Retro-Themed Coca-Cola Exhibition @ CiCi Park

Retro-Themed Coca-Cola Exhibition @ CiCi Park

3/13/2021 - 8/31/2021
L5, L+ Mall
899 Pudong Nan Lu Pudong Shanghai
29 - 59

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Since its inception in 1886, Coca-Cola has been on a mission to refresh the world and make a difference. This retro-themed Coca-Cola Pavilion experience at CiCi Park takes you back in time as you explore the history, meaning and significance of Coca-Cola and how each bottle is a source of deep happiness.  

Explore various timelines, from the creation of the first Coca-Cola bottle in 1899 to the first promotional calendar produced for Coca-Cola. Each innovation and change made has left a permanent, significant cultural imprint on the Coca-Cola brand.   

Take the first pit stop to the history museum, where precious artefacts are moved here,  to this museum for an up-close and personal experience. You will be able to find special editions commemorative Olympic and World Cup bottles, for example. 

Then, make your way to the retro house that features retro furniture that takes a picture-perfect memory of the 80s. Several known artefacts like vinyl records, headgears, and sunglasses that define the generation can be found here. The house is a perfect reproduction of the 80s Western American/European homes, bringing a unique yet novel experience. This golden generation is a must-see – the whole experience is very immersive and atmospheric with its retro-themed vibes. 

Afterwards, explore Coca-Cola’s existing efforts for the future. The company has invested many sustainability efforts throughout its years, and these are also depicted throughout the next stop in the exhibition. Environmental sustainability has always been important for Coca-Cola, and every step reflects the brand’s commitment to the protection of the environment. 



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