Weekly/Monthly Flower Delivery

Weekly/Monthly Flower Delivery

289 - 2199

Product details

👉 Shanghai only

👉 Choose from weekly or monthly bouquet delivery

👉 Choose from 3 levels of bouquet

👉 Take a delivery holiday whenever you like (3 working days notice required)

👉 See below for the type of bouquet you will receive - every week/month you will receive a different bouquet

👉 Only pay ¥12 delivery, no matter how many weeks/months you choose

Weekly Monthly Flower delivery - flowers delivered to your door, hassle free!

Bouquet Examples:

Level 1 - simple bouquet with one type of flower

Level 2 - 2-3 flower types in a medium sized bouquet

Level 3 - a large premium bouquet with 3-5 flower types


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