Concrete & Grass Music Festival

Concrete & Grass Music Festival

Shanghai Rugby Football Club
2700 Zhangyang Bei Lu Pudong Shanghai
9/16/2017 - 9/17/2017
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Concrete & Grass Music Festival

Concrete & Grass Music Festival

9/16/2017 - 9/17/2017
Shanghai Rugby Football Club
2700 Zhangyang Bei Lu Pudong Shanghai
280 - 460
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Concrete & Grass 2017: The Full Lineup is Out!
Radwimps, DIIV, Jai Wolf, Ho99o9, Crossfaith, Thurston + Moore;
Right then, here we go.

- 60+ artists, 5 stages, 2 days - 

Take a leisurely stroll through genres unknown: put Cero, Kero Kero and MC Pharaoh on shuffle together. Come for the Great Glaspy, stay for the Glorious Pharmacy. If you’re Thurston for Moore, DIIV into some Deathstarr Deathrays. If the Spector of Ho99o9 is bringing you downy, take a Gacharic Spin on your Carsick Motorama through some fields of Endless White!

Okay, okay, we’ll stop now. Here’s the lineup:


International Acts:
Exhilarating, massive pop-rock from Japan’s most beloved band.

Big Dope P
Whomp-whomp dance floor destruction, via supercharged bass-heavy bangers.

Bohan Phoenix
Fun, frenetic Chinese hip-hop with a love for diversity and Sichuan food. Set spice levels at 11.

Bohemian Betyars
“Speed-folk freak punk from Hungary.” Does what it says on the tin.

Bronze Radio Return
A bombastic indie dance party, laced with nostalgia and a rousing cinematic sweep

Chic, sophisticated, moody Japanese “city pop” with a touch of funk, soul and R’n’B.

An insane madman whose noise-techno will make your body move in strange ways

Breakneck, pulsing metal-meets-electronica that’ll have you moshing AND raving

A ‘Grass favourite: luminescent, hazy pop bliss and reverb-soaked shoegaze pleasures

Moody, poetic post-rock from the torch-bearers of Japan’s experimental underground

DZ Deathrays
The annual C&G quota of fast, fuzzy dance-punk. Think Japandroids meets We Are Wolves!

Eclair Fifi
Genius polymath, superstar DJs: eclectic electric from one of the world’s best selectors

Gacharic Spin
Forget Babymetal: this is the real “kawaii” psychedelic dynamite festival dance party.

Propulsive, elemental electronic prog, and one of the best live bands we’ve ever seen

Punk rock hip-hop that’s brash, provocative and blood-curdlingly LOUD

Jai Wolf
“Indie EDM” that’s glowing and grand; future bass that has both drops and depth

Kero Kero Bonito
Disarmingly joyous, cutesy pop music for shiny, happy good times

Smooth, lively, fresh grooves from Japanese house music’s number one craftsman

Margaret Glaspy
A magnetic singer-songwriter with an expansive, extraordinary voice.

Mike Elrington
Bourbon-soaked acoustic blues delivered with unforgettable intensity

Icy cold-wave with a warm, beating heart; Jangly pop that floats with wondrous melancholy

UK grime’s global journeyman: club music with vibrant sounds and inclusive spirit

The Otogibanashi’s
Spaced-out, mellow, playful Japanese hip-hop that has both style and substance

Princess Nokia
The vanguard of hip-hop. A feminist US art collective that’s exciting, progressive and hypnotic.

Ringo Deathstarr
Catchy dream-pop shoegaze; My Bloody Valentine with a sense of humour

Shanti Celeste
Good vibrations: “Hands-in-the-air” house music that’s always joyous and life-affirming

Soil & “Pimp” Sessions
Wild, unbridled musical exuberance – joyous jazz from a colourful alternate universe

A shimmering blast of stadium-ready indie rock from some supernaturally good-looking boys.

Steven Julien (Funkineven)
Colourful, off-kilter takes on funk, hip-hop, house and soul, built for the dancefloor

Fresh from the Fragrant Harbour: aromatic, ambient, swirly electronic goodness

Thurston Moore Group
Sublime noise catharsis from the Sonic Youth frontman and his alt-rock supergroup

An electrifying future super-star; the missing link between Missy Elliott and M.I.A.

Spiraling, cathartic psychedelic rock that hints at infinite horizons.

Trip-hop, R’n’B and blues filtered through a gorgeous sunset filter.

Warrior King
Spiritual, transcendent roots reggae with a message of peace, love and pride

Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland acts:

Boys Climbing Ropes
Shanghai’s finest indie rock omnishambles reunite for a ‘Grass special.

Carsick Cars play Carsick Cars
One time only: China’s rock n’ roll heroes play their iconic debut album in its entirety.

Chaos Mind
Heavy heavyheavy fantastica; first class riffery from Shanghai’s finest metal band

China Social Club
Shanghai’s liveliest diggers of eccentric vinyl and curious classics.

Moody, introspective hip-hop from one of China’s leading female MCs.

David Boring
Restless, avant-garde Hong Kong noiseniks with a destructive, enigmatic live sound

Diamond Lil b2b Finascia
Co:Motion’s latest residents: Paragons on the streets, Renegades with the beats

DJ Zhiqi
Dark, labyrinthine dance music from the ShadowPlay mastermind

Endless White
Shimmering slacker dream-pop with a permanent lazy afternoon haze

Genome 6.66Mbp
Shoulder-shuffling club sounds from China’s most forward-thinking electronic music ensemble.

Glorious Pharmacy 美好药店
Freak folk genius Xiao He’s cabinet of curiosities; Performance art meets weird jazz folk rock.

Howie Lee
Future bass from cyberpunk Beijing, with a bold new audio-visual live set

The Mountain High
Barn-storming traditional American music that’ll have you square dancing in no time

Thrilling, jagged, gorgeous; the band crafting the future of the Chinese underground

Iimmune (live)
The world, through a scanner darkly: intricately crafted minimal Beijing techno

Man Jiang 满江
Pure, sparkling urban folk ballads from an accomplished Chinese songwriter

MC Pharaoh
Razor-sharp, quick-witted Chinese hip-hop with a gritty, lo-fi filter.

Michael Cignarale
The diva behind MEDUSA himself: your gloriously queer Yurt-special dance hour!

The techno-slinging, beat-loving partymonger-in-chief of the Shanghai underground

ShengXiang Band
Timeless yet timely folk that rings with the stories and sounds of Taiwan’s Hakka people

Fun, subversive club music on power, obsession, sexuality, identities, and their obliteration.

Motorik grooves; Walls of sound, fields of noise - loose, pleasurable psychedelic electronica

Young Gee&性感的拖鞋 & KC
Triple threat local hip-hop with 3x the charm and 3x the chill.

Veteran Shanghai indie: Alt-pop that paints poetic paeans to modern Chinese life.

Black Metal Chinese opera, played out in glorious cinematic widescreen.

Music is Just the Beginning

We have outsider art and freewheeling installations, as well as the gourmet food paradise that is Duck Bites Goose (expect some old friends there!). There’ll also be craft cocktails from the dark side, objects of wonder and delight, sports, games, bad puns, Frisbee, ice cream and a few other surprises we’ve thrown in.

About Concrete & Grass:
Concrete & Grassis China’s grooviest music festival. It happens in September each year, when the weather is warm and frequently perfect. It’s Shanghai’s own #APlaceLessOrdinary - chock-full of great bands, weird art, strange creatures and fun distractions. 


Concrete & Grass 2017

Date: 16-17th September (Sat & Sun)

Venue: Shanghai Rugby Football Club

Address: 2700 Zhangyang Bei Lu, near Wuzhou Da Dao

Metro station: Wuzhou Avenue 五洲大道 (Line 6, Exit 1)

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Concrete & Grass Music Festival

Shanghai Rugby Football Club
2700 Zhangyang Bei Lu Pudong Shanghai
9/16/2017 - 9/17/2017
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