Immersive Interactive Family Concert - The Carnival of the Animals

Immersive Interactive Family Concert - The Carnival of the Animals

Cadillac·Shanghai Concert Hall - M³ Space
523 East Yan'an Road Huangpu Shanghai
4/15/2023 - 4/16/2023
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Immersive Interactive Family Concert - The Carnival of the Animals

Immersive Interactive Family Concert - The Carnival of the Animals

4/15/2023 - 4/16/2023
Cadillac·Shanghai Concert Hall - M³ Space
523 East Yan'an Road Huangpu Shanghai

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Legend has it that more than a hundred years ago, there was a human with a "funny soul", his name was Saint-Saëns, a very famous composer. He had written the world's greatest work "Carnival of the Animals", using music to create a magical "City of Animals". But I heard that apart from him, no human has ever set foot here ..... The accidental "visit" of explorers, strange shapes, abstract symbols, unknown compasses, mysterious sounds, and mischievous elves and tall handsome mountain gods. Everything has a spirit, everything has a spirit! Explorers, are you ready?

"Animal Adventure City" is an immersive interactive concert produced by Cadillac Shanghai Concert Hall's arts education brand "Family Concerts". Inspired by the French composer Saint-Saëns' 1886 suite "Carnival of the Animals", the show creates the most innovative "island stage" in the European and American theater industry, integrating multiple artistic approaches, the artists break the traditional interpretation of classical music, so that the audience of all sizes can be immersed in the "mysterious adventure island The artists break the traditional way of performing classical music and bring the audience into the "mysterious adventure island", completing the musical adventure and stimulating the musical imagination.

Animal Adventure City is open for a limited time!
You have a "little music explorer" recruitment order to receive

Adventure type: music interactive breakthrough class
Adventure level: three and a half stars
Adventure requirements: zero basic music
Recruiting target: 3 years old +, love music, brave and fearless, with a spirit of adventure

Family concerts that can be "adventurous"

Cracking the music code live

Hidden musical mystery of the southeast and northwest

The magical "musical instruments" that can communicate with animal spirits


A "mysterious island" growing in the concert hall
This is a musical adventure to be staged in the audience, breaking away from the traditional mirror-frame stage of concerts, the audience is divided into four areas, each with only 180 seats for the adventure. Under the envelope of the vibrant "green shimmer", the stage is instantly transformed into an island standing in the audience seats, no matter where you sit, you can have a panoramic experience.

Creativity∞ Brainstorming perceptual music enlightenment
With 6 lights and 6 levels of different musical themes, this is both a concert and a full-sensory musical enlightenment. The spirit of the elf dancers, the great artist of the mountain god playing a long instrument, the nonsensical explorer Mr. Ye, and the mysterious voice that gives hints about the rules, through song learning and singing, body rhythm imitation, musical improvisation, and interactive collaboration lead small and large friends to respond to the call from nature. 4 regions of the audience will have their own adventure coordinates to explore this music theme in a free and individual way "Mysterious Island.

Immersive stage - land and sea switching in one click
In this island stage, viewing boundaries are broken down to incorporate the vast land, dense forest and blue ocean. Each of the musical masterpieces from the Carnival of the Animals Suite by Saint-Saëns has a very different style of light and atmosphere effect on this island. The sudden flash of lightning in the jungle on a rainy day, the water ripples swaying around, the fish weaving in and out of the aquarium, the red light spots hiding from the lion king, the fluorescent totem tunnel with a strong sense of entry ...... Everything is fantastic but real. The linkage of hearing and seeing can let children experience the fun in music in an imaginative, warm and comfortable, fun and spontaneous atmosphere.



He is currently the principal of the wind section of the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra, an adjudicator of the examination committee of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, and an external teacher of the wind section of Tongji University. He studied at the Vienna Conservatory of Music in Austria and graduated from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music with both his undergraduate and master's degrees, and was awarded the "Star of Performing Arts" by SMG Group in 2021.


Interactive host: Ye Ting

She is currently the curriculum expert of music subject area of "National Training Program", the co-host of Cadillac-Shanghai Concert Hall "Family Concert", the curriculum designer of Cadillac-Shanghai Concert Hall art education series "Eight Tones Small Class" and "Children's Art Creative Summer Camp", and the curriculum director of Shanghai Heart Sound Children's Choir.


Physical Dancer: Ren Xiaoxuan

Graduated from the Department of Musical Theatre of Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts, she has appeared in works: musical "Dinosaur is back from the dead", "Empty socks on Christmas Eve", etc. She has participated in plays: "Halloween Game", "Michelle's Ghost", "I have a date with a vampire", "Suffocation", etc.


Choreography / Costume Design: Liu Hongping

She is a young choreographer with a master's degree in scenic design from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in China, and has accumulated many years of experience in international theatre work and artistic expression. His works include the stage play "The Caucasian Grey Appendage", opera "The Prodigal Son", "Dim Sum Man", musical "Christmas Fright Night" and many other large-scale performance productions.


Music Design: Haibei Wang

She is a young American composer. Double master's degree in composition from Shanghai Conservatory of Music and music composition for film and television from New York University. Since 2019, he has independently composed nearly 20 short films for soundtracks, and his other musical works include: the theme song of Shanghai Concert Hall Family Concert "Let's Music Together! and "One Earth, One World" for CCTV's "Feng Hua Guo Le".


Track list:

"Animal Adventure City Theme Song"


"Rooster and Hen"


"Little Fish Song",

"Introduction and Lion King March"


※Track is subject to live performance



TIME:10:30 | 14:00 | 16:30

VENUE:B2, Cadillac Shanghai Concert Hall


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Immersive Interactive Family Concert - The Carnival of the Animals

Cadillac·Shanghai Concert Hall - M³ Space
523 East Yan'an Road Huangpu Shanghai
4/15/2023 - 4/16/2023
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