Grand Cafe Yabby Hunt Buffet
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Grand Cafe Yabby Hunt Buffet

Grand Hyatt Shanghai
88 Century Avenue Pudong Pudong Shanghai
6/29/2019 - 6/30/2019
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Grand Cafe Yabby Hunt Buffet
Sales Closed

Grand Cafe Yabby Hunt Buffet

6/29/2019 - 6/30/2019
Grand Hyatt Shanghai
88 Century Avenue Pudong Pudong Shanghai

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With the warmer weather approaching, the new yabby season has produced high-quality sweet yabbies. The chef at Grand Café of theGrand Hyatt Shanghai has been inspired by the quality and has created a tasting sensation with more than 10 different flavors for guests' enjoyment.
Romaine lettuce
Mixed lettuce
Caesar dressing
Sesame salad sauce
Lemon vinaigrette 
Extra virgin olive oil
Dark balsamic vinegar
Shaved parmesan
Crispy bacon
Sunflower seeds
Pumpkin seedsTomato–Mozzarella, basil
Potato salad
Pasta salad, shrimp, olive

Slow cooked red snapper, herb sour cream
Lemon, Chinese vinegar, wasabi, soy sauce

Osmanthus sugar lotus root 
Shanghainese smoked fish
Marinated golden melon, surf clam
Green soy bean salad
Marinated black fungus
Chicken feet with pickled peppers
Marinated Shanghainese seafood salad
Chicken juice pork leaf bag
Marinated duck breast
Marinated shrimp
Marinated pok-choy, pine nut
Fried prawns, soy sauce
Sichuanese beef

Pumpkin soup 
Mushroom pork rib soupFired beef, black pepper
Seasonal vegetable
Wok-fried chicken ball
Braised beef ball
Braised prawn,sweet and sour sauce
Vegetable fried rice,egg
Braised pork belly

Wok-fried swimming crab, ginger, scallion
BBQ oil chicken
Beijing Duck, Condiments
BBQ pork
Cold cuts station
Olive, sundried tomato and gherkin
Smoke salmon condiments capers, lemon and sour creamed emmental)

Soft bread basket
Honeydew melon
Dragon fruit

Snow crab leg, grass shrimp, clam, mussel, snail 
Snow crab leg, mussel, grass prawn, tanner crab, clam and baby lobster
Roasted potato, mustards, rosemary, butter
Mushed potato
Teriyaki chicken
Creamed cauliflower
Vichy carrot
Deep-fried squid ring
Deep-fried pork ribs
Pan fired tenderloin
Pan fired lamb chop
Grilled lamb skewer
Grilled beef skewer
Grilled chicken skewer

Whole roasted beef rib-bye 
mustard-herb crust
Roasted sea bass, lemon confit
Braised crayfish, thirteen spices
Braised crayfish,soy sauce, beer
Braised bull flog,sour and spicy sauce
Wok-fried mantis shrimps,five spicy
Deep-fried hairy crab, dry chili peanuts
Wined crayfish

Soy sauce
Garlic mince
Sesame oil
Sweet and chili sauce
Sichuan pepper oil
XO sauce
Spring onion


Dates: May 1 - Jun. 30
Lunch 11:30 - 14:30
Dinner 17:30 - 22:00
Weekday lunch RMB 228 per person
Weekend lunch RMB 308 per person
Weekday Dinner RMB 308 per person
Venue: 54F, Grand Hyatt Shanghai, 88 Century Avenue, Shanghai
About Grand Cafe
Grand Cafe, one of the most popular restaurants in Shanghai is located on Level 54 was the first of Grand Hyatt Shanghai's restaurants, which opened in March 1999. Grand Café’s two-storey height and floor to ceiling windows provides diners with magnificent views of Shanghai.
Within this contemporary Art Deco bistro-style café, the freshest food served in the most authentic way is offered around the clock.
The Show Kitchen is the heart of Grand Café where daily specials are prepared by chefs behind the counter for a truly unique interactive dining experience. Key elements of the open kitchen is a granite bar featuring garden fresh salads and appetizers, a bakery oven, grill, saute stations and a built-in ice pan for seafood, all framed with glass shelving showcasing preserves, oils, spices in jars to create an image of a pantry. A beautiful two-tier granite oval shaped island bar in the centre of the open kitchen displays a selection of fresh bakeries in the morning, and sumptuous desserts during lunch, high tea and dinner. 
About Grand Hyatt Shanghai
2018 China Hotel Starlight – Top 10 Glamorous Hotel of China
2018 Airtime – The Best Business Travel Hotel
2018 Hotel Discovery – Best Design Style Hotel
2018 World Hotel Association Continental Diamond Award – Annual Best Influential Branded Hotel
2017/2018 China MAG Travel Awards – Luxury Hotel of the Year
2017 Business Hotel in Shanghai – Business Traveller Asia-Pacific
2017 M&C – Meeting Hotel of the Year
2017 That’s Shanghai – Landmark Hotel of the Year

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Grand Cafe Yabby Hunt Buffet

Grand Hyatt Shanghai
88 Century Avenue Pudong Pudong Shanghai
6/29/2019 - 6/30/2019
This ticket is only available as an e-ticket