Cachet Weekend Lunch Buffet @ The Langham Shanghai

Cachet Weekend Lunch Buffet @ The Langham Shanghai

The Langham Shanghai
99 Madang Lu Huangpu Shanghai
8/31/2019 - 12/29/2019

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Cachet Weekend Lunch Buffet @ The Langham Shanghai

Cachet Weekend Lunch Buffet @ The Langham Shanghai

8/31/2019 - 12/29/2019
The Langham Shanghai
99 Madang Lu Huangpu Shanghai
262 - 568

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Cachet all-day dining restaurant presents a new weekend lunch! Highlights include fresh seafood: oysters, bread crab, and baby green lobster; Western and Chinese cuisines; and live cooking station with imported beef and mutton chops to delight your taste buds. Tempting desserts such as Langham special tiramisu, cheesecake, assorted macarons, homemade chocolate are impossible to resist! The elegant environment is an ideal setting for a great weekend feast with your family and friends!
Salad bar
Mixed Lettuce
Butter lettuce/ Lollo Rosso lettuce

Condiments & Dressing 
Blue cheese dip,Sour Cream,Herb Mayonnaise,Japanese dressing
Thousand Island,Kewpie sesame,Caesar sauce
Cheese Selection
Select 5 kind of cheese


Seafood Station
Prawns,Mussels,Conch,Crab Leg,Scallops,2 kinds of salmon

Lemon Vinaigrette,Red wine Vinaigrette,Balsamic Vinaigrette,Honey Mustard
Mustard seed,Plum Sauce,Sweet chili sauce

Composed Salad 
Tuna, boiled egg mixed with olive, potato, sword bean and onion (Saturday)
Grilled Zucchini, sweet pepper salad with feta cheese and basil (Saturday)

Beef mango salad with onion (Sunday)
Grilled chicken breast mixed with avocado, boiled egg, cherry tomato and blue cheese (Sunday)
Japanese Station
 Japanese style soymilk soup
Grilled salmon sushi, red tuna sushi, conpoy sushi
Octopus salad, arctic salad, Japanese style tofu salad
Uzumaki, nori roll, California roll
Roasted saury, crab pop, Japanese style fried pork chop

Japanese tonkotsu pot
Grilled salmon salad
Undaria pinnatifida salad
Chicken skewer, cheese baked seafood
Miso Soup

Gari (pickled ginger) ,Green Pickles,Red Pickles,Yellow Pickles,Purple Pickles,
Wasabi,Soy Sauce

Western food Station

Foie gras, suckling pig (Saturday)
Sucking pig, beef wellington (Sunday)

Onion slice,tomato slice,Sour Cream,lettuce slice,jalapeno

Side dish
Herb potato, green bean, seafood risstto (Saturday)
Mushed potato, roasted mushroom,lasagna (Sunday)

Caving station
beef tenderloin,Roasted Spring Chicken
Lamb rack (Saturday) Lamb chop (Sunday)

Fresh fish (Saturday)
Salmon wellington

Live cooking
Fish chips, crab cake (Saturday)
Fried chicken, pizza (Sunday)

Daily Grill
White tuna, squid (Saturday)
German sausage, sliced snapper (Sunday)
Minestrone (Saturday)
Mushroom soup (Sunday)
Red Onion Jam,Thai Chili Sauce, tomato salsa (Saturday)
Gravy,Thai Chilli Sauce, red wine sauce (Sunday)

Chinese Food Station
Cold salad
Steamed chicken with chili sauce, golden mushroom
Sliced bamboo shoot with chili sauce

Soy chicken,Abalone roll

Hot dish
Sweet and sour spare ribs, steamed chicken with mushroom
Nasi goreng
Fried shrimp with spice chili sauce
Sautéed seasonal vegetable

Thailand style shrimp fried shrimp, sweet and sour pork
Asparagus fried with preserved meat, fried vegetable
Fried rice with curry

Daily Soup
Double-boiled Beef Shank with Radish (Saturday)
Double-boiled Pork Rib Soup with Arrowroot and Red (Sunday)

BBQ Station
Spring roll,Milk custard, homemade shrimp roll (Saturday)
Egg tart,sesame ball,spring roll (Sunday)
Vegetable Station
Bok Choy,Baby Cabbage,Bean sprouts,Broccoli ,Cabbage ,quail eggs,
Green bean,Shiitake mushrooms,Hypsizygus Mushroom

Miniature Shrimps,Spicy Oil,Sesame Oil,vinegar,soy sauce
Hunan chili sauce,Laoganma,Pepper Oil,Plum Sauce,Sweet chili sauce

Dim Sum
Cream Custard Bun,Shao-Mai,Pork Bun,Chinese Rice Pudding
Three-Dice Buns,Steamed Dumpling with Egg Cream,
Vegetable Bun,Glutinous Rice Roll

Vegetable Bun,Shao-Mai,Chinese Rice Pudding,Steamed Twisted Roll
Three-Dice Buns,Shrimp Dumpling,Cantonese Sponge Cake,Lotus Leaf Burgers

Indian Station
Chicken Biryani,Vegetable Pakora ,Vegetable Samosa ,
Paneer Makhani ,Fish tikka ,Nann bread

Lamb Kofta Curry,Kheer,
Vegetable Pakora,Vegetable Samosa
Tandoori veg,Nann bread
Bread Station
Ciabatta bread,Vollkorn bread,Sour dough,Hard roll,Baguette,Soft roll

Multi-grain bread,Wallis rye bread,Sour dough,Hard roll,Baguette,Soft roll


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Venue: 1st Floor, Cachet at The Langham Shanghai at 99 Madang Lu.
Time: Sat&Sun 11:30 - 15:00 
  • RMB 568 per person (adult) with freeflow sparkling wine, house red or white wine, local beer, juice, soft drinks, coffee and tea
  • RMB 448 per person (adult) with one glass of local beer or selected house red or white wine and freeflow juice, soft drinks, coffee and tea
  • RMB 262 per person (child) (6 - 12 years old)
  • Free for kid (0-5 years old)
About The Langham Shanghai
Strikingly timeless style in Old Shanghai. Located at the gateway to the “Champs Elysees of the East,” unwind in tranquil sophistication and enjoy exploring the crossroads of where old meets new.

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Cachet Weekend Lunch Buffet @ The Langham Shanghai

The Langham Shanghai
99 Madang Lu Huangpu Shanghai
8/31/2019 - 12/29/2019

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