YU MASSAGE® Spa (Xinle Road)

YU MASSAGE® Spa (Xinle Road)

Yu Massage (Xinle Road)
2F, 218 Xinle Road Xuhui Shanghai
4/4/2020 - 5/31/2020

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YU MASSAGE® Spa (Xinle Road)

YU MASSAGE® Spa (Xinle Road)

4/4/2020 - 5/31/2020
Yu Massage (Xinle Road)
2F, 218 Xinle Road Xuhui Shanghai
260 - 586

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Aroma Oil Massage

Lavender oil is perfect for treating insomnia, it is sedative and calming for the emotions and mind. It also helps to relieve chest congestion and muscular aches and pain. Restore energy and fosters overall well-being.

Double Rejoicing (Four Hands Aroma Oil Massage)

This is a special treatment that Yu massage sincerely presents you. It is done by two therapists at the same time, with four hands working on your body but feels like one person, experiencing the same methods from two therapists at the same time, getting a symmetrical feeling. Doubling the joy and pleasure.The intensity of massage movements used realigns muscles. Engages both hemispheres of the brain, encouraging more relaxation. Improves blood circulation so that more blood is sent to the muscles and tendons, reducing pain.

YU MASSAGE's philosophy integrates the senses of hearing, smelling, sight, taste, touch, as well as mind to create a perfect state of natural balance and harmony among the human body, mind, and spirit. As you enter the studio, you will be surrounded by soothing music, pleasant smell of natural flowers and aroma oil, elegant. Life couldn't be better when you experience professional massage, taste the carefully brewed jujube tea right beside a green Chinese courtyard. Aromatherapy has been quite popular among Yu's customers, featuring the four hands aroma oil massage, refreshing mind oil massage, hot stone therapy, lymphatic detoxification, Chinese main and collateral channels nursing, and mild moxibustion.

English magazine That's Shanghai, City Weekend, Time Out have repeatedly interviewed Yu massage. Yu Massage has been chosen as "2014 Best spa" "2016 top beauty and spa centre" by Time Out, chosen as "the best spa service" by That's Shanghai in 2015, 2016 and 2017, and chosen as "2016 Outstanding Spa Honorable Mention" "2017 Editor's Pick Outstanding SPA" by City Weekend.


Opening Hours: Mon. - Sun. @ 10:00 - 00:00

Address: 2F, 218 Xinle Road, Xuhui, Shanghai


  • Aroma Oil Massage 60 mins ¥260
  • Double Rejoicing 90 mins (Four Hands Aroma Oil Massage) ¥586 Door Price ¥600
  • Full Body Lymphatic Detoxification 90 mins 458 Door Price ¥510
  • Refreshing Mind Oil Massage 90 mins 468 Door Price ¥520

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YU MASSAGE® Spa (Xinle Road)