Dance Drama - “Goddess in Luo River”

Dance Drama - “Goddess in Luo River”

Dance Drama - “Goddess in Luo River”

Dance Drama - “Goddess in Luo River”

6/3/2022 - 6/5/2022
Shangyin Opera House
6 Fenyang Road Xuhui Shanghai
288 - 2180
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On December 18 and 19 2021, the dance opera "Goddess in Luo River", which is created by Zhengzhou Opera and Dance Theatre, directed by Tong Ruirui, and choreographed by Feng Shuangbai, will be presented at the Shangyin Opera House - Opera Hall, staging a beautiful and moving romantic legend for Shanghai audiences.

"Goddess in Luo River" is originated from the poem, Ode to Goddess in Luo River, written by famous poet Cao Zhi in the Three Kingdoms period. Caozhi just passed by the Luo river and suddenly felt that the Goddess Luosheng was coming towards him. After waking suddenly, he wrote down this marvelous poem which left future generations to wonder. "Goddess in Luo River" is performed by the Zhengzhou Opera Company. It is a tragedy mixed with a power struggle between two brothers, Cao Pi and Cao zhi, for a gorgeous woman.

The performance is a complex process, but the whole performance from the choreography, to the music, to the lighting, to the modeling, is fantastic; especially the choreography which has great asthetics. The director of this drama is Ruirui Tong, a talented director from the China Opera Company. Not to be underestimated for her age; in this opera she uses the modern appreciation of art to explore the classical beauty, which gives the opera a fresh feel.

The opera, through the wonderful dancing, makes people comprehend the story. They can have an insight in the uncertainty of life via the romantic theme and tragic life, this kind of feeling lingering on even after the show is over which thus highlights the competence of the production team.

The production team together with the famous writer, uses their wisdom to create a unique artistic temperament and tension. In the end, whether the drama conveys the essence of "Goddess in Luo River", or what will happen to the characters, doesn't seem important. Everything is gone as the curtain is falling, but the beauty of the art travels across time!

Creators and Cast

Screenplay - Feng Shuangbai

General Director, Choreographer - Tong Ruirui

Luo Shen (Zhenn Mi) by Yi Xingyan

Cao Zhi by Gai Zheng

Cao Pi by Zeng Pengfei


Date&Time: 2022.06.03 - 05 (Fri.&Sat.&Sun.) @19:30

Duration: 120min. (including a 15-minute intermission)

Venue: Shangyin Opera House

Price: ¥880/680/480/320/180

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Performerance Group: Zhengzhou Song and Dance Theatre


1. Please bring your ticket and valid ID to the performance and register with the theater, each attendee needs a paper ticket and ID.

2. Please follow the seat number on your ticket and do not change seats during the performance.

3. Please wear a mask from the time you arrive at the theater until the show is over.

4. When entering the theater, please show your GREEN Health Code, and make sure your body temperature does not exceed 37.3°C.

5. Please keep a safe social distance of more than 1m from other audience members and follow the arrangement of the theater staff.

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Dance Drama - “Goddess in Luo River”

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