJ’s performance.

A Regret of Chinese Fans

It is especially a regret for fans from the inner land of China, because MJ never played a concert in the Chinese mainland. He used to visit Sanxiang Town in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, and liked China very much. In 1993, he wanted to bring the “Dangerous World Tour” to Beijing Workers Stadium. In 2008, he also applied to sing for the 2008 Beijing Olympics but failed to achieve because of various reasons...

The year of 2024 is the 15th anniversary of MJ’s death. We finally get to keep the appointment in a different way.
Michael Lives Forever: Make up for the Regrets

On July 13th 2024, “Michael Lives Forever” China Tour will kick off its debut at Guangzhou Gymnasium. The performance, created by the original team of MJ, will bring the epic live to you, taking you back to 1993 to see the concert that should have been held in China. It will definitely make up for the regrets of MJ fans in China and inherit the artistic spirit of Michael Jackson.

You can not only witness a stunning reenactment of the opening ceremony of Michael Jackson’s iconic performance, experience the fervent atmosphere of the King’s live, but also hear MJ sing the classic songs that are familiar to the world, learn more about MJ’s musical talent and stage charm, and feel the glamour of the “King of Pop” again. In this way, let’s fulfill MJ’s July promise! Every MJ fan cannot miss this grand concert!

Introduction to “Michael Lives Forever”

The “Michael Lives Forever” China Tour is a large-scale performance inherited from Michael Jackson’s “Dangerous World Tour” in his peak period. We not only endeavor to reproduce the wonderful stage design of MJ, but also have MJ’s original choreographers/backup dancers and backup singers to recreate the glory. MJ will be enacted by Rodrigo Teaser, a famous Brazilian artist. As a powerhouse singer and dancer, Rodrigo Teaser is well-known around the world and has been recognized by the fans. He has nearly 3 million followers on Ins, Facebook and YouTuber. During the 2022 World Cup, the royal family of Qatar even invited him to perform. The “Michael Lives Forever” has had hundreds of tours around the world, to the United States, Brazil, Czech Republic, Mexico, Nepal, Singapore, Malaysia and so on, which has won unanimous praise from Michael Jackson’s family and fans around the world.

Michael Lives Forever

  • Jam
  • Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
  • Human Nature 
  • Smooth Criminal
  • Jackson 5 Medley 
  • Rock With You
  • Shake Your Body
  • Beat It 
  • The Way You Make Me Feel 
  • You Are Not Alone 
  • Heal The World
  • Remember The Time
  • Thriller
  • Billie Jean 
  • Black Or White
  • Will You Be There 
  • Dangerous
  • I Just Can't Stop Loving You 
  • Man In The Mirror
  • Bad


Date: Saturday, 13th July @ 19:30
Price: 480/680/880/1080/1280

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Michael Lives Forever Concert in Guangzhou

Guangzhou Gymnasium - Hall No.1
783 Bai Yun Da Dao Nan Baiyun Guangzhou Guangdong
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