[10% OFF] Celadon Movement

[10% OFF] Celadon Movement

Cadillac·Shanghai Concert Hall
523 East Yan'an Road Huangpu Shanghai
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[10% OFF] Celadon Movement

[10% OFF] Celadon Movement

Cadillac·Shanghai Concert Hall
523 East Yan'an Road Huangpu Shanghai
162 - 668
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1: Creation background

Yue kiln celadon has a very lofty status in the history of Chinese ceramics.

Yue Kiln is the birthplace of Chinese celadon, the "Porcelain Capital of Tang and Song Dynasties", one of the origins of the "Maritime Silk Road" and the central production area of "Secret Porcelain". It is an indispensable and important part of Zhejiang's regional culture.

As the central site of Yue Kiln in Tang and Song Dynasties, Shanglinhu Yue Kiln Site represents the highest achievement of Chinese celadon firing technology and art in the 9th and 10th centuries AD, and once promoted the communication between Chinese and Western cultures through the "Maritime Silk Road" during this period and fusion.

The Yue Kiln Celadon Ou Music became popular with the development of the Yue Kiln. It uses musical instruments and utensils made of ceramic clay to perform Chengjian music, with "Yue Ou" (the celadon bowl fired in the Yuezhou Kiln) as the main performance. An artistic expression and performance technique of a musical instrument. Ou Leyan

Not only active in folk tea houses, taverns, pear orchards, music workshops and other places, but also entered the halls of royal families and nobles. From the development of the porcelain industry in the Shang Dynasty to the high prosperity of porcelain in the Tang Dynasty, from primitive porcelain to modern porcelain, the development of porcelain runs through the development of Chinese feudal society, and it is also an artistic treasure that China has brought to the world.

In English, porcelain CHINA and China are the same word. In the eyes of the world, Chinese porcelain culture is the most representative of Chinese culture. With the great revival of Chinese civilization in the new era, we shoulder the burden of inheriting and developing the culture of a great country. As a starting point, throughout the history of Chinese celadon, with celadon elements of gold, wood, water, fire and earth as the expression point, the ancient musical instruments are modernized, and the beautiful music of the former Chinese symbol "porcelain" echoes again in the construction of the "21st Century Maritime Silk Road" , presenting a unique concert.

Two: Introduction to the play

Performance duration: about 70 minutes

"Listening to Porcelain" invited Chinese drum king Zhang Yangsheng and other well-known creators from all over the country, striving to give people a new feeling in terms of vision and texture. The chief director is Wang Di, a modern young dancer who performed "The Love of the Sparrow" with the famous dancer Yang Liping. He brought the musical characteristics of celadon Ou music to the extreme, adding a lot of impromptu performances in each chapter, highlighting its ethereal The distant characteristics create a true and pure artistic realm.

The play is divided into seven movements:

1. Kowtow
Performers used artistic expressions such as humming, beating drums and playing toad xun to express the gratitude of Chinese descendants to God for the abundant rain and dew, their admiration for the wisdom of the ancients, and their yearning and prayer for beautiful things.

2. Yuan dust
From primitive to modern times, China's most brilliant cultural heritage comes from the land. The land of Huaxia has nurtured thousands of Chinese people and brought the mysterious and great civilization in this land to the world. Here, the origin of celadon and the beginning of all things are shown through the nostalgia and cherishment of the land, so that the audience can personally understand the historical origin of Ou Le and the important influence and image of Ou Le in the development of celadon, revealing the thickness of celadon culture The background and its important role in the long history of Chinese culture in later generations

3. Clumsy Yan
The firing technique of Yue kiln has been handed down to this day. It is a local traditional technique in some areas of Zhejiang Province today and is one of the national intangible heritage. The maturity of porcelain firing technology also marks the development of Chinese history, just like the enthusiasm and eagerness from porcelain blank to porcelain from fission to fusion with fire, and finally breaks out of cocoon into butterfly and becomes exquisite porcelain. And we, as a new generation of youth enjoying the achievements of the revolution in the new era, will inherit this spirit of great power, strive to innovate and work hard.

4. Dew
Bathing in the spring breeze and absorbing the dew is the admiration of the ancient people for nature. The development of Ou Le has reached a very prosperous stage, which fully demonstrates that we must follow the development law of nature to achieve the unity of man and nature. With gratitude and awe of nature.

5. Forging
This is a picture of porcelain making when the Yue kiln was popular. After the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, Yue Kiln celadon gradually developed, and the wheel of history moved forward leisurely, and the spirit of Yue Kiln was also constantly improving. After years of tempering and polishing, it brought good news to the world. The culture that can stand the scrutiny of time will eventually become a classic, and the spirit that can stand the test of time will always remain in the hearts of the sons and daughters of China. The development of celadon also demonstrates the noble character of the Chinese sons and daughters who are constantly striving for self-improvement and bravely overcoming difficulties, and have become an important cultural carrier that affects future generations.

6. Prayer
Thanksgiving for the gift of nature, but also express the harmony between man and nature, the profound meaning of harmony and a kind of awe of nature. The noble sentiment of being grateful to nature at all times will continue to inherit the spirit of celadon, and create a better blueprint for the harmony between man and nature.

7. Listening porcelain
The integration and exchange of ancient civilization and modern culture takes the purest spirit of civilization and culture and art as the eternal belief and hope in the heart. Pick up the torch of inheritance, ignite the land of China, and pass this torch to every corner of the world, and use this ancient Chinese mythology to play the most moving ballad!

Three: Highlights of the repertoire

1. The social benefits have achieved remarkable results, and they have attracted wide attention wherever they go;

2. The theme is clear and profound, which is the perfect combination of material, culture and art;

3. It not only deeply connects with the background of the current era "Belt and Road", but also strives for perfection in art. It is a masterpiece in the field of national art in my country in recent years;

4. It is a combination of audibility and visibility, and the carefully crafted stage effects refresh the audience.

Four: Media evaluation

1. Tencent.com’s evaluation: Audio-visual "Listening to Porcelain": a pure and elegant poem back to nature

2. Sohu.com commented: "The wonderful celadon Ou music brought us back to the Tang Dynasty without knowing it"

3. Cixi Daily commented: "In the wonderful music, I once again entered the "Wonderland""

4. [Journal Name] Evaluation of "Literature and Life": "If I hadn't heard it with my own ears, I couldn't believe that there would be such a wonderful heavenly and earthly rhyme in the world,"

5. Evaluation of Performance News Network: Listening to this porcelain performance that seems to be able to penetrate the soul, people will have a sense of time travel back to a thousand years ago, let people immerse themselves in it, let go of their daily worries and burdens, and completely Liberate yourself, rediscover the charm of traditional Chinese music culture in these beautiful melodies, and fall in love with these porcelain instruments.

Five: Introduction to Cixi Celadon Ou Music Art Troupe

Cixi Celadon Ou Music Art Troupe is a state-owned cultural performance group with "key support from the government and market operation". Its main functions are: inheritance, protection and innovative development of Ou music culture; creating a cultural brand with regional characteristics. Since its establishment, more than ten works including "Yue Porcelain Wind" and "The Flute under the Moon" by Celadon Ou Yue have won provincial and national gold awards respectively. He has also been invited many times to participate in the National Instrumental Music Competition of China Central Television, the Chinese National Song and Dance Music Festival, the Olympic Games in Jinjing, the Shanghai World Expo, the Shenzhen Cultural Expo, the APEC "Ningbo Conference, the Ningbo Middle East Ou Music Economic and Trade Culture Week, the Asian Art Festival, and the World Geographic Information Conference; has received performances such as the Prime Minister of Fiji, the chairman of the People First Party of Taiwan, and the meeting of the foreign ministers of China, Japan and South Korea; and has also visited the United States, France, Germany, Singapore, Japan, Czech Republic, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions for many times Carry out cultural exchanges.

The profound historical and cultural heritage and unique and elegant artistic style are deeply loved and appreciated by audiences at home and abroad, fully highlighting the infinite charm of the national culture Kuibao. Cixi Celadon Ouyue Art Troupe was named "Celadon Ouyue Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance Base", "Ningbo International Exchange Demonstration Base", "Ningbo Cultural Construction Demonstration Site", and "Ningbo Cultural Innovation Team" by Ningbo Municipal Party Committee respectively. It was awarded "Excellent Social Art Team of Zhejiang Province" by the Provincial Department of Culture, and "Advanced Collective of Shanghai World Expo Activities" by the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government.


Date: April 2, 2023 at 19:30

Venue: Cadillac Shanghai Concert Hall

Ticket price: 380/280/180/80 yuan

A. Package:

668 RMB  (380*2)

488 RMB (280*2) (12% discount for package)

Activity time limit: From the date of ticketing on February 5th to the day of performance

B. Early bird discount:

Early bird 10% discount 342, 252, 162 RMB

Activity time limit: from the date of ticketing on February 5 to the end of the activity at 23:59 on February 19 (two weeks)


  1. Children are admitted with full price tickets.
  2. Please do not bring food, drinks, water, etc. into the theater.
  3. Please walk pass the gate in turn at the main entrance to have your Shanghai QR code checked and temperature measured. Please wear a face mask to enter the theater.

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[10% OFF] Celadon Movement

Cadillac·Shanghai Concert Hall
523 East Yan'an Road Huangpu Shanghai
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