Happy Valley Shanghai

Happy Valley Shanghai

Happy Valley in Shanghai
No. 888, Lin Hu Road, Sheshan, Songjiang District, Shanghai Songjiang Shanghai
6/21/2023 - 12/3/2023

Happy Valley Shanghai

Happy Valley Shanghai

6/21/2023 - 12/3/2023
Happy Valley in Shanghai
No. 888, Lin Hu Road, Sheshan, Songjiang District, Shanghai Songjiang Shanghai
190 - 540

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Shanghai Happy Valley is a large theme park suitable for the whole family. Young people can experience the exciting roller coaster, and children can swim in the ocean of joy and experience the visual feast brought by 4D movies. There are also many wonderful performances, and major festivals such as the Mayan Carnival and the International Magic Festival are often held here.

Introduction to the Seven Theme Areas

Sunshine Harbor

Sunshine Harbor, located near the entrance of the park, is a romantic harbor with marine culture as the background, where tourists can stop and take pictures. There are also more than ten projects here, including the Victorian style art street, the flying theater that guides tourists to experience flying in the sky, and the Arthur Palace, a multi-functional theater that can provide companies with press conferences, banquets and classic performances. The lakeside square is also the main venue for the beer carnival held in summer.

Happy Hour

The colorful and dancing happy hour area, here is the popular wooden roller coaster in the park, Gumu Youlong, and the commanding height of the whole park, the two heroes of heaven and earth. In addition, there is also a carousel suitable for couples, running forever to chase distant happiness, and reminiscing about the past joy in the ups and downs.

Recommended Attractions: Gumu Youlong, Heaven and Earth Two Heroes

Gumu Youlong is the first large-scale project on the right hand side after entering the park. It is a project that most people who like to stimulate players can accept. You can experience its creaking rising process and more than 10 times of weightlessness. There are a lot of people, it is recommended to go to play as soon as possible after entering the park. Of course, if your entry time has exceeded 11:00, it is still recommended to queue up before leaving the park in the afternoon.
Heaven and Earth Two Heroes is composed of two high towers, the purple one is ejected at high speed from bottom to top, and the yellow one is dropped rapidly from top to bottom. In the reciprocating up and down, it perfectly combines the bipolar experience of ejection and falling. Please do not wear slippers and short skirts when playing this project. If the slippers are thrown into the river, they will never return.

This mysterious holy place in Shangri-La District, where you can raft through the winding and rapid canyons, and take a blue moon car to circle and leap in the dense rainforest.

Recommended Attractions: Blue Moon Speed Car, Canyon Rafting

The blue moon speed car dives at an altitude of 30 meters, nearly 100km/h, the amazing train speed, brings you the wonderful feeling of flying freely, because the impact speed of the train is too fast, so those with bad cervical and lumbar spine should not try this project.

Canyon rafting is a classic water amusement project of Happy Valley, which takes you through canyons, rockeries, culverts, forest farms, and flower seas for a romantic rafting adventure. This project needs to bring your own raincoat or you can buy it at the entrance of Happy Valley, 5 yuan a piece. If the raincoat is not damaged after the game, it is recommended to keep it, because it can be recycled in the subsequent torrenting projects. Although it looks a bit thrilling, in fact, ordinary players can bear it, but if you bring children, parents should accompany you.

Shanghai beach

Here are the scenes of Shanghai beach half a century ago, as well as the magnificent drop roller coaster representing the top level of entertainment equipment today, the shocking and thrilling big pendulum, etc., shuttling between old and new Shanghai.

Recommended Attractions: Extremely majestic, big pendulum

Juexiongfeng falls vertically at 90 degrees from a height of 60 meters, and it will pause for 3 seconds before falling, so if you are not psychologically strong, it is recommended not to ride, just take a look.
At the highest point, the big pendulum is almost turned 180 degrees from the ground. It belongs to the super pirate ship, and it will take you to a height of 15 floors.

Hurricane Bay

The thrilling Hurricane Bay area is the stage for the brave. Take the rapids and escape from a height of 26 meters, take a small boat to roll in the waves of the perfect storm, and adventure in the dark cave where you can't see your fingers.

Recommended Attractions: Rapid Rapids, Perfect Storm

Rapid Rapids is a classic water sport in Happy Valley. It can reach a height of 26 meters. You can quickly dive along the slide, and the huge waves will rise according to the momentum. Enjoy the fun. You need to wear a raincoat when you play, and there will be a small water gun shooting at you before reaching the end point, please be vigilant at any time.
The perfect storm is composed of two tumbling cockpits, bringing waves of dizziness, and dancing in the air under the perfect combination of music fountain water curtain. Instant lifting, falling, stopping, and rolling, let you truly experience the vertigo of spinning around.


A gold mining town that recalls the history of the gold rush in the western United States. Here you can take a mine cart and experience the thrilling scene of miners escaping from the flood. You can board Treasure Island and have a panoramic view of the whole park.

Recommended Attractions: Treasure Island, Mine Adventure

Treasure Island is the highest point in the park. The project will automatically rotate and lead you to overlook the entire Shanghai Happy Valley. But the play time is very short, so hurry up and take pictures. In addition, those who are afraid of heights should not ride.
Mine Adventure is a roadway-type mining vehicle famous for its fast speed, high lift and many turns, which will bring you an adventure-like sliding experience. There will be a machine to take pictures during the tour, you can buy it at the exit, if you want to keep it as a souvenir, you can go to buy it.


Happy Oceans

The area is suitable for children to play. There are sailing warships, ocean adventures, water airships, small flying fish and other fun projects, which integrate the new features of "warmth and romance". Come and join this grand "Ocean Carnival".

Recommended Attractions: Nautical warship
Board the antique-style water warship, start the water battle, and play with your friends!


Opening hours:


Monday-Friday: 09:30-21:00 (last admission 20:00)

Saturday-Sunday & June 22-24: 09:00-21:30 (last admission 20:30)

Note: The specific business status is subject to the opening of the day

Attraction address:

No. 888, Linhu Road, Sheshan Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai

Ticket Price:

Adult ticket: ¥270

Child ticket: ¥190

It is suitable for children with a height of 1.2 meters (not included)-1.5 meters (included) or an age of 5 years old (included)-10 years old (included); the elderly is suitable for elders aged 60 years (included)-69 years old (included)

Student ticket: ¥220 (student ID card required)

National full-time higher vocational, junior college, and undergraduate students need to verify their valid student ID card (check the semester registration stamp). The following areas are not allowed to purchase and use college student tickets: non-full-time general college students and graduate students such as higher education self-examination, adult higher education (continuing education), network and training education

Youth ticket: ¥225

Under the age of 18 (not included) (age is calculated by birthday, subject to travel date)

150cm (not included) above

Parent-child ticket for 1 adult and 1 child: ¥309

1 adult aged 18 (inclusive) to 60 years old (inclusive) and 1 adult with a height above 1.2 meters (excluding 1.2 meters) - below 1.5 meters (including 1.5 meters) or aged 5 years old (inclusive) - 10 years old (inclusive) of children

Family ticket for 2 adults and 1 child: ¥540

2 adults aged 18 (inclusive) to 60 years old (inclusive) and 1 adult with a height above 1.2 meters (excluding 1.2 meters) - below 1.5 meters (including 1.5 meters) or aged 5 years (inclusive) - 10 years old (inclusive) of children

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Happy Valley Shanghai

Happy Valley in Shanghai
No. 888, Lin Hu Road, Sheshan, Songjiang District, Shanghai Songjiang Shanghai
6/21/2023 - 12/3/2023

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