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Cryo World
3F, 150 Hubin Lu (湖滨路150号3楼) Huangpu Shanghai Shanghai
1/1/2017 - 12/31/2018

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Cryo World

Cryo World

1/1/2017 - 12/31/2018
Cryo World
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What is cryotherapy?
Cryotherapy is a safe, fast and incredibly effective way
to reboot your body and mind.

During the process, your body is exposed to extremely cold temperatures. This causes the skin’s receptors to alert the brain triggering a series of natural reactions within your body which relieve muscle and joint pain, stimulate the release of endorphins and improve skin tone. After a cryo session, you are guaranteed to experience reduced inflammation, improved mood and an energy boost.

How does it work?
For whole body cryo, users step into an upright sauna wearing underwear (for men) and insulated shoes. Sessions last just three minutes - you’ll step out feeling incredible! Straightforward, fast and painless, it is also 100% natural, triggered by your body’s inbuilt reactions. For local cryo or the cryo facial, just lie down and enjoy the session. Local cryo users will see an immediate increase in range of movement. Those undertaking the cryo facial will leave us with instantly brighter, tighter and smoother looking skin.
cryo world 
Who's it for?
Health buffs, top athletes, celebrities, actresses, singers - as well as anyone seeking a chemical-free boost for body and skin!
How much time does it take?
A whole body session lasts three minutes, during which time your body is exposed to temperatures of between -110°C and -150°C. The end result is a 100% natural rush of energy and well-being.
A local cryo session is tailored to your needs, whether it is a focused treatment for joint pain or a cryo facial session. On average a local cryo session will take between 10 and 20 minutes. You will see instant results. Think reduced inflammation and joint pain, and for the facial, reduced pore size, increased collagen and lighter, brighter skin which positively glows!
About us
We’re huge cryo enthusiasts and are excited to share our passion in Greater China.

Just as important, we’re committed to doing the right thing by our employees, environment and the community. That care extends to our customers, which is why when it comes to process, we’re more than a little obsessed. Cryo is 100% safe and 110% incredible, so trust our staff and follow their directions. They know what they’re doing.

Cryo World puts quality first. We provide our staff with only the very best training, and beyond that, every single one of them is passionate about what they do. Forget shortcuts: we’re as invested in your wellbeing as you are.


Mon - Fri 10am - 10pm
Sat - Sun 11am - 10pm
350 RMB for one person / 500 RMB for two people
How does Cryotherapy work?

The sudden drop in temperature resulting from the nitrogen vapours within the sauna stimulates the body’s temperature receptors, prompting the brain to withdraw blood to core organs and activate the immune system. The body boosts histamine and serotonin levels which have the effect of reducing inflammation. The production of type three collagen is activated, which improves skin elasticity and reduces cellulite.

In addition, whole body cryotherapy boosts mitochondria – the energy producing powerhouses that occur naturally in our cells. These drive our aerobic capability and help our muscles become more fatigue resistant. More mitochondria mean you will feel stronger when you work-out and will recover faster.

These reactions are generated because of the exposure of the skin to the vapours, so the more of the skin that can be exposed the better.

I’ve heard it burns calories – is this true?

One of the body’s reactions to whole body cryotherapy is to ramp upnorepinephrine production. This results in more mitochondria becoming present in our fat tissues, converting the more common ‘white fat’ into ‘brown fat’.

Why is that a good thing? Because the purpose of brown fat is to burn calories in order to generate heat, as opposed to the white fat, which stores excess calories. This explains why brown fat is often referred to as “good” fat. Just two ounces of brown fat have been reported as being capable of burning several hundred calories per day—the equivalent of a 30-minute bout of exercise. And that is why adults who have comparatively more brown fat tend to be slimmer.

Is nitrogen dangerous to humans?

No! Nitrogen is a non-toxic gas. In fact, the air that we breathe is made up of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and 1% other gases, including carbon dioxide. Cryo World uses the most advanced cryosaunas and cryochambers to ensure liquid nitrogen never comes into contact with your body. During the session you will be breathing room-air. For added safety, we equip our stores with oxygen monitors, and one of our staff will be with you at all times to control the temperature levels and ensure your comfort.

Is it comfortable? What do I wear?

The more skin you expose to the cold, the better the result will be! For a whole body session you will be provided with insulated footwear and gloves to protect those areas of the body with the most nerve receptors. Men need to wear cotton underwear. All jewelry must be removed before entering the cryosauna. You will be provided with a bathrobe to be removed when inside the sauna and once the door is closed. Only your hands and face will be visible to the operator during the session.
The cold is a dry, gaseous cold meaning it is tolerable even to those who hate low temperatures. Trust us: it is infinitely more bearable than a cold shower!
For a local session you just need to expose the part of your body we are focusing on.

I am claustrophobic. May I use whole body cryotherapy?

Yes, no problem. The door is never locked, meaning you can step out at any moment. Our staff will be on hand at all times should you have any concerns.

Do I have to take a shower before and/or after the procedure?

No, you don’t. This procedure is absolutely dry. The total treatment time could be as little as 10 minutes - depending on how you fast you undress, that is!

How will I feel after I finish a treatment?

During each session, the body releases endorphins to give you an energy boost and feeling of well-being. Many users report their best night’s sleep after a cryosession. Depending on your physical condition, you may also feel immediate relief from joint and muscle pain. These effects will last between six to eight hours - at least! - and will increase with the number of treatment sessions. On top of all that, if you take a whole body cryo you’ll start to feel leaner as your body converts white fat to brown fat.

How many treatments should I take to achieve optimal results?

While every session is beneficial and you’ll always feel immediate results, research has shown that you will experience improved and cumulative benefits with a minimum of 10 cryosessions within a two to three-week period. After that you can take a break, or enjoy fewer treatments spaced further apart before returning for another intensive treatment period.

It sounds too good to be true? Is it for real?

It is absolutely for real! Athletes from all walks of life as well as a whole host of celebrities have all taken to cryotherapy as a means of rebooting their bodies - naturally. That means increased energy levels, improved recovery times and enhanced skin tone. Don’t believe us? Ask the Dallas Mavericks, AC Milan, LeBron James, Usain Bolt, Floyd Mayweather, Demi Moore or Lindsay Lohan to name just a few!

There are a wealth of studies exploring the myriad benefits of cryotherapy. To find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact us at We would be happy to share more details with you!

I prefer natural treatments to anything chemical - is cryotherapy for me?

Yes - we’re all about natural, too! The great thing about both whole body and local cryotherapy sessions is that rather than introduce outside chemicals, they help the body do what it already does - but better! Treatments use a nitrogen-based cooling agent: non-toxic, the gas makes up 78% of the air we breathe. Once chilled to cryo cold, it facilitates the body’s natural production of feel-good endorphins, skin-boosting collagen, as well as all those inbuilt anti-inflammatory properties already associated with cold treatments. No needles and definitely no pills, cryotherapy facilitates and accelerates your body’s 100% natural processes.

Who should not use whole body cryotherapy?

Anyone who is pregnant; has severe, unmanaged hypertension (BP> 180/100); a cardiac pacemaker or chronic heart disease; deep vein thrombosis; acute or recent myocardial infarction; uncontrolled seizures or propensity to strokes; fever; or unstable angina pectoris. It should also not be used by anyone with Raynaud’s syndrome; malignant tumours; severe anaemia; hypothyroidism; cold allergy; acute kidney and urinary tract diseases; open wounds or ulcers; or those under the influence of drugs or alcohol. We also only accept customers over 18-years old, or over 14-years old with parental consent.

Can I catch a cold because of this procedure?

No - quite the opposite, in fact: the stimulation of the immune system can help decrease the severity and frequency of future colds.

I heard working out after treatment is a good idea?

Although your core body temperature will not drop during the three-minute cryotherapy treatment, it may cool by a couple of degrees on exiting the chamber due to body heat loss. To stabilise your body’s temperature you might want to undertake 10 minutes of light exercise.

Will I get the best results by using cryo before or after my work-out?

Cryo gives you a natural energy boost which will help you achieve your best performance during your work-out. If used after a work-out it will reduce muscular and joint pain and will reduce the recovery time you need.

However, if your work-out is strength based we recommend you wait for one hour before taking cryo. Thepositive inflammationassociated with the stress on your muscles which comes with weight training will peak one hour after your workout and should not be ‘interrupted’ with the inflammation fighting properties of cryo.

How does this compare to an ice bath?

It doesn’t. It is simply not possible to achieve the same temperatures and effect with an ice bath. Furthermore, not only is an ice bath generally an excruciating 12 - 15 minutes - or longer! - wet process, it can cause tissue damage. Cryotherapy is only a two-and-a-half to three minute, completely dry session with no negative side effects.

I have my period, do I have to wait for it to finish before I can have a session?

There is no reason not to come because you have your period. Some of our customers have told us that they find cryo reduces period pain. If you use tampons then you can cryo as normal. If you use sanitary towels then just wear underwear during the treatment.
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Cryo World

Cryo World
3F, 150 Hubin Lu (湖滨路150号3楼) Huangpu Shanghai Shanghai
1/1/2017 - 12/31/2018

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