Dance Theater:dance from the Han and Tang Dynasties-YONG Ⅲ

Dance Theater:dance from the Han and Tang Dynasties-YONG Ⅲ

Shanghai International Dance Center Grand Theater
1650 Hongqiao Road Changning Shanghai
4/7/2023 - 4/9/2023
Dance Theater:dance from the Han and Tang Dynasties-YONG Ⅲ

Dance Theater:dance from the Han and Tang Dynasties-YONG Ⅲ

4/7/2023 - 4/9/2023
Shanghai International Dance Center Grand Theater
1650 Hongqiao Road Changning Shanghai
80 - 422

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A returning tour as the spring approaches,

YONG Ⅲ, a masterpiece with great reputation upgraded and re-performed,

featuring nine short dances and eight cultural relics, upgraded three times

Poetry, painting, and porcelain figurines to re-active the bodies that has been still for a thousand years

Looking back at the history, the modern and the classical coexist in the fantastic stage performance

About YONG Ⅲ

The past is a foreign land.

The YONG SERIES are the imagination of the past in an exotic place.

YONG Ⅲ is the third piece of work in TIAN Tian’s YONG SERIES. It continues to explore the postures of the ancient Chinese dancing miniatures, bringing the history back to life. Compared with the previous two works, YONG Ⅲ presents a deeper touch of contemporariness.

Focusing on the artistic interpretation of ancient paintings in different scenes, YONG Ⅲ is composed of seven dances: “Adorning Their Hair with Flowers”, “Tang Palace Concert”, “THE BEAUTY”, “Delight in Dancing”, “THAT Western”, “The Aristocrat in Shenyi” and “The Tage”.

Choreographer Tian Tian was the student of Mr. Sun Ying, the founder of Chinese classical dance of the Han and Tang dynasties. Led by Mr. Sun Ying's philosophy on dance, her works are integrated with modern dance, puppet drama and other elements, with the inherent temperament of modern and contemporary dance. The YONG SERIES have been highly recognized by many professionals in the circle and enjoyed great affection from the audience, and have been invited to attend many international dance festivals at home and abroad. In YONG Ⅲ, you see the past, the history and the tradition; you also see the technology, neon, light, shadow and cyberpunk; you see the wonderful merging of historical telling in the context of future, which is the contemporary revival of the classical Han and Tang dance.

 “Adorning Their Hair with Flowers

Dance. Dance gently.

You reach out your hand.

Most tenderly.


 “Tang Palace Concert”

No man could look away

From this marvelous scene

Composed most splendidly

Yet how harmonious!

As they dance to the music

With the incomparable elegancy.



She wakes up

Late in the morning.

A touch of light yellow

on the forehead;

And petals

on the cheeks.


 “Delight in Dancing


Let us dance to the drum beats!


 “THAT Western

Wine in hand,

In darkness we go.

Harder and harder

The wind blows.


 “The Aristocrat in Shenyi”

Wheels rolling

Corridors winding

Cornices piling.

 “The Tage”

Tolerence, love and integrity.

A tribute to my mentor, Mr. Sun Ying.


What others say…


A few words from her mentors

Professor Deng You-ling, associate dean of Beijing Dance Academy

With the focus on ancient Chinese dancing miniatures, Tian Tian constantly uses body language and modern stage means to explore the historical memories and contemporary expression of culture, so as to make her works gain greater significance through the stage form and even beyond. This owns much to her abundant accumulation of knowledge in the field, her capabilities to put theories into practice and her persistence to improve her skills through extensive study.


Ye Lang, aesthetician and honorary Dean of School of Arts of Peking University

Tian Tian's YONG SERIES have strong historical and cultural sense as well as high aesthetic value. She focuses on reviving the primitive form of the ancient Chinese dancing miniatures, and on the other hand, she tries to be innovative and explores different forms. This attempt to connect the past with the present is inspiring and meaningful especially in the current time.



Comments from the dance experts


Zhang Xian, playwright, theatrical director and Choreographer

Imagination and the stimulation to it are the vital signs of art. Since it belongs to a long time ago, why not push it away even further? The past and the present are interlinked in Tian Tian’s work.


Liang Ge-luo, dance critic

The choreographer was more into practice before she chose the path of exploring the theories behind dance. Yet she wasn’t satisfied with simply being a scholar. Instead, she found her sparkle of inspiration and returned to the world of creative practice. Her knowledge of practice and theory complements each other. When looking at her works, you see a kind of relationship of the past with the present as well as you and me, because what she pursues and explores is our nation’s mentality toward beauty and its changes throughout our history.


Qu Hui-jia, dean of School of performing arts of Shanghai Film Art Academy

The YONG SERIES have broken away from the previous creation mode of Chinese classical dance, and the choreographer has developed her own artistic creation style. From the works, I can always sense the choreographer herself, her appearance and temperament. The series composes a highly harmonious relationship among the artistic and cultural interpretation, the engagement with the audience and the choreographer’s individuality.


Huang Lei, artistic director of Good Dance Center, associate dean of the Dance College of Guangxi Arts University

The gaze onto the history turns into an almost alien imagination that is far from our tradition, and the avant-garde experiment of light and shadow constructs the rhetoric of space. In the environment of theater, the past and the present found a way to exist in great harmony.




Tian Tian, is an award-winning choreographer and dancer with a specialization in Chinese classical dance. Her works have been commissioned by China as well as international art festivals such as the China National Arts Creation Project, Beijing Culture and Arts Project and European Art Festival. Tian's dance films have recently won awards in Latin America and Europe. Her recent series "YONG," inspired by unearthed Chinese statues, has received much praise from across the dance circle in China. The series also represents a merging of classical forms with contemporary media art.

Tian Tian is also a scholar and teacher with a specialization in Chinese classical dance, dance and new media, and aesthetics and design. Tian received her undergraduate and master's degrees in Han-Tang Chinese Classical Dance at the Beijing Dance Academy under the direction of the renowned choreographer and scholar Sun Ying. In 2015, Tian received her Ph.D. in Aesthetics from Peking University under the direction of the eminent scholar of Chinese aesthetics Ye Lang. She is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow of Design Science in the School of Design, Hunan University, specializing in Indoor and Outdoor Mega-Event Directing and choreography under the supervision of Zhang Yimou and He Renke.


Cast members


PERFORMER: ZHU Yunjun, WANGJIANG Yue-meng, Chen Yingxin, Li Aoxue, Yu Lu, Wang Yong, Li Long, Yang Rui, Meng Keyu, Chen Qianyu, Xu Ziqi, Wang Xirui, Han Jiruiying, Huang Dingding, Guo Ailing, Wang Yiran, Wang Tong, Xie Chang, Li Xun, Gao Bufan, Xu Jiamin, Hu Zihan, Zeng Zixin, Wang Yudi, Geng Xiaoyi, Hu Qingyang, Zhang Shuchang, Pan Xiaoting, Guo Zixuan

COMPOSER: LU Chen, TANG Bing, LING Zhong-hai,Tian Yuan

MUSIC: Zi De Guqin Studio, LIU Suo-la

Multimedia design:WangRen

REHEARSAL: WANGJIANG Yue-meng,ZHANG Lu, Zhao Jia、Tang Yimin





Performer:Shanghai Film Art Academy、FDU Student Dancing Troupe、Department of Dance, NENU Conservatory of Music、Center for Heritage and Creation of Han-Tang Chinese Classical Dance, SIDCT、Center for Heritage and Creation of Han-Tang Chinese Classical Dance, SIDCT




Shanghai International Dance Center Theater Youth Incubation Platform (hereinafter referred to as "youth incubation platform") is platform for young dance artists in China who have room for growth and development to communicate and display, sponsored and established by the Shanghai International Dance Center Theater. It provides creative resources, funding, publicity and exchange and learning opportunities for outstanding young dancers, promoting development and catalyzing innovation. It provides a new window for Chinese original dance works to go out of the country and into the world.



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19:30, April 7-8, 2023
14:00, April 9, 2023

Venue: Grand Theater @ Shanghai International Dance Center

Choreographer : TIAN Tian

Length : 70 mins

Price :80/180/280/380/480/580 RMB

Notice for Audience:
Valid ticket must be produced to gain entry. Please keep the ticket properly, or the admission will be defined if the ticket is lost, destroyed or painted on.

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Dance Theater:dance from the Han and Tang Dynasties-YONG Ⅲ

Shanghai International Dance Center Grand Theater
1650 Hongqiao Road Changning Shanghai
4/7/2023 - 4/9/2023
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