Nature Art People's Park

Nature Art People's Park

People's Park
231 Nanjing Xi Lu Huangpu Shanghai
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Nature Art People's Park

Nature Art People's Park

People's Park
231 Nanjing Xi Lu Huangpu Shanghai

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Short Teaser
Express and harness the power of creativity by engaging with your surroundings to create pieces of art. This activity will enable participants to authentically immerse themselves in nature by identifying the beauty in our surroundings and designing crafts that reflect this, whilst simultaneously furthering their environmental knowledge and appreciation.

Event Itinerary

10:00 meet at the Park
10:15 walk along the park to our selected spot
10:30 activity introduction
10:45 collect our materials
11:30 start our creations
12:30 groups sharing
13:00 end

Learning Objectives
This event is designed with the Greensteps triple focus method to achieve the following aims:
Direct aim: Identify the different elements of our surroundings, including plants and other forms of wildlife, as well as creating a piece of art that encompasses this.
Indirect aims:
  • Fine motor skills: manipulate small objects
  • Language: English terminology for plants and items in our surroundings
  • Creative ability: using innovative ways to collect resources to create pieces of art
Environmental Intelligence:
Comprehension: identifying and recognizing aspects of the environment
Practice: feeling and observing nature
Observation: plants, insects and the environment we will work in

Interpersonal intelligence:
Collaboration with peers to collect resources
engaging with guides to absorb information

Intrapersonal intelligence:
Perceive one’s own state of mind in a natural environment
Listening inside
Creating a final piece independently

About Green Steps
At Green Steps we have made it our mission to connect children with nature and develop environmental knowledge. We believe that learning must be fun and as educators, we nurture the curiosity to explore the outdoors. We believe a change in our behavior towards the planet starts by understanding the process that maintains life on it. This change starts when we become aware and responsible for our intimate connection to nature. We teach hands-on natural sciences using the outdoors as a playground and laboratory.
At Green Steps we have further developed the Montessori Method and apply it on nature education. We have designed a triple focus curriculum, which builds simultaneously intrapersonal, interpersonal and ecological intelligence. Instead of forcing children to study indoors, we facilitate learning outdoors. Chinese proverb pins down our learning approach when applied to nature: Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; let me do it and I’ll understand.


Time: Wednesday, 2020.01.15 @ 10:00
Price: ¥180
Language: English
Recommended Age: 4+ (accompanied by adults)
*Greensteps provides nature journal and drawing boards to all registered participants
*Weather: the event takes also place in case of light rain; cancellation only in case of strong wind/rain or storm
*Participants need to wear long pants, good sports shoes and appropriate rain/sun/weather protection
*Minimum of 4 participants required; maximum 15 participants.
*No transportation included in this event (unless otherwise specified).
Tel: 18516268069

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Nature Art People's Park

People's Park
231 Nanjing Xi Lu Huangpu Shanghai
This ticket is only available as an e-ticket