A Sip of the Orient Cocktail Deal  @ The Ritz Bar

A Sip of the Orient Cocktail Deal @ The Ritz Bar

The Ritz Bar & Lounge
Level 1, The Portman Ritz-Carlton, 1376 West Nanjing Road Jing'an Shanghai
12/2/2021 - 1/31/2022

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A Sip of the Orient Cocktail Deal  @ The Ritz Bar

A Sip of the Orient Cocktail Deal @ The Ritz Bar

12/2/2021 - 1/31/2022
The Ritz Bar & Lounge
Level 1, The Portman Ritz-Carlton, 1376 West Nanjing Road Jing'an Shanghai
288 - 888

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The Hidden Bar at The Ritz Bar & Lounge

This autumn, The Ritz Bar & Lounge at The Portman Ritz-Carlton, Shanghai will unveil an innovative new cocktail menu – A Sip of the Orient, with inspirations from China’s bountiful varieties of cuisines, local charms and cultural splendors. Developed by Beverage Director Tural Hasanov and the mixologist team, this menu will take guests onto an immersive journey exploring unique cocktails that will be artfully presented in Chinese styles according to eight renowned cuisines namely Lǔ (鲁), Huī (徽), Chuān (川), Xiāng (湘), Yuè (粤), Mǐn (闽), Zhè (浙), Sū (苏).

After launching The Untold Story menu in late 2019 at The Hidden Bar of The Ritz Bar & Lounge, Tural and the team has spent extensive time from mid-2020 to early 2021 on a frantic ingredient search by visiting provinces of the famous eight cuisines. Throughout the trip, the bar team has been amazed by the glamour of the natural beauties, spectacular sea and landscapes, at the same time discovered ample of locally produced ingredients for beverages. From refreshing citrus, the lasting aroma of fermented Chinese teas, to the sweetness of marinated rice wine made with traditional methods, each cocktail developed on the menu celebrates local botany, fruits and cultural characteristics of a destination.

Beverage Director Tural Hasanov

Taking inspiration from the menu concept, the hotel team has made steps forward to visualize the cocktail experience by handpicking the finest cocktail glasses in relative styles, and incorporating Chinese painting illustrations into the tailor-made menu, bringing cocktail connoisseurs into a world of contemporary Chinese cocktail experience.

Signature creations of the menu include:


Inspired by the City of Springs, Jinan city in Shandong province, captures the natural beauty of the landscape, at the same time paying tribute to the rich history of Shangdong cuisine with 2,500 years. The cocktail is the most aromatic drink in this menu with Chinese Gin and locally produced Changyu Cabernet Sauvignon dry red wine as base, adding with homemade sour Yantai apple syrup, homemade cherry liqueur and lemon. A lovely twist on the local flavors, this cocktail is fruity, sweet and mellow.


Embracing the ingrained culture and great wild herbs community in Anhui, Huī is a unique Chinese herbal cocktail with local cinnamon and Chinese spices, added with Anhui Huaiyuan pomegranate wine, homemade cherry blossom syrup and finished with strawberries for a fresher taste.


An iconic representative of Sichuan province, the bar team has been amazed by the Heavenly State – Chengdu and mostly impressed by the ever popular Sichuan hot pot. Chuān is a strong and spicy concoction with Sichuan hot pot aroma. Applying oil removal techniques, we mix Chinese Baijiu with beef oil and Sichuan green pepper syrup, adding Chinese spice bitter and stir fully. Garnish with fresh green pepper, burn it for 3 seconds and served à la carte. Be prepared for this!


Xiang cuisine is even hotter and spicier than Sichuan cuisine with more dried or fresh chilies. At the same time, the bar team found that there are a lot of famous locally grown ingredient in Hunan province such as the Xiang Lian (lotus), Cornel Powder and Hunan Chaotian Pepper. Making use of these abundant ingredients, Xiāng is an innovative libation that seamlessly blends seed (lotus), flower (Chrysanthemu), fruit (lemon) and spices (ginger) together. It’s light and well balanced with sourness, sweetness and bitterness, finish with egg white for a creamy texture.


Cantonese dishes are mild and focuses a lot on the freshness of natural ingredients. Transporting the freshness from the tropical Guangdong province, the bar team has made wines by themselves using local fruits and ingredients to store the flavors. Yuè is a light and refreshing cocktail with Lychee, Plum wine and rice water syrup, offering a little sweet and fruity aroma at the same time.


Making use of the locally produced loquat wine which gives a blend of peach, citrus and mango flavors, then mixed with the locally grown Oolong tea. This is a super light and soft concoction that can be finished in one shot. Don’t forget to enjoy the lasting tea and citrus aroma in glass at last for its broad spectrum of flavor and character.


A comfort drink at all times comes from the “Heaven on Earth” – Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province. Zhè is perfect in the season as it will be served in a traditional pot with boiling homemade yellow wine with herbs and homemade Longjing syrup to enhance the flavor. At the same time, this special cocktail can be served in cold or hot. The cold one tastes refreshing and hot one tastes mellow.

A signature cocktail representing our home, Shanghai, Hu for short, is a renowned international metropolitan city with the perfect blend of cultures, the modern and the traditional, the western and the oriental. With a great influence of Su cuisine in Shanghai, the bar team makes as the best of the best of this menu – a well-balanced combination of osmanthus rice wine, peach liqueur and Ligao sugar essences. It tastes like outdoors in the spring. The sweet flavors of peach, Ligao sugar and floral notes from osmanthus are exceptionally matched with the elegant Shanghai glamour.

The menu demonstrates The Ritz Bar & Lounge team’s passion, creativity and skill in creating complex and surprising cocktail journeys. This cocktail collection is enchanting, aesthetic, sensational and experiential, every cocktail is served like a piece of artwork. Unwind and spend the night in The Hidden Bar with the new “artworks” handcrafted by the bar team. Have a memorable cocktail journey. 

The Ritz Bar & Lounge

About The Hidden Bar

The Hidden Bar is a mystery bar in The Ritz Bar & Lounge that replete with untold stories behind the curtain, where guests can enjoy the exclusivity of uncovering new menus. Amidst an air of anticipation and curiosity, guests will be taken on an intriguing journey presented by Beverage Director Tural Hasanov. Classic old movies, rhythmic jazz, the aroma of oak, artistic cocktails, flavors filled with surprises... it’s a unique experience revolving around art and craftsmanship. 

About The Portman Ritz-Carlton, Shanghai

The Portman Ritz-Carlton, Shanghai is a 593-room luxury hotel located in the Shanghai Centre retail, dining and entertainment complex on the renowned Nanjing West Road. Situated in the heart of the commercial, shopping and entertainment district of the city, the luxury hotel features unparalleled service, exquisite dining experiences including the new Ritz Bar & Lounge and spacious accommodations. An extensive health club with swimming pool and gym are also featured at the downtown Shanghai hotel.


Date: Oct. 25, 2021 - Jan. 31, 2022

Availability: 17:30 - 22:30

Venue: The Ritz Bar & Lounge

Deal A Price: ¥888 (Full set of 8 cocktails)

Deal B (for 2) Price: ¥288 (original ¥444)

Deal B Includes:

Cocktails (choose 2 of 8):

鲁 Lu

徽 Hui

川 Chuan

湘 Xiang

粤 Yue

闽 Min

浙 Zhe

苏 Su

Snakes (choose 1 of 3):

Garlic Chili Edamame

Chicken and Leek Yakitori

Hand Cut Truffle French Fries

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A Sip of the Orient Cocktail Deal @ The Ritz Bar

The Ritz Bar & Lounge
Level 1, The Portman Ritz-Carlton, 1376 West Nanjing Road Jing'an Shanghai
12/2/2021 - 1/31/2022

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