【Shanghai】Mozart of Tom and Jerry - Fun Audio-Visual Concert of Classical Music Enlightenment Piano Famous Songs

【Shanghai】Mozart of Tom and Jerry - Fun Audio-Visual Concert of Classical Music Enlightenment Piano Famous Songs

【Shanghai】Mozart of Tom and Jerry - Fun Audio-Visual Concert of Classical Music Enlightenment Piano Famous Songs

【Shanghai】Mozart of Tom and Jerry - Fun Audio-Visual Concert of Classical Music Enlightenment Piano Famous Songs

Shanghai Oriental Art Center - Concert Hall
425 Dingxiang Road, near Century Avenue Pudong Shanghai
80 - 680
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Performance Introduction:


1. The whole family likes to "watch" the piano concert "Tom and Jerry". 
In China, the post-40s and 50s are often accompanied by the post-60s, 70s, and 80s.
Occasionally, three generations get together, the naughty mouse, the angry Tom cat,
the familiar chasing picture, the familiar and classic music...
people have to marvel at the classic and immortal animation and music.

2. All of them are famous piano songs by famous musicians, a nutritious classical music enlightenment concert.
According to statistics, the cartoon "Tom and Jerry" is the cartoon that uses the most classical music.
This cartoon makes abstract classical music into concrete images, and children can also perceive the
joys, sorrows and sorrows expressed by classical music along with the plot.

-Show repertoire-
Piano Sonata in D major, 1st movement K.284 Mozart
The special grows up to be a pianist Hanon, Bach, Clementi, Mozart, Beethoven, etc.
"Pathetique" Sonata 3rd Movement Beethoven
Rhapsody in Blue Gersh
Wen Xiaoxing Variations- Mozart
Blue Danube- Waltz Strauss
Piano Sonata in F major, 3rd movement K.332- Mozart
Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2- Liszt
Turkish March- Mozart


*Subject to scene

Of course, these alone are not enough. 
There are also cat-and-mouse animation-movies that play simultaneously on the big screen.
The humor of Tom and Jerry in the cartoon "Tom and Jerry" is in line with those
familiar piano songs played by the pianist, and it is a good interpretation of the
cadence and joys and sorrows of classical music.
After the concert, pianist Zhou Xixi will also teach parents and children the
"secrets" of learning the piano! You can also ask questions on the spot, don't miss it!

3. Music that the children can understand, watch, and sit still. 
I want to take the children to a high-level piano recital,
but the repertoire is difficult to understand, the children can't sit still.
The end result is a waste of parents' hard work.
This concert is very different,
there must be something the children are particularly familiar with, right?
As long as the note lifts off, the vivid animation on the big screen will be played synchronously...
You will blurt out: It turned out to be this song!
Give your children a chance, give your parents a chance, and give yourself a chance.
In music, in animation, and at the moment, the whole family will "frozen age" together and not grow up!
-Show staff-
Zhou Xixi


Zhou Xixi, a young pianist living in the United States, is a piano teacher at Nanjing University of the Arts. 
As a soloist, he has performed in concert halls in major cities in North America and China,
including Carnegie Hall in New York, Corning Center for the Arts, Jordan Hall in Boston, Felton Opera House in Lancaster,
Jackson City Hall in Mississippi, Carnegie Hall in Canada, and Carnegie Hall in Canada.
Gary and the Seymour Center in Sydney, Australia, etc.; have been invited to give concerts in Beijing Zhongshan Concert Hall,
Shanghai Concert Hall, Guangzhou Xinghai Concert Hall, Shenzhen Grand Theater and mainstream concert halls in major cities in China.
WGBH Boston broadcasted his concerts at Jordan Hall live.
Bands that have worked with include
NEC Philharmonia,Atlantic Symphony Orchestra, Lancaster Symphony Orchestra,

Great Boston Asian-American Youth Orchestra,The United States Louisiana Symphony Orchestra, Mississippi Symphony and Chorus,
EndlessMoutain Music Festival Orchestra, Shanghai Conservatory of Music Youth Symphony Orchestra and Nanjing Philharmonic Orchestra, etc.
Since 2016, he has been invited as a guest performing artist at the "EndlessMoutain" music festival in Pennsylvania,
where he continues to give concerts and teach master classes every year.
He has won many awards in important competitions at home and abroad: in the 61st American Wideman International Piano Competition, 
he conquered the judges and the audience with his outstanding performance,
won the silver medal in one fell swoop, and was invited to a series of tour performances.
In 2008, as one of the only three contestants selected by the Chinese Ministry of Culture,
he participated in the 9th Sydney International Piano Competition.

Other awards include: 2011 New England Conservatory of Music Concerto Competition Champion;
2013 Iowa International Piano Competition Finalist Award; 7th China Music "Golden Bell Award" Piano Competition Outstanding Performance Award;
Shanghai Conservatory of Music Piano Competition 3rd place; 1st place in the first national "Palatino" composition and performance competition;
"Yamaha Asian Music" scholarship, etc. With his excellent performance,
he has been highly appreciated by many famous pianists at home and abroad,
such as Leon Fleischer, Ugorsky, Fu Cong and so on.
The world-renowned pianist Alfred Brendel once praised after hearing his performance:
"His performance not only possesses amazing skills,
but at the same time you can feel the profound philosophy in his music,
which resonates infinitely.
Zhou Xixi graduated from the New England Conservatory of Music and the Shanghai Conservatory of Music,
a world-renowned institution, and has followed famous pianists,
former dean of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music (now a professor of piano at the Juilliard School of Music) Chen Hongkuan.


Mozart of Tom and Jerry - Fun Audio-Visual Concert of Classical Music Enlightenment Piano Famous Songs 
Saturday, July 30, 2022 14:00
Venue: Shanghai | Oriental Art Center - Concert Hall
Limited time 50% discount ticket 80 yuan (original price 160) 160 yuan Limited time discount ticket 160 yuan (original price 260) 260 yuan 360 yuan Double package 280 yuan (160*2) Double package 380 yuan (260*2) Three-person package 390 yuan (160*3) Three-person package 480 yuan (260*3) Double package 580 yuan (360*2) Three-person package 680 yuan (360*3)
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【Shanghai】Mozart of Tom and Jerry - Fun Audio-Visual Concert of Classical Music Enlightenment Piano Famous Songs

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