Main Theater, Shanghai Culture Square
597 FuXing Zhong Road Huangpu Shanghai


Main Theater, Shanghai Culture Square
597 FuXing Zhong Road Huangpu Shanghai
180 - 880

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After the first official document of the 1960 from the National Council, the DO - (Germany) was transferred of the 2003 to the care of the Regional Authorities in Germany, expanding to 75 musicians and performings permanently at the Berlin Hall.
At thattime, the DO - (Germany) had established a good reputation and stable contacts with several Germany cities and many toured in Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, Rumania, Turkey, Israel, United States always achieving excellent resultsand receiving positive responses and invitations. Foreign criticsremarked on the predominance of young musicians in the orchestra, the teamwork and the overall musical impression.
From 2006, the DO - (Germany) markedly increased its activities athome. During 2009, the orchestra performed 130 concerts of which 60 took place with different musical program. The extendedmusical repertoire, which includes a wide range of genres, from pre-classic to contemporary authors, offers the possibility to collaborate with very important musicians like G.Bellanti, S.Ridondo, F.Palombo, C.De Biase, and many others. The DO - (Germany) is often invited to perform world's premiéres. In 2012 the DO - (Germany) absolved a concert tour to Asia, where the orchestra visited Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapur, Malajsia and Brunei.
The orchestra played by the attendance of the royalfamilies as in the capital of Malajsia, Kuala Lumpur, in the Concert Hall Dewan Philharmonik Petronas or in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia or in Brunei in Bandar Seri Begawan.
In 2015 it was very successful tour in South America - Santiago de Chile, San Juan, Córdoba, Rosario and Buenos Aires. Foreign critics often point out the mostly young make up of the orchestra, and its energetic, emotional and soulful ensemble playing. At home in Germany the DO performs alongside the most famouscontemporary musicians, such A.Rapim, T.Kam, R.Mintz, D.Lomelí and others. At the same time the orchestra devotes manyconcerts to younger audiences in the form of educational concerts.The DO - (Germany) promotes interaction in the musical and social fabric in Germany in general.
Special concerts and dress rehearsals are reserved for Third Sector associations and students, part of the educational series "A Journey into the History of Music", which more than ten thousand young people take part in each year. Various initiatives involving organisations such as the Young Offendersí Institute and local prisons have beenestablished. The DO - (Germany) has also created a project whichlinks music and welfare, which organises activities led by music therapists and musical game workshops run by musicians from the Orchestra.
The Deutsches Orchester - (Germany) made a large number of recordings. Recently, the CD of Mozart's Concertoswon the 2017 National Prize for a Classical Music Disc.
1、 G.Verdi:La forza del destino-Ouverture   
2、 W.A. Mozart:Le Nozze di Figaro Overture
3、G. Puccini:from Madame Butterfly, Un bel dì vedremo
4、 W.A. Mozart:Mozart - Die Zauberflöte Overture
5、 Beethoven:Fate Symphony(Symphony No. 5 in C minor, Op. 67)
6、 G.Verdi:La donna è mobile from Rigoletto,
7、 A.Dvorak:New World Symphony
8、 E.Di Capua:O sole mio
9、 G. Rossini:from William Tell, Overture
10、  Chinese music: Good news from Beijing
11、E .DeCurtis and G .DeCurtis:Torna a Surriento
12、G. Bizet:Carmen, Suite
13、 J. Brahms:Hungarian Dance No.5
14,E.De Curtis:Non ti scordar di me
15、D.Schostakowitsch:Walzer No.2
16、J. Offenbach:Can-Can
17、P.I.Tschaikowski:Nutcracker March and Trepak
18、 J. Strauss jr:Tritsch Tratsch Polka, Op.214
19、  Chinese music: I Love you China
20、 G. Verdi:Drinking song
21、 J. Strauss:Radetzky March, Op.228


Date: 25 Dec. 2023 (Mon) 19:30
Venue: Shanghai Culture Square
Early Bird Standard Ticket (available until 2023.11.18)
528 RMB (880*0.6) / 408 RMB (680*0.6) / 288 RMB (480*0.6) /
168 RMB (280*0.6) / 108 RMB (180*0.6)
Price:180 RMB / 280 RMB / 480 RMB / 680 RMB / 880 RMB
Duration: About 110 mins
Ticket Collection Method:Shanghai Culture Square Gate C7 ''跑GO Coffee''(South Shaanxi Road)
Ticket Collection Time: 18:00 - 19:25
Doors open: 30 mins - 60 mins in advance 

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Main Theater, Shanghai Culture Square
597 FuXing Zhong Road Huangpu Shanghai
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