Journey To The Center Of The Earth

Journey To The Center Of The Earth

Shanghai Centre Theatre
4F, 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu Jing'an Shanghai
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Journey To The Center Of The Earth

Journey To The Center Of The Earth

Shanghai Centre Theatre
4F, 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu Jing'an Shanghai
100 - 380
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The father of science fiction, 
the masterpiece of scientific knowledge,
the integration of the mysterious underground adventure,
the many crises, the beauty of the inner world,
the occurrence of dinosaurs, and the illumination of the children's imagination.

Discover the children's desire to explore.
"Journey to the Center of the Earth" will take you on a journey through the
thrilling and exciting world of the inner world!










Adapted from the "father of science fiction" such as Le Verne's 
famous science fiction "Journey to the Center of the Earth".
Verne created a large number of excellent science fiction novels in his life,
combining real scientific laws with interesting and twisting ideas,
composing a fantastic and wonderful scientific world,
accompanied by the development and progress of science,
inspiring generations to be fascinated by science and to explore and live.












The children's drama "Journey to the Center of the Earth" 
adapts the original book into a science enlightenment drama for children.
The thrilling plot integrates a large amount of knowledge of geology, archaeology,
and prehistoric creatures. after all. In the past three years,
"Journey to the Center of the Earth" has toured hundreds of theaters across the country.














In 1863, Professor Roque stumbled across a roll of parchment in an ancient book, 
"Down, brave explorers...through it down, to the center of the earth..."
This mysterious text records the predecessors have traveled to the center of the earth,
and the professor, driven by curiosity, decided to go to the center of the earth to explore!

Under the leadership of the Icelandic guide Hans,
he and his cowardly nephew Aksai descended from the mysterious crater in Iceland
according to the map drawn by their predecessors.
They experienced difficulties and obstacles such as landslides,
getting lost, and explosions, but they could not find the entrance to the center of the earth.
Just then, they heard the roar of the dinosaurs...











Highlight 1 Adapted from a famous novel, the stage reproduces the inner world of the earth.
The plot of the play is faithful to the original work,
describing the thrilling adventure journey of the explorers,
the bizarre underground wonders, and the battle of wits and courage with prehistoric creatures.
How to reproduce the beautiful wonders of the underground landform and the inner world on the stage
has become the technical core of the play.
The play library uses naked-eye 3D holographic digital technology to vividly reproduce the rich and
diverse underground landscapes such as volcanic wonders, underground caves, underground water flows,
glowworm caves, the sea in the center of the earth, desert jungles, etc.
On the stage, presenting a fantasy world that transcends time and space.
What's more interesting is that there will be a special actor on the stage - a dinosaur.
The four-meter-long dinosaur will appear in real life.
What kind of chemical reaction will he have with the explorers?














Highlight 2: Science and knowledge drama middle school, education and entertainment are suitable
"Journey to the Center of the Earth" adheres to the spirit of the original book,
integrates scientific knowledge into sci-fi plots, and displays biological evolution,
human geography, earth structure, volcanic geology, oxygen, lava, fossils and
other aspects of knowledge to children through the plot and holographic stage.
This is the best scientific enlightenment for children.
It not only greatly expands children's unrestrained imagination and scientific exploration spirit,
but also teaches children how to keep a calm and brave heart and persevere to the end
when they encounter difficulties.












Highlight 3: Super interactive small audience guides the development of the plot
Without the help of children, how can the adventure be successful!
Play Library pioneered a real-time voting mode.
The children voted to guide the plot.
Every vote may be dangerous or turnaround.
The adventure direction will be completely decided by the audience and children!
In addition, cracking the exploration map, researching the core of the earth,
finding the way forward...
There are many difficulties and obstacles, are the children ready to take an adventure together?
Every thrill and danger will not stop the footsteps of exploring the unknown!












Highlight 4: Thrilling + comedy, this is a "surprise drama"
Although it is from a famous book, it is not boring and boring; although it describes the adventure,
it is not scary and scary; although it is difficult and difficult,
it is full of laughter. There are brave and narcissistic professors,
kind and timid nephews, some ruthless guides, and even sinister and unlucky villains.
Even big dinosaurs are both good and evil, and it is difficult to distinguish between enemy and me.
The 80-minute "Journey to the Center of the Earth" not only keeps the children's attention,
but even the parents put down their mobile phones and concentrate, sometimes laughing,
sometimes worrying. "Journey to the Center of the Earth" is an elegant reading class of famous novels,
a class of scientific knowledge of images, and a good time for parents and children.



Date and Time: 2022.11.06 Sunday 10:30/14:00
Venue: Shanghai | Shanghai Centre Theatre
Tickets: 100/180/280/380

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Journey To The Center Of The Earth

Shanghai Centre Theatre
4F, 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu Jing'an Shanghai
This ticket is only available as a paper ticket
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