Shanghai Amazing Maze 3.0

Shanghai Amazing Maze 3.0

12/31/2021 - 12/31/2023
Amazing Maze
5F, No.755 Mid Huaihai Road Huangpu Shanghai
68 - 298

Event details

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Amazing Maze 2.0 is back after an awesome upgrade!

Retro roller skating, 2 mazes, zip line, archery, trampoline, basketball shooting machine, ropeway

1000㎡ large immersion experience area

Run free through this 1000 square meter immersive maze, filled with fun themed rooms and puzzles- an exciting activity for the whole family!

The maze's fun challenges are guaranteed to get your brain juices flowing and make you break a sweat. As you start your archaeological excavation journey, enter this exciting labyrinth through the mouth of a mysterious giant piranha. Run through the mirror maze, secret maze rooms, and overcome obstacles coming your way...Complete various activities and attempt to escape by jumping on trampolines and gliding through ropeways. You will have a ball of time with your family and loved ones here ;)


Retro roller skating

Step on the double-row skates and travel back to the 80s
Dance with the music and flashing light ball to a hot disco

These four wheels and two rows skates are easier to learn as you turn around with
full protective gear do not be afraid to fall ~

2 big mazes

A maze of mirrors

Here, you can't differentiate the real from the fake...99% of people get lost!
Feels just like a kaleidoscope of scene~

Secret Door Maze

You will experience a variety of embarrassing situations :
Everywhere you will run into walls, dead-end around the corners and even lose your friends in a flash ...
In addition to mind-twisting and luck, this also test physical strength..
Absolutely a fat burner ;)




Escape the big balls


Flying Squirrels



Opening Hours: 10:00 - 22:00 (Last Admission @ 21:30)

Address: Huaihai 755 Mall, Near Ruijin 2nd Road Intersection Huangpu Shanghai

Ticket price:

[Single ticket] Play all day: ¥78

[1 adult 1 child ticket] Play all day: ¥128

[2 adults and 1 child ticket] Play all day: ¥188

[Double Hall Single Ticket] Adventure Hall + Decompression Hall: ¥148

[Two halls, 1 adult and 1 child ticket] Adventure Hall + Decompression Hall: ¥228

[Two halls, 2 adults and 1 child tickets] Adventure Hall + Decompression Hall: ¥298

*Free for one child under 1 m when accompanied by an adult with a ticket.

A. Night ticket time: 18:00-22:00 (weekdays only)

B. Children's height is 1m (excluding) - 1.4m (including); children under 1m can enter for free; children need to be accompanied by adults to enter

C. Admission requires anti-slip socks, you can bring your own, on-site custom anti-slip socks ¥5 a pair

D. For group building activities, please contact customer service.


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