Classic Seasonal Challenge

Classic Seasonal Challenge

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Classic Seasonal Challenge

Classic Seasonal Challenge

150 - 450

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Buy 3 Challenges, get 1 For free. One year participation.

This challenge is THE BEST for those who want to gradually build up the running habit!

You can choose one distance now and change it later on for other challenges! :)

Our classic seasonal challenge where U need to choose the distance U want to nail within three months!

For 4 challenges

1 (dragon - any 3 months)
2 (yinyang - March, April, May)
3 (bamboo - June, July, August)
4 (panda - Sep, Oct, Nov)

450 RMB - medal participation (includes 4 unique medal and delivery fees)
150 RMB - 4 none medal participations.

uRun China is a community-oriented company that will: bring U like-minded people, help to develop the commitment, raise your self-esteem, and help U to turn the challenge into a healthy habit! We organise online running challenges as well as running trips around China and some other useful events!


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Classic Seasonal Challenge