[26% OFF] Family Day Sunday Brunch @ Cafe 1188, InterContinental Shanghai Expo

[26% OFF] Family Day Sunday Brunch @ Cafe 1188, InterContinental Shanghai Expo

InterContinental Shanghai Expo
1188 Xueye Road Pudong Shanghai
5/9/2021 - 6/20/2021
[26% OFF] Family Day Sunday Brunch @ Cafe 1188, InterContinental Shanghai Expo

[26% OFF] Family Day Sunday Brunch @ Cafe 1188, InterContinental Shanghai Expo

5/9/2021 - 6/20/2021
InterContinental Shanghai Expo
1188 Xueye Road Pudong Shanghai
288 - 588

Event details

Cafe 1188, located on Level 1 of InterContinental Shanghai Expo brings casual dining to a higher level of creativity, offering interactive show kitchens and live cooking stations, presenting cuisines from around the world as well as local favourites. Indoor, outdoor and villa seating is available overlooking the garden and the hotels historic 1930 villas. Occupying the ground floor and adjacent to the lobby, the restaurant is sleek and contemporary.



Salads & appetizers
6 kind of Chinese appetizers from Chinese kitchen
Vitello Tonnato
House smoked salmon & grave lax, red onions, capers & crème fraiche
Spanish omelette with mushroom, potato, capsicum and cherry tomato
Quinoa and barley salad with bell peppers and tomatoes, cucumber mint
Seafood salad with Thai basil namjim dressing
Roasted potato salad with avocados
Grilled asparagus with parsley remoulade ranch dressing
Beetroot and feta cheese salad with raspberry vinaigrette
Haloumi cheese and penne pasta salad, Mustard pesto dressing (V)
Italian cold cuts salami Milano, Parma ham, salami Napoli, Mortadella
Sweet and sour eggplants, Mushrooms marinated in balsamic vinegar, Roasted bell peppers marinated with garlic and olive oil
Tuscany roasted vegetables salad with fennel and apple salad
Cherry Tomatoes on the vine, buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil

Salad bar & crudités
Carrot, cucumber, celery, 4 kinds of lettuce
Balsamic, Thousand Island dressing, French dressing, sesame dressing, Caesar dressing

Cold Seafood on Ice
Cooked fresh prawns, mussels, silver clams, conch
scallops, baby abalone
With selection of condiments: Tabasco sauce, lemon, lime, cocktail sauce and shallots vinaigrette

Japanese station (Decorate with grass and edible flowers)
Selection of sashimi
Tuna fish, salmon, kingfish, octopus, surf clam
Selection of sushi
Nigiri sushi
Nori seaweed and fish eggs
Inari sushi
Rice, shiitake mushrooms, tofu skin (V)
Beef, leek, shitake mushroom, Chinese cabbage, enoki mushroom, egg

Soya sauce, Japanese pickled ginger, Wasabi,
Tempura (Silco station)
Vegetables & prawns,
Ponzu & tentsuyu


Tandoor oven
Chicken tandoori, pomfret tandoori, Lamb tandoor, minced beef kofta
Butter chicken
Vegetables and mushroom masala
Bengali fish curry
Yellow dahl 
Vegetable Biryani
Naan bread, papadum, mint sauce, tamarind sauce, raita, pickles & chutneys

Hot spicy skewer corner

Chinese soup
Hot and sour soup with crab meat

Chinese noodle bar station…

From The Wok
Braised pork feet with rock sugar and soy sauce
Sichuan deep-fried chicken with crispy chili
Wok-fried yellow chive with egg
Braised frog and scallop in broth
Wok-fried beef cube with black pepper sauce
Wok-fried fish filet with rice wine sauce
Seasonal vegetable
Fried rice with meat floss

Chinese Dim sum…
Crystal shrimp dumpling
Xiao long bao
Red bean paste bun
Egg yolk bun
Steamed pork dumpling
Steamed pork dumpling

BBQ duck & suckling pig…
House made Peking duck, mandarin pancakes & cucumber salsa
Crispy BBQ suckling pig wraps, homemade flour tortillas
Hong Kong BBQ pork, oiled chicken


Slow cooked marinated beef sirloin
Honey glazed Easter ham
Roasted lamb leg with herb, roasted whole chicken
Rosemary sauce, Pineapple sauce, Dijon mustard
Selection of baby vegetables and baby potato, sweet corn cob

Hot counter
Chicken cacciatore
Barbecued pork ribs with Coca-Cola
Duck leg confit on white bean stew
Grilled salmon cake on clam spinach chardonnay white wine sauce
Creamy mash potato with butter

Kids counter
Hawaii pizza
Crispy French fries and chicken nuggets, deep
Mini beef burger
Crispy onion rings
Deep-fried octopus ball
Onion and bacon pie

Breakfast counter
Egg of your choice (station induction) 
Bacon, pork sausages, baked bean, hash brown

Lobster bisque

Tepanyaki counter
Fish filet, sausage, beef filet, lamb chops, squid skewer

Brie cheese
Goat cheese
Bresse Bleu (French blue cheese)
English Cheddar
Honey comb with selection of dried fruits and nuts


Croissants, chocolate croissants, Danish pastries, almond croissants, doughnuts
Chocolate brownies
Milk and dark chocolate tart
Mint cream brulees
Fruits and almond cream puff pastry tarts
Mixed berries and grapefruit yogurt delight (In glasses)
Classic Italian tiramisu
Selection of chocolate éclairs
Milk chocolate and peanut butter cheese cake
Fruit Cookie lollipops
Mother’s day cupcake
Fruits cream cake with heart shape
Raspberry mousse cake with berry on top
Mont-blanc Chestnut cake
Mango and grapefruit in coconut milk

Chocolate Fountain
Milk chocolate

Selection of kid’s candies
Jelly bean, Marshmallow, Gummy bears, etc…

Selection of sliced fruits
Honey dew melon, pineapple, Dragon fruit, watermelon
Whole fruits of the season

New Zealand Ice cream… (Decorate the top with fruits, candies etc...)
Nuts, whipped cream, marshmallows, candies, Chocolate chips,


Dates: May 9, May 30, June 20

Brunch Hours: 12:00 - 15:00

247 Deal Price:

¥288 Adult incl. DIY cupcake + free flow of soft drinks Door Price ¥388/person

¥588 Family (2 adults + 1 child under 12) Door Price ¥970

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[26% OFF] Family Day Sunday Brunch @ Cafe 1188, InterContinental Shanghai Expo

InterContinental Shanghai Expo
1188 Xueye Road Pudong Shanghai
5/9/2021 - 6/20/2021