Anji · Xiao Hang Keng GLAMPING

Anji · Xiao Hang Keng GLAMPING

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Anji · Xiao Hang Keng GLAMPING

Anji · Xiao Hang Keng GLAMPING

950 - 1150

Event details

Two days and one-night social experience

You must have been curious about GLAMPING, the social networking sensation!

Camping is no longer about surviving in the wilderness

It can also be exquisite and beautiful!

Take advantage of the Mid-Autumn holiday

Follow the fashionista's lead

Join our Glamping event, the hottest thing in town!

Anji - Xiaohangkeng Camp

After many field trips to Anji

We have found a place with a great view for you!

Known as "Anji Little Switzerland", the Xiaohangkeng campground

Grass in the mountains



Wooden Bridge

Stargazing sites

-Activity Highlights-


Valley Music Party

Experience the highest level of acoustic equipment in the history of GLAMPING!

BOSE L1 Pro professional-grade audio

JBL performance-grade microphone

There are also musical instruments playing and singing by your friends

Show your best talent to attract your beloved ones!

One-hour retro-themed disco time

Let's sway in the mountain breeze!


A meal in the woods

Does camping mean you need to give in to your stomach?

Fine Camping is bringing professional chefs to the site!

We have prepared a wide range of meals

Grain-fed steak, German sausage, fresh beef and lamb skewers, barbecue wings, healthy salad with Korean pancetta, fine entrees and a glass of wine for each person ......

Want something more fun or want to show off in front of everyone?

We also offer a DIY area to make your own food!


Camping Social

Camping is about getting away from the hustle and bustle, not the hustle and bustle of socializing.

It starts from the moment you get on the bus!

Bus ice-breaking interactive games, the journey will not be boring 

Grass Game Challenge 

Frisbee, pitcher, hoop, long rope, open-air forest cinema, mid-autumn themed star-gazing, and moon-viewing

What others have, we can't lose ......

Late-night activities are divided into three areas

They are

Horror stories

Script murder

Theme tent alcoholic party

Tent talk

Stargazing area

Feel free to participate

There is always a suitable one for you

Limited seats available

Book in advance if you are brave!


Mountain Tavern

Would you like to have a drink at Mountain Wild Tavern?

Beer and cocktails are available

Handsome and beautiful bartenders to meet your desire to get drunk tonight

Alcohol is the best igniter for socializing

With music, wine, and interesting people to accompany you

Let's get drunk together tonight!

-Activity Itinerary-

Take you on a deep tour

Refuse to go through the "catch-up" itinerary


Meet at People's Square

Ice-breaking grouping & roommate search on the bus



Arrived at the small Hangkeng camp with the mountain wind, started to divide the work to set up the tent

Make your own tent door sign for your new home

Grass game competition, you can also get mysterious supplies!


The chef team and the Food Union will join hands to have a DIY barbecue feast under the stars.


A beautiful night officially opened!

Valley concert, retro DISCO slow rock, forest cinema, late-night tavern ......


With the stream gurgling, birds and insects singing, the end of the day's energy release, back to the beautiful tent to sleep!

(Night Cat Party activity area is continuously open)


Simple breakfast to welcome the morning of the valley

Lawn exercise to stretch the tired body and mind

Pack up your bags and get in the mood to go home with your new friends!

-About accommodation-

Four people in one tent, plenty of space (can be upgraded, no mixing)

The campground is fully equipped with toilet and shower facilities

Please bring a change of laundry, toiletries, power banks, mosquito repellents, and other necessary items.


Time: September 19-20, 2021 (two days and one night)

Location: Anji Xiaohangkeng

Ticket Price: 950-1150/person(1150 includes 2 people tent + air bed + fine double bedding)

Number of people: about 50 people in a group (guaranteed 20 people)

Activity Notes:

About the camping tickets: camping tickets for 50 / person (included in the event ticket price)

After the tent camping arrangement is completed, the staff will arrange the tent for the purchased tent package.

Please do not set up your tent outside the designated activity area.

A small amount of equipment rental is available on site, if you need to rent equipment outside of the ticket package, please contact customer service in advance to note.

We suggest you prepare some snacks and cookies, which you are welcome to share.

Event site with 24 hours bathroom and a public washroom.

Trash sorting

A garbage collection station is set up on site, please follow the instructions to dispose of garbage voluntarily.

The official service site has a management office, which will provide emergency medical, camping guidance and information consultation services.

Notes on the use of fire

Open fires, firewood and charcoal are allowed in the camping area, but there must be a fire pit; and fires and charcoal must be separated from the grass to prevent them from damaging the grass.

Weather conditions: The temperature during the event is 21-29 degrees Celsius, so please be careful to protect yourself from the sun.

Smoking is not allowed in the event area, please go to the designated area to smoke.

Traffic instructions during the event travel by bus unified transport, in order to avoid affecting the normal activities, please arrive at the designated location on time:

1、Departure location: Shanghai Museum parking lot (People's Square, Exit 1)

2、Gathering time: September 19, 9:304 am, return time: September 20, 12:00 noon

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Anji · Xiao Hang Keng GLAMPING

This ticket is only available as an e-ticket