Jurassic World: The Movie Exhibition(closed for temporary)

Jurassic World: The Movie Exhibition(closed for temporary)

Jurassic World: The Movie Exhibition(closed for temporary)

Jurassic World: The Movie Exhibition(closed for temporary)

3/2/2022 - 6/30/2022
Jurassic World: The Movie Exhibition
No. 997 Xueye 2nd Road Pudong Shanghai
108 - 398

Event details

👉 Please Book 1 working day in advance
👉 Email confirmation + E-tickets within 24 hours
👉 Fast-entry using [Personal ID + QR code]
👉 Free for children under 1.1m
👉 Non-refundable

Many have dreamed of visiting Jurassic World and seeing for themselves the powerful behemoths that once ruled the world. This summer, "JURASSIC WORLD: THE MOVIE EXHIBITION" is coming to Shanghai, China!

Please pay attention that due to the epidemic, the exhibition was temporarily closed from March 21 to March 31.

Sorry for the inconvenience it may cause,we will adverse everyone at the first for the re-opening.

Based on the ground-breaking film "Jurassic World", a co-production of Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment, the “Jurassic World: The Movie Exhibition” immerses audiences of all ages in an entertaining and educational way through blending both real-world science education with high-quality experiential entertainment.

The “Jurassic World: The Movie Exhibition” covers an area of approximately 2,700 square meters, in which guests will be transported into the movie world, embarking on an interactive journey of discovery by walking through the gates of the world-famous Jurassic World.

Guests will come face-to-face with Velociraptors;

Look up and see the enormous and gentle Brachiosaurus;

See the hauntingly realistic-sized Aetosaurus;

Come face-to-face with a Velociraptor;

Watch the most vicious dinosaur ever - Tyrannosaurus Rex;

And witness the pinnacle of the Tyrannosaurus Rex and Carnivorous Bullosaurus!

This time in Shanghai, you can also get up close with two new dinosaurs making their debut in China - a Pachyrhinosaurus mother and daughter and an adult Parasaurolophosaurus.

You can also come face to face with life-sized dinosaurs!

Out of which, 5 baby dinosaurs have gathered at Shanghai, they are:

baby Parasaurolophosaurus, baby Velociraptor, baby Aetosaurus, baby Toothless Pterosaurus and baby Plesiosaurus.

Join us, as we unlock the gates into the “Jurassic World”! We believe that the full range of displays + ultra-realistic experience will bring you an authentic dinosaur adventure!


Ticket Exchange and Reservation:

Step 1: Open the small program “万达电影特展” in Wechat 👇

Step 2: Click “预约入场” 👇

Step 3: Enter the ticket code - Click to check - Make a reservation - Reservation is successful
Enter the venue on the reservation day with your ID

Address: The River Mall, No. 997 Xueye 2nd Road, Pudong, Shanghai 

Opening hours: 2/12-8/31 10:30-18:30

Peak season opening hours: 10:00 - 19:30; legal holidays (New Year's Day, Spring Festival, Qingming Festival, Labor Day, Dragon Boat Festival, National Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, etc.), weekends, summer and winter holidays.

Off-season opening hours: 10:30 - 18:30; Mondays to Fridays outside of non-statutory holidays/summer and winter vacations.

Ticket types/prices:

Adult ticket: RMB198 in peak season / RMB128 in off-season

Child ticket: RMB138 in peak season / RMB108 in off-season

Family ticket for 2 adults and 1 child: RMB398 in peak season / RMB328 in off-season

Double ticket: RMB298 in peak season / RMB228 in off-season

*Child tickets are available for those over 1.1m (included) and under 18 years old (not included)

New Evening viewing ticket - Ticket*2 + 1 child(1.1-1.5m) Free Entry: RMB298

*Evening viewing ticket Time Range: Saturday&Sunday 17:00-19:30

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Jurassic World: The Movie Exhibition(closed for temporary)

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