Dalabengba Pluralistic Crossover Symphony Concert: Relive the classic & Break the two dimension

Dalabengba Pluralistic Crossover Symphony Concert: Relive the classic & Break the two dimension

Shanghai Wanping Theatre
No. 857~859 Zhongshan South Road 2 Xuhui Shanghai
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Dalabengba Pluralistic Crossover Symphony Concert: Relive the classic & Break the two dimension

Dalabengba Pluralistic Crossover Symphony Concert: Relive the classic & Break the two dimension

Shanghai Wanping Theatre
No. 857~859 Zhongshan South Road 2 Xuhui Shanghai
80 - 480
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If you love music and live music

Have you ever expected more ways to play music live?

Now! Here comes the chance!

August 14, 2021

Shanghai Wanping Theatre

the first pluralistic crossover symphony concert in history

Four different style crossover music works

Bringing an unprecedented trendy experience

Through time and space

Feeling the harmonious Intersection of pluralistic arts together~

Performance information

This is a concert consisting of western instruments such as piano, violin, viola, cello and saxophone, as well as a variety of crossover instruments such as double bass, timpani, flute, erhu and pipa.

A repertoire of 16 TOP level songs, 4 different playing styles.

There are crossover cyber diva-type songs such as Calorie, Dalabengba and Ultraman.

There are modern symphony songs such as Pirates of the Caribbean, The Dawn and Samdunk.

There are classic masterpieces such as the theme song of journey to the West: Cloud Palace Xunyin, Sword Like a Dream and Iron and Steel Torrent March.

There are also Dance Monkey (saxophone), alla figaro and other dazzling solo ......

In short ! This is a diversified concert that can not only relive the tearful classics of time, but also feel the current music trend.

With one concert ticket, you can experience and enjoy the effect of four concerts, worth it!

Performer Introduction

From Chinese classical masterpieces to Western classic sonatas, to magical catchy tunes that cross the time and separate dimensions, such a variety of styles are not only presented by an excellent orchestra, but also by the soul of the orchestra - the conductor, and the hero behind the scenes - arranger.

The soul of the orchestra - Zhang Rui (conductor)

Former Conductor of the General Administration Song and Dance Troupe of the Chinese People's Liberation Army

Former Principal Conductor of the Virginia Symphony Orchestra

Currently Professor of Composition and Conducting Department of Shanghai Conservatory of Music

In 1978, Mr. Zhang Rui became the first student of Professor Ma Geshun, the leading choral conductor in China, after the Cultural Revolution.

In 1983, he became the conductor of the Song and Dance Troupe of the General Political Department of the Chinese People's Liberation Army. During this period, he participated in the whole rehearsal and performance of the large-scale song and dance epic [Song of the Chinese Revolution] (the sequel of the song and dance epic "The East is Red"), which was led by the Central Publicity Department and the Chinese Ministry of Culture at that time.

He assisted CCTV in organizing the 1985 Spring Festival Gala and became one of the most active young conductors at that time.

In 1987, Zhang Rui went to the United States to study at the Westminster Choir College and the Indiana University Conservatory of Music. He studied orchestra conducting with German conductor Thomas Burtner and British conductor William Bowkewell.

In 1990, he received his master's degree in orchestra conducting from Indiana University.

He was appointed music director and permanent conductor of the Richmond Philharmonic Orchestra in Richmond, Virginia, and was appointed resident conductor of the Richmond Symphony Orchestra in Virginia the same year.

While in the United States, he was Music Director and Principal Conductor of the University of Virginia Symphony Orchestra.

Music Director and Principal Conductor of the Hampton Symphony Orchestra in New York.

Orchestra Conductor of Ross College, Long Island, etc.

The hero behind the scenes - Tang Ying (arranger, orchestrator)

Famous saxophonist

The 10th Shanghai Performing Arts Star

Member of Shanghai Musicians Association

Director of Shanghai Musicians Association Pop Music Committee

Over the years, he has composed and orchestrated nearly 1,000 songs. He has orchestrated for many artists such as Ping An, Zhang Xing, Sun Qing, Li Quan, Luo Zhongxu, Shen Xiaozen, etc.

2012 "Tang Ying - Impression of Shanghai Saxophone Solo Concert" at Shanghai Lansin Grand Theatre

On August 27, 2014, he held the "Spirit of Jiao Yulu" original works concert in Shanghai Lanxin Grand Theatre

2016 Tencent DNF IP game launch live orchestral music arranger and conductor

On March 14, 2017 "White Lovers - Tang Ying's Romantic Saxophone Concert" at Shanghai Oriental Art Center

On June 22, 2018 at Shanghai Concert Hall "Love is so beautiful - Tang Ying romantic saxophone concert

Representative works "Beautiful Heart", "The Soul of Jiao Yulu", "In Memory of Heroes", "Motherland - My Home", "Impression of Shanghai", "Unconquerable Heart", etc.

Orchestra Introduction

A wonderful music performance cannot be performed without anyone in the team. The orchestra for this performance is a new force orchestra that combines tradition and fashion - Shanghai Zhiyin Orchestra. They retain the classical style while incorporating the current popular elements. The orchestra's performance is very powerful and infectious, with a mixture of electronic synthesizers and orchestra, combined with modern compositions, arrangements and high-tech expressions.

With such a powerful lineup, we look forward to seeing you here to unveil the mystery of this band!

Get together with your friends. This , come to feel the new touch and shock on Chinese Valentine's Day dated August 14 ! Lets meet rain or shine.

Performance Introduction

Main repertoires

#1 Pirates of the Caribbean

It plays whenever the plot of a movie reaches its climax. Pirates symbolize freedom, they are individual, unconventional and creative. This majestic and rousing music brings epic heroism and the bleakness of time to seamlessly illustrate freedom.

#2 Dalabengba

How can two dimension and three dimension break the separate dimension wall, I think music is the only breakthrough, because what moves us is actually the same, the repertoire expresses the emotion itself. Try to experience the two dimension music world, maybe you will fall in love with it.

#3 The Sun Also Rises

This is the theme song of the movie Let the Bullets Fly, composed by the Japanese soundtrack master Jean Hisaishi. The song, a classic, is thick and majestic. In the words of Jean Hisaishi, "All the music is without words, it is a humming melody, full of fantasy, and the overall style of the song is as ethereal as the picture of Tianshan, which sounds like a ray of emotion that penetrates the heart."

#4 The Dawn Dreamtale

"Darkness belongs to the undead; we walk in darkness. The undead are the new birth of the dead; we interpret life by death. When the darkness plays the music of death; we appear before you. Take away your life, your soul. We, the necromancers!"

Undead Overture is a classic music video composed by Roger, now widely circulated on the Internet about the undead of Warcraft 3. This song, in terms of rhythm processing, retains the most basic continuous fierce accompaniment of metal music, downplaying the wild, low and disorderly rhythm, which makes the song less manic, fear and confusion, and more of a mystery and yearning.

#5 Dance Monkey

As Australia's strongest dark horse Tones And I global hit single "Dance Monkey", the single was released and won the first place in the UK chart.

The catchy rhythm and melody are overwhelming. It seems that even the single cycle is a bit addictive,and it is necessary to dance with hands and feet.  It seems that the live with the picture together  can help us to dance squarely and above board, even the old people can be so happy, why can ' t we young ?



#01 Calorie --- the episode song of Hello, Mr. Billionaire

#02 The Sun Also Rise -- The Theme Song Of Let the Bullets Fly

#03 Dalabengba

#04 Miracle Reproduction --the theme song of Ultraman Tiga 

#05 Iron and Steel Torrent March --Soundtrack of "70th Anniversary Parade"  Sound of Military Music

#06 aLIEz --Two dimension magic song

#07 Cancan

#08 Forest Rhapsody

#09 Intro:The Dawn - World of Warcraft theme song

#10 He's a Pirate --- Theme song of the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean

#11 Dance Monkey (Saxophone Solo)

#12 Alla Figaro (Beautiful Figaro) - Paul Molière's top three songs

#13 Cloud Palace Xunyin - Overture to Journey to the West

#14 Sword Like a Dream - Theme Song of Heavenly Sword Dragon Slaying Saber

#15 Die for You --TV animation Slamdunk theme song

#16 Returning Love of a Lifetime --- Theme Song of "Journey to the West

(subject to the final live performance)

Performance Time

19:30, August 14, 2021 

Performance Venue

Shanghai Wanping Theatre (No. 857~859 Zhongshan South Road 2, Xuhui District, Shanghai)

Ticket Price

80 / 180 / 280 / 380 / 480 (VIP)

Length of Performance


Warm Tips

Entity tickets: One ticket for one admission, full tickets for children.

Tickets cannot be refund for any reasons.

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Dalabengba Pluralistic Crossover Symphony Concert: Relive the classic & Break the two dimension

Shanghai Wanping Theatre
No. 857~859 Zhongshan South Road 2 Xuhui Shanghai
This ticket is only available as a paper ticket
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