Garbage Venting House

Garbage Venting House

1F, L+ Mall
899 Pudong Nan Lu Pudong Shanghai
9/3/2019 - 2/14/2020
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Garbage Venting House

Garbage Venting House

9/3/2019 - 2/14/2020
1F, L+ Mall
899 Pudong Nan Lu Pudong Shanghai
80 - 192

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In the middle of 2019, the garbage classification took the lead in the magic capital Shanghai, and quickly ignited the topic. The topic of the whole network was over 100 million in two days. The garbage classification is absolutely the hot topic, but how much do you know about the story behind the garbage classification? When garbage invades our lives, invades our usable area, destroys our living resources, invades the oceans, lakes, land, and air, in the time we self-destruct, what the world will be... What kind of high-level animals are! From this we create this exhibition...

This is a classification exhibition of advanced animals—humanity. We are carried out by figurative and abstract double lines. Contradictory hypocrisy, greed, deception, fantasy, simpleness, change, strength, helplessness, loneliness and fragility... Slow rise in space, Follow, and the second line is Garbage heart. The hood, the waste humanity is classified, and the monster turtle life dreams of escaping!

Our Garbage World
Please Step In Our LE SE World

As the entrance and the beginning of the exhibition, we use the matrix to present our LE SE world one by one. This is a classification exhibition of advanced animals. Are you ready to start this garbage sorting tug war? Waste venting house, as a senior waste wood, the original of us...


The office of the garbage sorting and storage
The office of the garbage sorting and storage division follows All lighting and All In's creative style, and it is All Attractive. Several computer classified data servers are placed on the desk. The wires are connected from the background, and multiple paging devices are placed on the wall.
Multi-zone connection, at the same time connected to the level workbench, to achieve the effect of work upgrades, oh, right to look at the monitoring, to give firewoods some pictures!

Space Garbage Agency
When the earth is already devastated, we are constantly developing the universe. The last land of mankind is the Arctic, the cosmic garbage is gradually increasing, and even the American Science Journal publishes the remarks of the universe, throwing human non-degradable garbage into the universe.

So we put the stars of the universe and the beauty of the universe on the scene, and established the Area of ​​the Cosmic Waste Department. The pattern of the fracture level is designed to create a sense of future technology.
The astronauts are cleaning up the garbage in the universe. At the same time, we will visualize the planet, as if In the vast universe, the mirror image is used to set off the inner world of the waste venting house, and the virtual surface is combined with the dream!

Wet and dry garbage sorting room
Dry garbage or wet garbage. When the garbage classification quickly detonates the network, we use the form of jokes to distribute positive energy. Yes, if you can't make great contributions like Einstein, then manage the garbage in your hands, just like aunt.
What kind of garbage are you shouting, and garbage-only pigs, etc., dry and wet waste classification room, we use the ultimate taxonomy, are you ready,In the real world, we also make the culture of mourning to the extreme, everyone is useless, we are all waste, but we are thinking about it, we are creating our value of waste, thinking about it, we may lead the next era. !

Waste bin
In a vast and chaotic room, sorted into a trash can matrix, are you ready for a LE SE war? Oh, this war is to turn garbage into a trend of the times, to a relaxed ins tide play, the ultimate posing, we hope to classify the garbage into the heart and the tide of the times, the warning line off-white tide play Street style is popular, come to a LE SE Fashion Show

I am the magic wood waste wood
Slow rise in space
Follow Fulu
Garbage heart classification cover
Dream patrol
The first filthy world classification room
What kind of LE SE did you meet today?
Join Wuli Island and release your dreams
Dirty, unbearable, advanced animal
Change dreams, salary, salary
Magic Capital Moon Beast Classification
Magic City's first garbage sorting exhibition
FCCK Douban Rating LE SE
Gorilla Monkey STORY How to classify
Monster tortoise, life dream, escape, change bro
This is my ghost space,,Are you ready to find out?


Dates: Sep. 13 (Fri.) - Feb. 14 (Fri.)
Opening Hours: 10:00 - 22:00 (Last Admission 21:00)
88 Standard Ticket
Admits 1 adult, Single entry
160 Standard Ticket (x2)
Admits 2 adult, Single entry
80 Student Ticket
Only eligible for full-time students enrolled in elementary to undergraduate programs with valid ID, Single entry
120 – 1 adult 1 child 
Admits 1 adult and 1 child (< 1.2m), Single entry
192 – 2 adults 1 child
Admits 2 adult and 1 child (< 1.2m), Single entry

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Garbage Venting House

1F, L+ Mall
899 Pudong Nan Lu Pudong Shanghai
9/3/2019 - 2/14/2020
This ticket is only available as an e-ticket