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Product details

👉 Fair Trade Coffee

👉  Weekly pack = 7 Drip Cup Bags of various varieties

👉  Cold Brew = 8 Cold Brew Bags, Kercha Ethiopia Beans


FACT = Farmers Associated Coffee Traders

The farmers are our friends and we work closely together with them to source unique and high quality beans. We purchase these directly off their farms and are therefore able to pay a fair price.

Our Editions

We believe that every bean is unique.

Our coffees are exclusively available in limited editions. Each with its own character and flavor.

We Love Coffee

More than just part of our morning routine, coffee is an integral part of our social lives. Whether at home, in the office or with friends in a cafe - coffee is a central point of the day.


Product #2: Cold Brew Coffee

Summer is here! And there is no better way to cool off than with a freshly made cold brew coffee.

As its name implies, cold brew coffee is brewed with cold water (rather than hot water), so some of the heat-activated oils and acids inherent in the coffee don’t pass through to the brew. With around 50% less acid than a hot water-brewed cup of coffee, cold brew is truly smooth.

Now you can easily make you own cold brew at home. We use our new Kercha variety coffee beans from Ethiopia. Their well-balanced composition is perfect for making cold brew. Simply put one of our Cold Brew Coffee Bags into a cup of cold water– and into the refrigerator overnight. Your drink will be ready in the morning. This also works great with milk to make a cold brew latte!

Product #3: Drip Cup Coffee – Weekly Pack


Originally introduced by the Japanese in the 90’s as an alternative to instant powder coffee, drip coffee bags provided a convenient and practical way to drink pour-over coffee in the office or while travelling.

For a long time however, this method was still frowned upon by true coffee lovers, who believed that it did not meet the standards of a premium cup of coffee.

随着包装机和滤袋的改进及充氮技术的发展, 挂耳咖啡的新鲜度大大延长, 近年来已成为咖啡爱好者新宠。

With increasing improvements of packaging machines, the use of ultra-fine materials for the filter bags and filling the bags with nitrogen to keep the coffee tasting fresher longer, Drip Coffee Bags have recently been growing more popular in the coffee scene.

FACT.COFFEE 经反复测试,隆重推出了首批挂耳系列。

FACT.COFFEE has done extensive testing with Specialty Coffee and we are now proud to introduce our first collection of Drip Coffee Bags.


And with our Weekly Pack, you can now enjoy a special cup of coffee every day of the week! The Weekly Pack contains 5 White Edition packs for the perfect brew of a well-balanced cup during the week, one Silver Edition pack to relax on Saturday, and one Black Edition pack for that special moment on Sunday.



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