Changxing Island Adventure Summer Camp

Changxing Island Adventure Summer Camp

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Changxing Island Adventure Summer Camp

Changxing Island Adventure Summer Camp


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Insight Adventures’ personal development camps draw on our years of experience organising adventure learning, cultural immersion, and expedition style programmes, to teach young people in areas not necessarily covered during classroom learning.



Our Changxing Island Adventure Camp is a 6 day, 5 night programme open to children aged 7 to 17. This programme will focus on guiding our students in developing a variety of essential life tools such as social skills, teamwork, communication, and collaboration. To achieve this goal, students will work together to overcome the myriad of exciting challenges sprinkled throughout our wide range of fun and educational activities.

With 24 hour supervision and care by Insight Adventures’ trained facilitators, all meals, activities, accommodation, transportation and insurance are included for the duration of the programme. Students will be divided into groups according to their age and experience, just as they would be during their regular extra-curricular activities or residential weeks organized by schools.

This programme takes place in Shanghai at our Insight base on Changxing Island. The island is located between Chongming Island and the Pudong New Area in the northern Baoshan District. This sparsely developed island is just 1.5 hours away from downtown Shanghai making transportation extremely convenient, and with plenty activity options, Changxing Island is the perfect location for students who need to get out of the city without even having to leave Shanghai.

Key Activities:

  • Kayaking
  • Rock Climbing & Bouldering
  • Archery
  • Archery Battle
  • Orienteering
  • Wilderness Survival skills
  • Raft Building
  • Laser Tag
  • Cargo Net
  • Leap of Faith
  • Jacob’s Ladder
  • High ropes courses
  • Evening campfires, team challenges and games.


Workshops & Discussion Topics:

  • Leave No Trace (LNT) Environmentalism
  • COVID-19 and the Immune System
  • The Concept of Time
  • Food Choices and Nutritional Studies
  • Poverty
  • Consciousness
  • What is Life
  • Loneliness
  • Diversity
  • Plastic Pollution and Solutions
  • Gratitude
  • Camp Hygiene Basics

Other Outcomes:

  • Establishing a habit of daily reflective journaling
  • Time away from phones, TV screens, school teachers, and parents
  • The opportunity to meet and bond with other students in a fun, safe and non-competitive environment.


Daily Itinerary


With the exception of the first and last, each day of the camp has the same basic structure and routine with students typically waking up at around 7am, and then after a long day of exciting and fun challenges, heading back to their rooms for some much deserved rest at roughly 9pm.

Morning exercise:

Students will have an active and early start to their days with a variety of group activites ranging from basic yoga, to full on tabata workouts. All fun ways to get the blood flowing before a delicious breakfast.

Outdoor Base Restaurant Breakfast:

Simple and nutritious options that cater to both east and western tastes to ensure everyone is charged up and energized for a day of outdoor learning.

Morning activity session:

Activites that challenge students to step out of their comfort zones and achieve beyond what they thought they were capable of. From theory, to practice, to comprehensive application, students are guarenteed a vast range of advanced learning opportunities.

Packed or Local Restaurant Lunch:

Varied, nutritious and customised lunch options that suit the days activities, and location. Generally meals are made up of simple grains, meats, fruits and vegetables.

Afternoon Activity Session:

Using adventurous activites and experiences in unfamiliar environments as tools for teaching students in areas the may miss out on during regular classroom settings.

Hotel Dinner:

After a long day of activites, students will come back to the hotel to enjoy a large evening meal either in the local restaurant, or cooked on the BBQ on the hotel grounds.

Evening Activity Session:

A key component of effective learning is reflection and being conscious about ourselves and the world around us. Evening activities take the time to practice mindfulness.

Clean-up and Bedtime:

Students will share rooms in the hotel located on our base. All of our accommodations are held up to the highest standards of safety, comfort, and cleanliness. This ensures participants the perfect place to rest at the end of a full day of engery sapping activities.

Upon your request, we would be more that happy to provide you with the detailed schedule of our Changxing Island Adventure Camp program.



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Changxing Island Adventure Camp Summary


  • 6 day / 5 nights hotel accommodation with overnight support staff
  • 24-hour supervision and care by Insight Adventures’ trained facilitators
  • All meals, activities, accommodation, transportation and insurance included
  • Suitable for children aged 7 to 17
  • 5,880 RMB/ person
  • Two camp dates available:
    • Group A: 2nd – 7th August 2020
    • Group B: 16th – 21st August 2020

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Changxing Island Adventure Summer Camp

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