【Shanghai】Kijiro's Summer - Hisaishi Piano Music Dream Journey Concert

【Shanghai】Kijiro's Summer - Hisaishi Piano Music Dream Journey Concert

【Shanghai】Kijiro's Summer - Hisaishi Piano Music Dream Journey Concert

【Shanghai】Kijiro's Summer - Hisaishi Piano Music Dream Journey Concert

Shanghai Oriental Art Center - Concert Hall
425 Dingxiang Road, near Century Avenue Pudong Shanghai
80 - 680
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Piano / Zhou Xixi: Graduated from New England Conservatory of Music
Violin / Zhang Wenting: Graduated from Vienna State University of Music and Performing Arts
Violin / Chen Jingya: Youth of Shanghai Symphony Orchestra violin player
Viola / Zhang Siyuan: Viola player of Shanghai Symphony Orchestra
Cello / Shanshan He: Graduated from the Schumann Academy of Music in Germany

On April 28, 2011, the premiere of "Kiujiro's Summer - Hisaishi Piano Music Dream Journey Concert" 
at the Beijing Concert Hall caused a huge sensation.
Domestic musicians' superb performances, professional and sophisticated repertoire selection,
and ingenious program arrangements have made their tour performances climax across the country.
Over the years, its performance quality and artistic level have been well-known.
After watching the concert, some audience commented:
"This is the best Hisaishi concert in the country!"

The birth of this concert was the first time that the piano quintet performed the
music of Joe Hisaishi. Since then, "Joo Hisaishi's Works Concert" has spread all over the country.
In China, there are many people who don't know Joe Hisaishi,
but not many people who have never heard Joe Hisaishi's music.
If Hayao Miyazaki is in Joe Hisaishi's soundtrack,
then the purest Takeshi Kitano is in Joe Hisaishi's music.
Many people know "Kiujiro's Summer" because they like "Summer".
At the concert: 
"Summer" is cheerful and enthusiastic;
"One Summer's Day" in "Spirited Away" is pure and sincere;
"Castle in the Sky" is ethereal with a touch of sadness in the piano version;
"Sea の" in "Witch's Delivery Service" See える Street" (also known as "The Changing Seasons"),
the long-lost innocence touched the hearts of the audience;
the theme music of "The Devil's Delivery Service" played by piano and violin was beautiful;
the music in "My Neighbor Totoro" played by piano and cello "The Corridor of the Wind" became a
beautiful scene at the concert.
Of course, there are also some of Hisaishi's well-known classics such as
"My Neighbor Totoro", "Howl's Moving Castle", "Porcelain", "Bad Boy's Sky", "Fireworks",
"BROTHER" and "BOLERO". . . . .
In order to avoid confusion, there will be no film interference at the concert site. 
The audience will fully appreciate the high-level performance of the musicians,
listen to the wonderful music, and feel the charm of the scene.

1、TOTORO 选自电影《龙猫》 久石让/曲
2、KIKI选自电影《魔女宅急便》 久石让/曲
3、世界的约定/人生的旋转木马 选自电影《哈尔的移动城堡》 木村弓/久石让/曲
4、KIDS RETURN 选自电影《坏孩子的天空》 久石让/曲
5、THE WIND FOREST(风之甬道)——大提琴独奏
 选自电影《龙猫》 久石让/曲
7、ONE SUMMER`S DAY 选自电影《千与千寻》久石让/曲
9、SUMMER 选自电影《菊次郎的夏天》 久石让/曲
10、BALLADE 选自电影《BROTHER》久石让/曲
11、FRIENDS 久石让/曲
12、HANA-BI 选自电影《花火》 久石让/曲
13、海の见える街 选自电影《魔女宅急便》 久石让/曲
14、天空之城 选自电影《天空之城》 久石让/曲
15、BOLERO 久石让/曲
16、MADNESS 选自电影《红猪》 久石让/曲

Note: Actors, repertoire and order are subject to the live performance on that day! 
Hisaishi will not participate in this concert!


Piano / Zhou Xixi
He is a young pianist living in the United States and a piano teacher at Nanjing University of the Arts.
As a soloist, he has performed in concert halls in major cities in North America and China, 
including Carnegie Hall in New York, Corning Center for the Arts, Jordan Hall in Boston,
Felton Opera House in Lancaster, Jackson City Hall in Mississippi, Carnegie Hall in Canada,
and Carnegie Hall in Canada. Gary and the Seymour Center in Sydney, Australia, etc.;
have been invited to give concerts in Beijing Zhongshan Concert Hall, Shanghai Concert Hall,
Guangzhou Xinghai Concert Hall, Shenzhen Grand Theater and mainstream concert halls in major cities in China.
WGBH Boston broadcasted his concerts at Jordan Hall live.
Orchestras he has collaborated with include NEC Philharmonia, Atlantic Symphony Orchestra, Lancaster Symphony Orchestra,
Great Boston Asian-American Youth Orchestra, Louisiana Symphony Orchestra, Mississippi Symphony and Chorus,
EndlessMoutain Music Festival Orchestra, Shanghai Conservatory of Music Youth Symphony Orchestra and Nanjing Philharmonic, etc.
Since 2016, he has been invited as a guest performing artist at the "EndlessMoutain" music festival in Pennsylvania,
where he continues to give concerts and teach master classes every year.
He has won many awards in important competitions at home and abroad:
In the 61st American Wideman International Piano Competition, 
he conquered the judges and the audience with his outstanding performance,
won the silver medal in one fell swoop, and was invited to a series of tour performances.
In 2008, as one of the only three contestants selected by the Chinese Ministry of Culture,
he participated in the 9th Sydney International Piano Competition.
Other awards include: 2011 New England Conservatory of Music Concerto Competition Champion;
2013 Iowa International Piano Competition Finalist Award;
7th China Music "Golden Bell Award" Piano Competition Outstanding Performance Award;
Shanghai Conservatory of Music Piano Competition 3rd place;
1st place in the first national "Palatino" composition and performance competition;
"Yamaha Asian Music" scholarship, etc.
With his excellent performance, he has been highly appreciated by many
domestic and foreign pianists such as Leon Fleischer, Ugorsky, Fu Cong and so on.
The world pianist Alfred Brendel once praised after hearing his performance:
"His performance not only has amazing skills,
but at the same time you can feel the profound philosophy in his music and resonate."
Zhou Xixi Graduated from the New England Conservatory of Music in the
United States and the Shanghai Conservatory of Music,
he studied under the pianist and former dean of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music
(now a professor of piano at the Juilliard School of Music) Mr. Chen Hongkuan.

Violin/Zhang Wenting

Master's degree in violin from the State University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, Austria. 
Since childhood, she has been learning the piano under the tutelage of Professor Zhao Danqing.
In 2008, she was admitted to the Shanghai Conservatory of Music and studied under the tutelage of Yuan Jiamin, 
an associate professor of violin. She graduated with an undergraduate degree in 2012 and was awarded the
title of Shanghai Outstanding Graduate.
In the same year, she was recommended to the graduate department of Shanghai Conservatory of Music, 
where she studied under Professor Ding Zhinuo, a violin educator.
From June 2015 to March 2019, he studied at the State University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, Austria,
pursuing a master's degree in chamber music, followed by Professor Johannes Meissl,
dean and professor of the Haydn Academy of Chamber Music and
artistic director of the European Academy of Chamber Music.
Her new Courage Quartet has participated in a series of master classes organized by the
European Chamber Music Academy in various countries,
such as Vienna/Grafenegg (Austria), Oslo (Norway), Fiesole (Italy), Pula Germany (France),
Vilnius (Lithuania), The Hague (Netherlands), etc.
and various international music festivals,
such as Harmos Festival Chamber Music Festival (Portugal), Ravenna Festival Ravenna Music Festival (Italy),
Allegro vivo Music Festival and Master Classes (Austria).
As a member of Xinqili, she has participated in many international chamber music competitions and won awards.
In the 7th Haydn International Chamber Music Competition,
she won the string quartet champion, and also won two special awards for the best commissioned work performance and
the best Haydn interpretation award. ;
won the third place at the 9th Trondheim International Chamber Music Competition in Norway in September 2017.
In February 2018, she won the first prize in the String Quartet at the 10th International Franz Schubert and
Modern Music Competition in Graz, Austria.

Violin / Chen Jingya
Young violin player.
She is currently working in the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra for the violin part,
has given solo recitals during high school.
In 2011, she was admitted to the Shanghai Conservatory of Music with the second place in the violin performance major, 
under the tutelage of Professor Ding Zhinuo and Professor Zheng Weimin.
In 2016, she was admitted to the Shanghai Band Academy as the first full-time postgraduate student, 
and at the same time was admitted to the Shanghai Conservatory of Music full-time postgraduate student,
and received a full scholarship for three consecutive years.
She later obtained a master's degree from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music and a double master's degree in
artistic performance from the New York Philharmonic.
Learned and received guidance from Mr. Li Pei, Principal of the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra,
Noah Bendix Balgley, Principal of the Berlin Philharmonic, Frank Huang,
Principal of the New York Philharmonic, Lu Wei, Principal of the Deutsche Symphony Orchestra Berlin,
and Rolland Greutter, NDR North German Radio. During this period, he studied and performed with the Berlin Philharmonic,
the New York Philharmonic, the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, the German NDR Elbe Radio Symphony Orchestra,
and the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra.
In 2017, she was admitted to the EUYO European Youth Orchestra, 
becoming a talent admitted to the European Youth Symphony Orchestra in China.
In 2018, she participated in the summer European tour.
Attended the world-famous BBC proms and more.
In 2019, she followed the 140th anniversary world tour of the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra and
performed in seven countries in the United States and Europe.
The footprints are all over the world's concert halls and music festivals,
including the Amsterdam Concert Hall in the Netherlands,
the Elbe Philharmonic Concert Hall in Hamburg, Germany,
the Lucerne Music Festival in Switzerland, the Tyrol Music Festival in Austria,
and the Grafenegg Music Festival.
As a soloist, in January 2017 and May 2018, she successfully held two solo recitals at the
Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Hall, which were well received in the industry.
The Solo Ensemble is widely acclaimed everywhere.

Viola / Zhang Siyuan

Young viola player of Shanghai Symphony Orchestra. 
In 2011, he was admitted to the Shanghai Conservatory of Music under the
tutelage of Professor Shen Xidi, a viola educator.
In 2015, he was admitted to Shanghai Band Academy and Shanghai Conservatory of Music for
postgraduate studies, and studied under Wei Zhen, the former viola principal of the
Shanghai Symphony Orchestra.
He is often invited to the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Singapore Symphony Orchestra, 
China Philharmonic Orchestra, Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra, Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra,
Suzhou Symphony Orchestra, Shanghai Opera House Symphony Orchestra, Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra and
other professional symphony orchestras to perform in the music season.

In 2014 and 2015, he was successively selected for the Asian Youth Symphony Orchestra to tour in Asia,
serving as the head of the mainland region. In 2018, he was selected for the YMCG Yo-Yo Ma Youth Art Festival,
and served as the principal viola of the YMCG Symphony Orchestra.
In the same year, he was admitted to the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra and
served as the viola tutor of the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra MISA2018 student group.
In 2019, he will perform the 140th anniversary world tour with the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra.

Cello / He Shanshan

Young cello teacher of Nanjing University of the Arts. 
Winner of Outstanding Young Talents in Stage Art of Jiangsu Province in 2020.
He Shanshan was born into a musical family.
She studied piano at the age of 4, violin with her father at the age of 6,
and cello with her uncle at the age of 11.
At the age of 13, she was admitted to the High School Affiliated to the Central Conservatory of Music, 
under the tutelage of Professor Yu Mingqing, president of the Chinese Cello Association and doctoral tutor.
In 2006, she was admitted to the Schumann School of Music in Germany for undergraduate and master's degrees.
She studied under the tutelage of German conductor cellist Professor Johannes Goritzki and 
cello professor Nikolaus Trieb of the Schumann Conservatory of Music.
During her studies at the school, she joined the school symphony orchestra and chamber orchestra. 
As the principal cello, she participated in various art festivals held in Germany, Italy, France, the Netherlands
and other places with the orchestra.
She has participated in the weekend concerts and teacher-student concerts held by the school many times, 
and performed as a soloist with the school orchestra.
For example, Elgar, Schumann, Haydn, Saint-Saëns Concerto, etc.
In 2007, at the invitation of the school music week, 
she performed the seven-part ensemble "hepta" composed by the modern
German composer Thomas Blomenkamp in 2006,
which was loved by the composer and the audience.
In 2011, at the invitation of the composer himself,
she premiered the suite he composed for solo cello in 2010, which was a great success.
He Shanshan has represented the school in chamber music master classes in
Cologne, Essen, Berlin, Munich and other places, and has performed and communicated.
In 2011, she graduated from the National Schumann Institute of Music in Germany with a
bachelor's degree and a master's degree. After returning to China,
she was invited to perform a series of tours across the country with the
National Symphony Orchestra, the National Grand Theater Symphony Orchestra,
the China Opera and Dance Theater, and the Beijing Symphony Orchestra.
The repertoire included opera "Turandot", "The Orphan of Zhao", "Wandering Classics 2011 NCPA Symphony Concert", 
"2011 Eisenbach and NCPA Orchestra Concert", "I sing in Beijine International Young Singers Chinese" Concerts",
"National Centre for the Performing Arts Orchestra New Year's Concert",
"National Centre for the Performing Arts Orchestra Red Classic Concert",
"National Centre for the Performing Arts Orchestra Celebration of the
90th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China Orchestra July 1st Concert" and
several weekend concerts of the National Centre for the Performing Arts Orchestra.
In December 2011, she participated in the classic cello solo ensemble concert held at
the Grand Theater, and played "The Troubled Poet", "Hebrew Prayer", "Requiem", etc., which were widely praised.


Kikujiro's Summer - Hisaishi Piano Music Dream Journey Concert

Time: Saturday, July 30, 2022 19:30 Venue: Shanghai | Oriental Art Center - Concert Hall Tickets:
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【Shanghai】Kijiro's Summer - Hisaishi Piano Music Dream Journey Concert

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